Is SHEIN Worth It?! Spring Try On Haul!

  • Published on: 22 April 2020
  • You asked for it, and we are giving it to you! We are trying on SheIn outfits to see if the quality, comfort, and fit are up to our standards! DISCLAIMER: This video was filmed before the quarantine orders! Please stay home and safe.
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    Two piece set
    Skirt -



    0:00 Intro
    1:49 DRESSES
    7:25 TOPS & BOTTOMS
    13:07 JUMPSUITS
    19:00 WILDCARD

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  • Runtime : 25:7
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  • Raeesa Akbar Moosa
    Raeesa Akbar Moosa   3 months ago

    I love how real the ladies at Clevver Style are with each other. They give their honest opinions and the fact that it all comes from a good place (I hope) is great. TT(8_8)

  • Dewain Alexander
    Dewain Alexander   5 months ago

    That pink outfit would totally fit into an 80s teen movie. 😆

  • Makeup With Smidge
    Makeup With Smidge   7 months ago

    If Loryn altered the legs of the yellow jumpsuit to be not wide leg, it would be double STUNNING.

  • cheymowery
    cheymowery   7 months ago

    Loryn looks like Judy Greer in 13 going on 30!!!

  • Shelly M
    Shelly M   7 months ago

    I love Erin's dress at the beginning i know she said it looked big but i think it looked super good on her! It looks like it was made for her!

  • No_where_land
    No_where_land   9 months ago

    Hey we love to see you guys try on fun clothing, but shein is a really shady company. There is no way you can pay for clothes this cheep and them be sustainable. This company shouldn’t be supported.

  • Tara Keys
    Tara Keys   10 months ago

    Shein swimwear try on please...and thanks 😁 curious how sizing fits large bust...standard s, m, l sizing, no separate cup size and bottom size option

  • Aislinn M
    Aislinn M   10 months ago

    That “she out” pun was really under appreciated 😂

  • XxjessXx
    XxjessXx   10 months ago

    That black jump suit reminds me of the Matrix😁

  • XxjessXx
    XxjessXx   10 months ago

    I thought Loryn looked cute in the hot pink skirt and white boots ..the outfit was really cute!!

  • Sara Grant
    Sara Grant   11 months ago

    You guys picked the dumbest outfits to try shein. Like, almost unwearable. There’s no way.

  • JAM C
    JAM C   11 months ago

    How did they managed to pick-up mostly ugly stuffs on Shein 🤣 Check-out Kerina Wang’s haul

  • Tula&Leila
    Tula&Leila   11 months ago

    I love this channel, but promoting fast fashion like this should not be praised. It is ruining our environment and the people working under these companies are treated terribly. Our arrogance is what will kill earth and while videos like these are entertaining, we should look for more sustainable and ethical stores for shopping.

  • Brigida Olmsted
    Brigida Olmsted   11 months ago

    Sinead is giving me Kamala Harris vibes in the first dress👌👌👌

  • Brigida Olmsted
    Brigida Olmsted   11 months ago

    Why didn't they react to Loryns "She OUT!" joke?! That shit was funny! 🤣🤣

  • Lynn
    Lynn   11 months ago

    i think they hurt shenades feelings a little during the wild card

  • Camryn Isles
    Camryn Isles   11 months ago

    Did anyone notice Loryn started panting 15:29

  • Karen Quintana
    Karen Quintana   1 years ago

    "Are u touching my butt?"omg they make me laugh so much, they're so fun and confident, I like them to much ❤️ You're awesome girls

  • Faith Fraser
    Faith Fraser   1 years ago

    I've gotten SO GOOD at predicting how they will rate the pieces just based on their comments

  • Jayna Cekovic
    Jayna Cekovic   1 years ago

    Loryn actually looks so nice in all the outfits 🤍

  • Anna Paula
    Anna Paula   1 years ago

    That thing that happened with Loryns jumpsuit always happens with me... it’s really frustrating

  • Anna Paula
    Anna Paula   1 years ago

    Loryn: it’s like... she out!Sinead and Erin: 😐 yeah... so...

  • ExtraSuperVery
    ExtraSuperVery   1 years ago

    On Shein you have to read each individual size chart, and not go by S, M, L, XL etc

  • Jessica Hudson
    Jessica Hudson   1 years ago

    Ok so Erin in the jumpsuit reminds me of Peggy from married with children but the hot sexy version 😍😍😍lol

  • Mika Kurogami
    Mika Kurogami   1 years ago

    I'm on a Clevver Style binge. meant to be researching for work interviews but my mind is too distracted and having to figure out what questions to counter ask company interviewers frighten me.

  • Sarah Doyle-Dimou
    Sarah Doyle-Dimou   1 years ago

    Kinda dissapointed at how they bashed Sineads wildcard pick... she looked FANTASTIC in the jumpsuit and you could tell she was loving it and feeling herself until the girls started sharing their personal opinions about it. And what? Because they cant appreciate when a zipper is zipped all the way on a collared top like that? Idk. Usually theyre all pretty good about being like "oh this isnt my style But-" but.... they kinda just brought Sinead down with that one.

  • Jessica Jacobs
    Jessica Jacobs   1 years ago

    They always say the dresses are long but I think none of them are ever really long.

  • Lucy Smitherman
    Lucy Smitherman   1 years ago

    Sheniad is literally the prettiest person I have ever seen (I mean they all are)🥰🥰❤❤🧡🧡💛💛

  • tomikittypaws
    tomikittypaws   1 years ago

    Ok, Erins one piece may be uncomfortable. But like, what???? She looks great! And so does Loryn in hers?! So confused. The one pieces were my fave on them! They. Look. HOT.

  • Abigail Barnes
    Abigail Barnes   1 years ago

    Shein is she in? Damn I always pronounced it shayn yk? So shein

  • Sage
    Sage   1 years ago

    i don't know how anyone could morally justify buying clothes from a brand the uses unpaid child labor just to get a item 2 dollars cheaper

  • Busy Bee
    Busy Bee   1 years ago

    Would never use this company, so dodgy. I've done trust pilot reviews for them. Cheap crap that rips.