What are the Jellyfish things That Attacked King Shark - The Suicide Squad

  • Published on: 28 August 2021
  • In The Suicide Squad, At the tower of Jotunheim, a school of colorful jellyfish creatures seem to bond with Nanaue (King Shark) but after they are loosed from their aquarium, they begin chowing down on King Shark. What kind of creature are these?

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  • Runtime : 12:3
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  • im bbgamer101
    im bbgamer101   2 months ago

    I just realized, these things have a narrative purpose, nanaue now knows what it feels like to be eaten by someone you thought was your friend, so he's less likely to eat ratcatcher

  • huljoc55
    huljoc55   1 weeks ago

    sudden british accent LOL 9:51

  • C. Doyle
    C. Doyle   2 weeks ago

    Lamprey Eels. attach to fish and suck blood. King Shark is a BIG fish. Did they go after anyone else?

  • Jaime Lion
    Jaime Lion   3 weeks ago

    To me it looks like a demented Dumbo octopus

  • Bryan Dillon
    Bryan Dillon   3 weeks ago

    What's not to love about king shark. He's doughy, dumby, bulky and hulky. And just when you thought there's nothing else to find to love the deep sea goober, he's voiced by Sylvester Stallone.

  • Mike Roshe
    Mike Roshe   1 months ago

    He's lucky they are latchers not rippers like piranhas. They'd rip and tear until big fish is done

  • Omg_squid
    Omg_squid   1 months ago

    They kinda function like leeches mixed with sea slugs mixed with hagfish

  • Sky Shack
    Sky Shack   1 months ago

    May I point out they look suspiciously like dumbo octopus?

  • NightMesmer4532
    NightMesmer4532   1 months ago

    If king shark was a flying normal shaped shark then he would probably kick their ss

  • kaydenstevensonmachin
    kaydenstevensonmachin   1 months ago


  • Skeks
    Skeks   1 months ago

    My wild guess would be that they are blood sucking semi parasites like lampreys.Their teeth dont look like they are made to rip chunks out of bigger prey. They are long and thinn, just for latching onto something and staying there.

  • Professor Games
    Professor Games   1 months ago

    This is a crime. We saw king shark and I got no clips of nom nom. DISAPPOINTING

  • CoS News
    CoS News   1 months ago

    Plot Twist : The Creatures Came From AUSTRALIA

  • Sahi Ran
    Sahi Ran   1 months ago

    I just want to see the video not you speak to

  • superderpyduck
    superderpyduck   1 months ago

    1) title is spoiler2) good choice of movie discussion

  • polygel.princess 23
    polygel.princess 23   1 months ago

    It’s giving mini Humboldt squid. 🦑Also reminds me of the worms from the old King Kong w/Jack black. 🪱🤮

  • TheHubsand
    TheHubsand   1 months ago

    Those are jelly fish with parts of octopus in side and it s row of teeth shred there prey if it's small

  • khian-MODDER
    khian-MODDER   1 months ago

    I thinks those things are trying to perfect his body zise

  • Rizmin
    Rizmin   1 months ago

    do attack on titan

  • Jack Beecher
    Jack Beecher   1 months ago

    Don't...Don't remind me...Again...Of that......Shark King...

  • Klumsee
    Klumsee   1 months ago

    No new dumb fwiends :(

  • Slushy
    Slushy   1 months ago

    He pretty much got his own taste of his medicine. Cuz you when he gets hungry he nom noms his friends

  • Kidd Faith
    Kidd Faith   1 months ago

    They remind me of ocean lamprey, with the way they grab on with their teeth.

  • ABG _
    ABG _   1 months ago

    how did you know I’m British me:9:53

  • Totally Normal person
    Totally Normal person   1 months ago

    Usually when a creature has big eyes or it's soft it lives a lot underwater where there is less light they probably eat blood and attack themself to big animals like whales or sharks like lampreys

  • Hexagon
    Hexagon   1 months ago

    They look like that fish in my dreams the fish in my dream it had large eyes like that things it had 2 fins and dorsal fins and it used it be a giant eye until it turned into the fish in my dreams

  • Darla C
    Darla C   1 months ago

    Bear like squid and sharks eat squid right