Marvel Studios’ Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings | Official Teaser

  • Published on: 19 April 2021
  • Watch the brand new teaser trailer for Marvel Studios’ “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings,” and experience it only in theaters September 3.

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  • Runtime : 2:6
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  • merciless41582
    merciless41582   4 hours ago

    This movie was outstanding. Its highly underrated on iMDB as it should be getting an 8 rating. I didn't expect it to be great as it was. Marvel just keeps dropping heat and more heat. The acting was great, the fight scenes were incredible, the story was great, and the scenes on the bus, with the giant soul snatcher, and the dragon were incredible as well. It reminded me of how great Lord of the Rings and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon's cinematography is. I recommend anyone to watch this in Dolby Vision not HDR 10. I watched it in both HDR 10 and Dolby Vision and its superior in Dolby Vision. I think they're going to make another film because they teased it after the credits.

  • Demon_waifu
    Demon_waifu   7 hours ago

    Why the trailer better than the movie

  • damon79
    damon79   11 hours ago

    This movie was utterly boring. Almost as bad as that PC/woke/racist Black Panther mess.

  • MohammedFarhan Khan
    MohammedFarhan Khan   16 hours ago

    Not a good movie at all although the trailer looks amazing!🙄😕☹️

  • Samia Reliford
    Samia Reliford   22 hours ago

    I’ve seen this movie it’s amazing you should watch it.

  • Sezar Dd
    Sezar Dd   1 days ago

    The movie was incredibly beautiful But Marvel is ruining the job And that by linking all their films together. Do they want to make another Avengers? If they are thinking about this, I strongly suggest them not to make this big mistake And continue to make these films

  • Funeez
    Funeez   1 days ago

    The way katy saved the worldBut still gave the credit to shang chi , thats called a true best friend

  • Sam Willson
    Sam Willson   2 days ago

    The fighting scenes are like dragon ball fighting in real life

  • TR999 FF
    TR999 FF   2 days ago

    Nothing in trailer in movie 🔥🔥🔥

  • Nitin Burman
    Nitin Burman   2 days ago

    I like teaser better than Trailer 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Blackcat 21
    Blackcat 21   2 days ago

    This movie reminds me of Li shang in mulan film. The film reminds me of what li shang did before he raised a army of his own like in mulan like he followed in his fathers footsteps helping only men warriors and not letting girls too, then those bad guys could be because of li shang taking his rings off. That’s what I think anyway

  • Redskins 11
    Redskins 11   4 days ago

    I was expecting something better. Same boring hero movie.

  • Subas Thapa
    Subas Thapa   4 days ago

    Story, direction, action & acting are top notch.

  • Jai Vang
    Jai Vang   4 days ago

    Tony voice in this Trailer is 10/10 and best trailer for Shang-chi

  • Canyonero
    Canyonero   4 days ago

    More garbage from marvel studios. Worst trailer ever. How many movies in my lifetime will be about magical mystical "rings" lol

  • Rhian C
    Rhian C   4 days ago

    Just watched this tonight, it’s up there with black panther no doubt

  • RB RB
    RB RB   5 days ago

    Shang chi should be around his mid 20's .. this dude looks like a shushu 叔叔 (uncle).. Tony Leung looks way more hotter than this dude

  • Dillweed
    Dillweed   5 days ago

    the trailer makes it look like its abt royale trained warrior guy who ran away and doesnt wanna become one

  • Do It Now
    Do It Now   5 days ago

    This is what I call a action movie 🍿🎥

  • KD Verma
    KD Verma   5 days ago

    Too much Chinese influence in marvel ?