SIAMÉS "Summer Nights" [Official Animated Video]

  • Published on: 18 September 2019
  • "Summer Nights" Animated Music Video
    1st Single from "HOME" album
    Directed & Animated by RUDO Co.

    *Characters Design by Mau Lencinas
    *Backgrounds Design by El Sike & Manuel Strusa

    Written by Ben Dougan:
    Original song by MOSES MURPHY:
    SIAMÉS version arranged by Piano Blakk
    Feat. Barbie Williams on Lead Vocals:
    Produced, Recorded & Mixed by Guillermo Porro
    Mastering by Diego "Warrior" Crisálida [Puro Mastering]

    · Stöltz: Lead & Backing Vocals
    · Barbie Williams: Lead & Backing Vocals
    · Piano Blakk: Synths, Programming & Arrangements
    · Gonzo: Electric Guitars
    · Kiki Ferreira: Bass
    · Daiana Azar: Drums
  • Runtime : 3:54
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  • Jansen
    Jansen   4 weeks ago

    Don't think there is a deeper meaning like some theorists here, I think it's just the feeling of being in a good friend group where you can be yourself.

  • Mr Silent
    Mr Silent   4 hours ago

    En verdad pasan los años y no son un recuerdo, son mi presente y futuro, como los amó y a su música, saludos, besos y abrazos desde Argentina Jujuy ❤️

  • Kunkuran5793
    Kunkuran5793   10 hours ago

    No mames en serio son Argentinos que buena música hacen LPM los amo

  • Aliwerm
    Aliwerm   1 days ago

    Did anyone notice how close this music video's plotline is to "Midnight City" by M83? This music video is definitely a reference to it

  • Zwilder1
    Zwilder1   1 days ago

    1:26 doesn't that look like the muddy heights face?

  • Areia da praia
    Areia da praia   2 days ago

    Essa é umas das minhas músicas preferidas depois de The Wolf

  • Andrew Skipsey
    Andrew Skipsey   2 days ago

    You ever notice that the brightest star (on the right) on that window is drawn over/inside of a much darker/faded star?

  • Collins
    Collins   3 days ago

    this song makes me feels nostalgic

  • Rgc Rain
    Rgc Rain   4 days ago

    God, I just burst into tears, such a soulful song .. reminded me of my childhood, of how we were fooling around with friends, and how carefree that time was. Thanks for giving me back childhood

  • Víctor Rodrigues
    Víctor Rodrigues   4 days ago

    I want to create an animated series, and I hope that if I reach that objective, I can collab with SIAMES to do a song for my project. I still remember when Wolf just droped out. Now I feel so old, hahaha. Then Mr. Fear, and Summer Night is until this day my favourite song from them for what it represents 💕✨

  • talles tayrone
    talles tayrone   4 days ago

    This song just makes me feel... Good. I just want to cry from all good memories with my friends 😭

  • River_Nilø
    River_Nilø   1 weeks ago

    Everyone theorising when it's just three Joestars welcoming a new member to the family

  • RecksSanGaming
    RecksSanGaming   1 weeks ago

    Como disfruto esta canción mientras voy manejando, no tienen un idea....

  • Ramon
    Ramon   1 weeks ago

    Jojo metamorphosys

  • Treestump The VapenBrony

    I honestly can't believe I haven't found this sooner I love this song and video so much I nearly play it daily like 3 times a day and it doesn't get old ☆ btw it's also my 25th birthday☆☆

  • Horizon 211
    Horizon 211   1 weeks ago

    The fact that they have the whole area that come from their childhood is just wow

  • Andrew
    Andrew   1 weeks ago

    i think they are just childhood friends who feel nostalgia when hanging out in their old closed school

  • Tomy Omega
    Tomy Omega   1 weeks ago

    I Lose My Friends in the 2020This song hit... Just hit different

  • dylan GAMER
    dylan GAMER   1 weeks ago

    I honestly found this song at a really hard time of my life and now whenever I listen to it I feel an unbelievable happiness.

  • Sarah
    Sarah   1 weeks ago

    Se ve el tiempo y dedicación que hay en cada vídeo, y aún así no se cómo no son tan reconocidos, tal vez solo les falta más tiempo, para que su trabajo de frutos😎

  • Sofia Rossiter
    Sofia Rossiter   1 weeks ago

    siames videos always have a good story behind them

  • Maggie Howard
    Maggie Howard   1 weeks ago

    This video always makes me sad cause I never had a childhood like that. I was always sheltered and not able to do anything but this video makes me feel like I had it’s bad. But it’s a wonderful song and animation

  • Truce Feud
    Truce Feud   1 weeks ago

    What a song about dying an early death.

  • Ecstaxiety_
    Ecstaxiety_   1 weeks ago

    Y'know, after what? A year and half of online classes? My school opened itself for the first time. I'm glad i can see my friends and talk to them again.*Oh, and if you're wondering, i'm talking about schools here in Bali. Dunno if it's a bit late or early, but i'm still glad.

  • trusttt
    trusttt   1 weeks ago

    OMG i just notice the Konoha graphitti and also the ANBU mask, whoever animated this most really love Naruto!

  • Forge Thought
    Forge Thought   1 weeks ago

    This music video and this song really, beautifully captures that feeling of freedom and excitement that comes from being with friends as a kid. The imagination and exploration and the magic of those moments.

  • Jose Gonzales
    Jose Gonzales   1 weeks ago

    So far I haven't seen someone comment about the firestrom arcade game (Song reference to their first album) or the Mr. Fear poster in the back.Ngl it's kind of funny to think SIAMES might be canon in the lore

  • Victor Gabriel
    Victor Gabriel   2 weeks ago

    Tell her when it rainsI don't feel itTell her I'm to blameDidn't see itWinter's snowsDon't hide my woesI can't lie to youI tried to warn her that sometimes we fall in the darkIt's summertimeSinging Al Green in your carHeading to a partyAnd the night air feels aliveJust sitting hereI'm waiting, oh yeahBut he's not by my sideFeeling dazed and I can't get him outStuck in yesterdayHe don't know itI rarely showed itI can't lie to youI tried to warn him that sometimes we fall in the darkIt's summertimeSinging Al Green in your carHeading to a partyAnd…

  • Sketchy Games
    Sketchy Games   2 weeks ago

    Such an amazing song to vibe to, love your music!!!!