Billie Eilish - Billie Bossa Nova (Official Live Performance) | Vevo

  • Published on: 13 January 2022
  • Billie Eilish - Billie Bossa Nova (Official Live Performance) | Vevo

    Billie Eilish's trademark whisper has gained more and more emotional power in the last four years. The secret-sharing sense of intimacy contained in the pop phenom's voice brims with the kind of textural qualities that pull fans deep into the story she's telling in any given song. Sometimes dreamy, sometimes fierce, always fetching. The songs Billie chose to do for our Official Live Performance series have all used her signature sound to great advantage. Both “Your Power” and “Male Fantasy” subtly sparkled thanks to her brother Finneas’ acoustic guitar. The visual setting, designed after brainstorming creative sessions between the singer and our production team, is simple but rich in texture, too - just like Billie's voice. Shot in the Crystal Ballroom of the Biltmore Hotel in LA, “Lost Cause” had a little more grandeur. And “Billie Bossa Nova,” our final performance of this series, added a touch of sultriness and more than a touch of vintage jazz vibes to these hotel chronicles. We saved the coolest for last.

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    Executive Producer: Micah Bickham
    Director: Kyle Goldberg
    Director of Photography: Mack Fisher
    Producer: Maddy Schmidt
    Producer: Haley Sliger
    Producer: Cole Brian
    1st AD: Derek Jaeschke
    Steadicam: Renard Cheren
    B Unit: Sykler Brown
    Produced By: Contrast Films
    Production Design: Tyler Jensen
    Design: Keith Wright, Dominique Falcone, Sydney Emery
    Audio: Casey Graham
    Editor: Austin Prahl
    Post Supervisor: Michael Colman
    Colorist: Joseph Bicknell
    Music and Talent: Parul Chokshi & Gabby Prisciandaro
    Stills Photographer: Lauren Dunn

    Music video by Billie Eilish performing Billie Bossa Nova (Official Live Performance) | Vevo. © 2021 Darkroom/Interscope Records
  • Runtime : 3:22
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  • Samuel Berry
    Samuel Berry   49 minuts ago

    I think this made me pregnant and I'm a man

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  • Samara Silva
    Samara Silva   1 hours ago

    Essa música tem a ver com a música do nosso país ou não?

  • Nadya Heidarzadeh
    Nadya Heidarzadeh   2 hours ago


  • Carhed26
    Carhed26   2 hours ago

    Don’t ask what or why I’m saying this I have a crush on Billie eilish I know I’m a crack head and sometimes a simp

    GOODPERSON   2 hours ago

    Billie bebeğim bana çok iyi geliyosun .seni seviyorum (っ˘̩╭╮˘̩)っ

  • Yunii:)
    Yunii:)   3 hours ago

    You are so amazing Billie :)❤️

  • PoKoJoE
    PoKoJoE   3 hours ago

    You give an ugly guy a chance... and they think they can rule the world... you give an over medicated girl autotune and she thinks she is an artist

  • soyburglar
    soyburglar   4 hours ago

    Hmm…’60s White House vibe. Ok, lol. I’m really digging both of their wardrobe tho.

  • chding zuure
    chding zuure   4 hours ago

    I’m from Brazil and this little homage to our beloved rhythm makes me glad. You look stunning, the arrangement and your voice are on point.🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • ✨El bobox✨
    ✨El bobox✨   5 hours ago

    the music is my favorite 10/10 or 10000000000/10

  • Camila Caiena
    Camila Caiena   5 hours ago

    Não tem como ouvir uma música dela e não gostar 🛐❤️✨

    INEVERSAYHATING   6 hours ago

    I wanna say to one person, that i love her. Sofia i love you(◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

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  • zombie1512
    zombie1512   7 hours ago

    you are the best billie i love you

  • Angels Grau
    Angels Grau   7 hours ago

    billie you are the reason i am still alive and the reason i have a smile ❤❤

  • zehra🌼
    zehra🌼   8 hours ago

    Billie eilish,in söylediği şarkılar her zaman muhteşem 💖💖💖

  • leticia galdino
    leticia galdino   10 hours ago

    Eu sempre penso que vai ter um " mais uma leve das paixões que vem de dentro..." eu n lembro a letra aaaaaaaaaaaaah

  • Death Valley Dazed
    Death Valley Dazed   10 hours ago

    Pure musical genius. Looking forward to Billie’s long career.

  • Laiby Black Love
    Laiby Black Love   10 hours ago

    fantastic! I completely disappeared from him!😍😘❤💞