NCT 127 엔시티 127 'Regular (English Ver.)' MV

  • Published on: 08 October 2018
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    >Regular (Korean Ver.) MV:

    01 지금 우리 (City 127)
    02 Regular (Korean Ver.)
    03 Replay (PM 01:27)
    04 Knock On
    05 나의 모든 순간 (No Longer)
    06 Interlude: Regular to Irregular
    07 내 Van (My Van)
    08 악몽 (Come Back)
    09 신기루 (Fly Away With Me)
    10 Regular (English Ver.)
    11 (Bonus Track) Run Back 2 U

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    NCT 127 엔시티 127 'Regular (English Ver.)' MV ℗ SM Entertainment
  • Runtime : 3:44
  • NCT 127 NCT 엔시티 엔시티 127 Regular-Irregular 레귤러 이레귤러 태용 재현 마크 태일 쟈니 유타 정우 해찬 윈윈 도영 TAEYONG JAEHYUN MARK TAEIL JOHNNY YUTA JUNGWOO HAECHAN WINWIN DOYOUNG 티저 뮤비 MV TEASER KPOP K-POP


  • hyunjin ♡ bias
    hyunjin ♡ bias   3 hours ago

    Ameee la cansion xd bueno enfin REGULAR LA MEGOR CANSION XD

  • Thao Anh Nguyen Le
    Thao Anh Nguyen Le   6 hours ago

    I come back here because BBS my diamonds I don’t need no light to shine ✨✨✨

  • w a l l
    w a l l   10 hours ago

    Am i the only one listening to this is 2022?

    SALTNUTBubu   1 days ago

    VVS my diamonds i don't need no light to shine 😩

  • ZInX
    ZInX   1 days ago

    The best English version ever

  • Maniha
    Maniha   1 days ago

    Whenever I hear this song,I really feel confident and start vibing to this song.This comeback was ICONIC!

  • Maniha
    Maniha   1 days ago

    Awwww,Our baby lion is with a tiger!!!

  • Christianna Liverpool


  • Elijah Dogon
    Elijah Dogon   2 days ago

    i regret that i was not an nctzen in 2018

  • Eya Ferareza
    Eya Ferareza   2 days ago

    Heyow it's 2022. Still thinking this MV deserves Billion views

  • heekkie
    heekkie   2 days ago

    i need an ot10 nct 127 comeback asap....

  • rafm.0122
    rafm.0122   2 days ago


  • Zon
    Zon   3 days ago

    Regular huh

  • 동영 그 안의 뭅

    아제발 동스청 돌아오라고…. 오천만명중 한명이 기다리고 있다….

  • Raj Roy
    Raj Roy   3 days ago

    Jaehyun: I've walking with the cheese that the queso. Me:I've walking with the cake that the pastel 😂😂😂

  • Divyansh 8-G
    Divyansh 8-G   3 days ago

    Idk why this is so under rated, it is such a bop deserving a billion.

  • Adrian Naira
    Adrian Naira   3 days ago

    When NCT 127 said 'Stand too close , you might get a cold' I felt that

  • moon capricorn
    moon capricorn   4 days ago

    This the best version for me. Better than Korean and wayv version.

  • Panda🐼
    Panda🐼   4 days ago

    Johnny is fluent in English but...

  • Paulina Lizbeth
    Paulina Lizbeth   4 days ago

    Dinero, Peso o Yen..... Los AMOOO.... Awww......NCT mis amores...

  • Nuvia Perez
    Nuvia Perez   4 days ago

    Jaehyun was so inspirational it made me cry.He said he walks with the cheese... THAT'S THE QUESO!!!!

  • Dream Launch
    Dream Launch   4 days ago

    Si ves esto, eres NCTZen y hablas español, por favor, escribe comentarios en español y no en ingles. Queremos que la fanbase de los chicos que habla en español se haga de notar.

  • Levy Tequila
    Levy Tequila   4 days ago

    NCT127 is so perfect 💯 please change thumbnail for this masterpice.

  • Ica Yo
    Ica Yo   4 days ago

    Favorite era,but still into this one