Olivia Rodrigo Performs 'drivers license' & 'deja vu' + Exclusive Interview | MTV Push

  • Published on: 03 May 2021
  • MTV sits down with Olivia Rodrigo for two performances ('drivers license' & 'deja vu'), discusses both songs, plays Behind the Gram, and more.

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  • Runtime : 23:30
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  • MTV
    MTV   2 days ago

    From early childhood to getting her “driver’s license,” Olivia Rodrigo shares the songs that have inspired her journey to stardom! https://youtu.be/Ba9xSsIsYy4

  • Husky Owner
    Husky Owner   7 minuts ago

    Pregnant twerking since everyone is twerking.

  • Daria Snytko
    Daria Snytko   16 minuts ago

    She’s giving us a lot of versions of “driver’s license” and I’m here for it

  • Romni Allen
    Romni Allen   25 minuts ago

    Did she sing the clean version in this?

  • Charlie Shamps
    Charlie Shamps   51 minuts ago

    No cause sis came to say she can sing it live fr!

  • Ximena Orozco
    Ximena Orozco   1 hours ago

    Olivia’s voice is literally my favorite female’s voice in the whole world, it’s just so strong but at the same time very light i cannn’ttt

  • Victoria
    Victoria   2 hours ago

    gave me shivers. amazing!

  • Jennifer
    Jennifer   2 hours ago

    Shes so specialSometimes the only way I understand her is by her music

  • Kaitlyn Rodriguez
    Kaitlyn Rodriguez   2 hours ago

    This queen slays every frickin song she sings especially her own.

  • Lexi Ehle
    Lexi Ehle   2 hours ago

    i have such a girl crush on her

  • F E L I P
    F E L I P   2 hours ago

    The fact the she sing live it makes a lot of better she doesn't even need autotune. Queen thingzz♡

  • Sima Kalai
    Sima Kalai   3 hours ago

    Her raw voice is what .makes it perfect.

  • Giorgio
    Giorgio   3 hours ago

    How is a she real person, the perfection is just too much 😭

  • Niharika
    Niharika   3 hours ago

    We need a COLIVIA collab tho Fr, we deserve it

  • Erikka Juvonen
    Erikka Juvonen   3 hours ago

    I feel like this is a song that would be so hard to sing cause it’s so full of emotions

  • yoojung
    yoojung   3 hours ago

    She looks so much more mature than when she was in HSMTMTS. Very proud and excited for her!

  • Németh Viola Panna
    Németh Viola Panna   3 hours ago

    Imagine all the heartbroken girls screaming these two songs at a live concert...

  • Belen G
    Belen G   3 hours ago

    She's so pretty its kinda overwhelming me

  • Amy MacLaren
    Amy MacLaren   4 hours ago

    I love when she sings, you can tell there’s true emotion and she’s not trying to make her face “pretty” for the camera (yes, she is pretty). She’s just talented and genuine.

  • Jennie Blink
    Jennie Blink   4 hours ago

    Olivia is such a great performer and singer

  • Isaac Roman
    Isaac Roman   4 hours ago

    Why is every one on that depressing sound

  • wiztiny •
    wiztiny •   4 hours ago

    does anyone else think some parts of her music are a lot like lorde? not saying shes copying just that it reminds me of lorde. the driver license bridge and this part 9:15 + 10:15

  • Ale 01
    Ale 01   4 hours ago

    Deja vu is addicting. Such a good song