Chris Paul Reunites With his Banana Boat Crew Bro Dwyane Wade | NBA on TNT

  • Published on: 24 February 2021
  • Chris Paul joins the TNT Tuesday Crew after he was selected for his 11th NBA All-Star Game. He discusses family time, support of HBCUs, the infamous Banana Boat crew photo and more.

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  • Runtime : 11:42
  • NBA on TNT NBA Shaq Dwyane Wade Chris Paul Suns NBA All-Star HBCUs Banana Boat Crew


  • XXIV 88
    XXIV 88   1 days ago

    Melo wasnt on that Boat because Lebron had to save him from drowning on a trip before..and Melo wasnt Fu#%!ng with it that time!😂

  • Lucas Kim
    Lucas Kim   3 weeks ago

    Ay bruh Shaq a lil too interested in lebron 💀

  • dumatician
    dumatician   1 months ago

    "LeBron got that nice model arch don't he?" Shaq's the best😂😂😂

  • kenney0313
    kenney0313   1 months ago

    Shaq is CRAZY AF!😂😂😂😂

  • MBA 84
    MBA 84   1 months ago

    CP3 sounds like a good dude

  • Jesse Larson
    Jesse Larson   1 months ago

    Adam Lefkoe needs to let the players speak.

  • Emil Koch
    Emil Koch   1 months ago

    hahaha, that picture of the banana boat was gold!!! Who was the girl by the way with the crew?? Charles would have had a blast with that pic. By the way LeBron clearly never missed leg days at his gym. He almost had body builder-esque quads.

  • Raul Bob
    Raul Bob   1 months ago

    The banana picture should be the NBA Logo

  • Raul Bob
    Raul Bob   1 months ago

    Watch how Chris Paul reacts to one of the Greatest - Dwayn Wade addressing him: 3:14

    NAGBABAGANG KULANGOT   2 months ago

    I could see Chris Paul becoming a Head Coach after he retires with that high IQ in basketball.

  • Panama Cards
    Panama Cards   2 months ago

    I still want to know why Melo wasn't on the banana boat

  • Tahmar Gaither
    Tahmar Gaither   2 months ago

    The Banana boat crew is one of the most homosexual names I have ever heard and that pic confirms it even more.

  • Akinbobola
    Akinbobola   2 months ago

    plant based diet is so bad rofl. and it does more harm to animals then just eating a cow.

  • division100
    division100   2 months ago

    Chris Paul will forever be known as a point god.

  • Michael Ramos
    Michael Ramos   2 months ago

    Aww i wish Barkley was there he would have killed it

  • z z
    z z   2 months ago

    Tuesdays are corny

  • Tevin Grouse
    Tevin Grouse   2 months ago

    Candace Parker turning into another rachet nichols n chinney.. ughh

  • wv king
    wv king   2 months ago

    I think Chris is salty from Candace saying he shouldn’t be an all star this year

  • Otto
    Otto   2 months ago

    Lol this made me laugh out loud

  • Moe A.
    Moe A.   2 months ago

    Shaq is a fool 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • bbyflip1
    bbyflip1   2 months ago

    The 2 things I wish happened in the NBA lebron vs Kobe in the FINALS. Nd Kobe Nd CP3 on the same team !!!

  • bbyflip1
    bbyflip1   2 months ago

    Yeah but still should’ve cancelled the All Star Game !! specially before the season they told Bron that he would be able to rest in the all star break !! and now everybody gotta go play in the all star game with a short season ! I GUESS MONEY TALKS OVER HEALTH

  • mikey OHNO
    mikey OHNO   2 months ago

    Shaq is the bright spot in a lot of my dark days.

  • tony kidd
    tony kidd   2 months ago

    Where is Ernie and Charles ? Someone help

  • courtney gates
    courtney gates   2 months ago

    Pretty soon Cp3 will become the 1st player in nba history will 20,000 pts and 10,000 assists