Trying Disney Princess Wedding Dresses! Pt 2

  • Published on: 15 May 2021
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    What is more magical than Disney? Trying on Disney Princess Wedding Dresses!!! Can we match the princess to the bridal gown? Then, we also tried Katy Perry's new Amazon shoe line! ►► Subscribe here for more Clevver Style!  ►►

    Clevver Style's May Wedding Schedule! Gotta watch them all for our HUGE GIFTAWAY!
    May 1st - Trying Wish Bridesmaids Dresses
    May 8th - Guessing Amazon 1-5 Star Wedding Dresses
    May 15th - We Try Disney Princess Wedding Dresses
    May 22nd - Wedding Guest Dresses Under $100
    May 29th - Having Custom Formal Dresses Made

    Wedding Dresses We Wore!
    Rapunzel -
    Belle -
    Belle # 2 -
    Tiana -
    Aurora -
    Snow White -  

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    We try #Allure #DisneyPrincess #WeddingDresses!

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  • Runtime : 12:8
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  • Glam_Jam
    Glam_Jam   3 weeks ago

    What is the price of à dress

  • Loa Lane
    Loa Lane   1 months ago

    Goodmorning tanner I was crushed I have broken heart because Adam cheated on me goodmorning Elmo my name is heather ha

  • Andrea Croft
    Andrea Croft   2 months ago

    beautiful dresses! Hard to see detail of the dress with the white background.

  • Cristina Faley
    Cristina Faley   3 months ago

    Am I the only one who notice how Drew keeps nailing these dresses?!

  • Purple Princess
    Purple Princess   3 months ago

    Am I the only one who doesn’t think the dresses look like any of the princess they’re supposed to be

  • just a vegan
    just a vegan   4 months ago

    If the first one isn't sleeping beauty I'm sleep

  • Stephanie Armer
    Stephanie Armer   4 months ago

    Sinead, you should wear a black wedding dress with combat boots if/when you get married!!

  • Super Nova
    Super Nova   4 months ago

    ummmmmmm snow white was the first one to have brown eyes

  • Nathene Wendzel
    Nathene Wendzel   4 months ago

    I thought Snow White was the first princess with brown eyes.

  • Everette Rose
    Everette Rose   4 months ago

    Bell is in fact not the first princess to have brown eyes. That title belongs to Snow White. The reason I know that is because I know of a story at Disney World that involved Snow White’s brown eyes. I know that’s kind of mean to point out but I just wanna correct you real quick, not trying to be mean, just letting you know a fun fact

  • Megan Michelle Amesbury

    To be honest I thought Snow White had brown eyes.... but I looked at some pictures and in some she kinda has brown eyes and in others it could be seen as hazel or maybe more golden like amber?

  • carlee elizabeth
    carlee elizabeth   4 months ago

    belle's eyes are BROWN stop spreading the hazel misinformation

  • sam x mayhew
    sam x mayhew   5 months ago

    when erin almost ran sinead over 😂😂

  • El Sandstorm
    El Sandstorm   5 months ago

    I was right on everyone but Tianas, which was the least interesting dress imo.

  • Angelfish Anime
    Angelfish Anime   5 months ago

    So many wedding dresses😍😍😍. I just got engaged and I am saving up for the perfect wedding dress 😊

  • Jennifer Flynn
    Jennifer Flynn   5 months ago

    As a competition they should have guessed & then discussed so they weren’t helping each other form an opinion

  • angela wilson
    angela wilson   5 months ago

    Hearing Sinead say she felt pretty, was so wholesome 😍

  • Asia S Brody
    Asia S Brody   6 months ago

    Snow White has brown eyes and is the first Disney Princess. They even show her in this video. 🙄😂

  • Alex Miller
    Alex Miller   6 months ago

    Snow White had brown eyes too and she was the first actually lol x

  • Ruie Merican
    Ruie Merican   6 months ago

    I don't understand the snow white one. I would have done a cute transparent light fluffy puffy sleeve . I thought it was Belle's or Rapunzel's