PARANORMAL ACTIVITY Series (1-6) Explained

  • Published on: 05 October 2020
  • #paranormalactivity #endingexplained

    We're explaining the ENTIRE Paranormal Activity franchise, breaking down every movie and how it plays into the grander series plot that evolves with each entry. What is Toby and what the heck does he want? Find out everything you ever wanted to know and more in one relatively concise video!

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  • Runtime : 59:1
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  • Lelouch1471
    Lelouch1471   6 hours ago

    In the Second movie did they have to transfer the spirit to the sister? Couldn't they transfer to the grandma?

  • Bob Sanders
    Bob Sanders   1 days ago

    This is exhausting. What an idiotic series.

  • Uncle Shoe
    Uncle Shoe   1 days ago

    Why is Toby haunting people like you?Because you haven't payed your taxes.

  • Lebron
    Lebron   1 days ago

    Imagine walking around with nits so big, that when wierd shit happens in ur house u laugh and start watching some of creepiest ghost movies😭 big balls man big balls😭

  • Gaby Gibson
    Gaby Gibson   2 days ago

    "You can take all these other dum dums, that's fine."FoundFlix knows his horror movie priorities, I tell ya

  • Z Queen1
    Z Queen1   4 days ago

    My favorite PA movie is The marked ones! It was the funniest and most terrifying!

  • Vivid View Cinema
    Vivid View Cinema   4 days ago

    Ghost with all that damn power could just pick up your smartphone and make their on tiktok while you're fast asleep.

  • Vivid View Cinema
    Vivid View Cinema   4 days ago

    Really? If ghost were real , like they couldn't see you setting up surveillance cameras . They're standing right there ! You're really pulling one over !

  • Corn Fed
    Corn Fed   5 days ago

    There have been so many I can't even remember which ones I have and haven't seen.

  • TheCorkyCrew
    TheCorkyCrew   1 weeks ago

    It's the elaborate set up for me! Love to see it.

  • Aaron Kuehn
    Aaron Kuehn   1 weeks ago

    The comedy in this video is just great

  • Falkon
    Falkon   1 weeks ago

    Wait so Katie from the first one is older then Kristie who married the old dude and has a baby? Katie looks younger than Kristie. This throws me off

  • Sally M
    Sally M   1 weeks ago

    lol bully miguire be like I'm gonna put some dirt in your eye

  • Erin W.
    Erin W.   1 weeks ago

    My favorite character from this series is the pool vacuum. I remember being absolutely tickled when it first started climbing up the pool walls lol every time I see my grandparents’ ladybug pool vacuum I remember

  • Heatherlynn
    Heatherlynn   1 weeks ago

    People need to stop using mortified when they mean horrified. They DO NOT mean the same thing lol

  • live forever peep
    live forever peep   2 weeks ago

    I have to catch up on these videos from this one till the newest release.

  • Kyosukedono
    Kyosukedono   2 weeks ago

    These movies suck. Most horror movies with unkillable antagonists are really boring to me.

  • Cabbog
    Cabbog   2 weeks ago

    Watching this while shitting

  • Lara Endlight
    Lara Endlight   2 weeks ago

    Every demonologist/priest/nun/exorcist in various movie: Yes, to sent this small evil garden gnome out of this box we need salt, rosemary, a bunch of Bibles in latin, dragon's heart, the lava from Mount Doom and some T-Rex piss freshly taken; now we need to sacrifice a lamb born from a virgin goat-woman under a full green moon to God and sing and dance around the box as we scream the name of the gnome, you know, that's what gives us power! Survives being thrown into acid and being impaled by the fangs of a thousand giant-demon-snakes spitting venom that ripped out it's heartFather Todd: USE DA KID AS BAIT AND TAKE A FUCKING BLANKET-TRAP! WE'RE BURNING DOWN THIS GHOSTLY BITCH! YEAAAAAAH! Refuses to elaborate further. Dies

  • trilladelphia nights
    trilladelphia nights   2 weeks ago

    I think these movies are scary im 62 years and I see my dead wife every day

  • Silver Spectre
    Silver Spectre   3 weeks ago

    3:20 first movie11:53 second movie21:32 third movie

  • Naty playzz
    Naty playzz   3 weeks ago

    I love how the boys are addicted to catching the ghost

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith   3 weeks ago

    I thought they stopped at 4. Looks like they are trying to turn it into an 80’s series like Halloween.

  • DS.
    DS.   3 weeks ago

    The Crap On Tv These Days 😂. Don’t Believe Anything In This World Unless You 👀 It For Yourself..God, Ghosts, 🛸, 👽, 🧚‍♀️, 👼, 👻!

  • W
    W   1 months ago

    41:53 but why didnt the thing catch Oscar not allowing him to hurt himself like it done for Jesse 🤔You just got plot holed son!

  • Per Shop
    Per Shop   1 months ago

    I couldn't tell if the first 2 minutes if your video was your video or if it was part of the paranormal movies, since I had not seen all the movies (hence why I'm here to watch you explain them)

  • Meil-Deal RunDown
    Meil-Deal RunDown   1 months ago

    Well told. Broke down details about the series. Made it interesting while listening and watching