New Item - Prop-ifier

  • Published on: 10 August 2021
  • Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.


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  • Runtime : 27
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  • PlayStation Grenade
    PlayStation Grenade   1 months ago

    Can we get the continental hotel from Neo tilted into creative mode !!

  • freddy and foxy
    freddy and foxy   1 months ago

    I just wonder why do aliens have technology to turn you into props. Props are kinda useless

  • Wolfie 501
    Wolfie 501   2 months ago

    I'm here to announce that a "game for babies" called Brawl Stars that "is dead" has actually more subscribers than Fortnite.

  • dragon spear
    dragon spear   2 months ago

    Hi I made a skin idea if you Chek it out would be great sorry to be a bother

  • The Kellanator
    The Kellanator   2 months ago

    1: it annoys me how they don’t have an ar.2: it hurts to see their aim, like, I’m not a sweat and I play on console, but what!?3: okay those opponents are pretty dumb for not noticing

  • zeno_Tuby
    zeno_Tuby   2 months ago

    I hope you make the internal Download fast

  • Demonoxcide
    Demonoxcide   2 months ago

    Did they not learn from Moisty Palms?

  • toadwithahat
    toadwithahat   2 months ago

    I think we can all admit - Creative ruined Fortnite; for alot of people.

  • Avikiller
    Avikiller   2 months ago

    How stupid do you need to be to fall for that

  • slender0602
    slender0602   2 months ago

    Epic.pls.bring the food fight lrm back

  • 237chucky
    237chucky   2 months ago

    No offense but I hate the battle stars

  • Pizza time
    Pizza time   2 months ago

    Fix builder pro for my BFF user LuckySamurai100 he can’t build right

  • ☆SkyIcy☆
    ☆SkyIcy☆   2 months ago

    Esta season no me gustó mucho :( La mejor sin duda para MISeason 2, 3, 5 y 6 ( Chapter 2 )

  • Panda_BS
    Panda_BS   2 months ago

    When Fresh'es locker bundle comes to item shop?

  • Sammy AK
    Sammy AK   2 months ago

    Trailer: Players dont notice anythingGameplay: Sweats find you in 0.2 seconds.

  • Hew Moran
    Hew Moran   2 months ago

    oh my gawd... i want one of these!

  • Coolsnowboard -
    Coolsnowboard -   2 months ago

    Fortnite a bug appeared to me doctor slone’s 5th challenge said I need to visit a abductor but they are disabled

  • homer simpson
    homer simpson   2 months ago

    Fortnite is bad it a bad game and I have play it before it a bad game I will give it 0 out of 5 star ratings

  • A. Duff
    A. Duff   2 months ago

    Why did you ruin the game can you just bring back the old map and weapons

  • ben_t
    ben_t   2 months ago

    המשחק הופך לחרא יותר כל עונה ועונה

  • vzpza
    vzpza   2 months ago

    who tf aims with the shot gun 😭

  • Mr1bader
    Mr1bader   2 months ago

    لعبتكم زبالة

  • DantyMedic 205
    DantyMedic 205   2 months ago

    Fortnite please ad a excluisive skin for samsung s21 series 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • CharlieDaPup
    CharlieDaPup   2 months ago

    Pls add meowscles again I started playing at chapter 2 season 6 so I did not have a chance to get him so pls add him to the item shop 🥺