SEC Shorts - SEC teams get their final 2020 season report cards

  • Published on: 19 January 2021
  • 2020 was a football season to remember and what better way to cement this crazy year into the minds of all the SEC teams than to go over their end of season report cards!
  • Runtime : 3:55
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  • Kolton Troutt
    Kolton Troutt   1 days ago


  • Anderson Gray
    Anderson Gray   3 weeks ago

    Auburn will always Auburn because “Auburning” is both winning the national championship, but it’s also not even going 500

  • Plilozopher
    Plilozopher   3 weeks ago

    Auburn is a c minus but the nobody Arkansas is a b minus!

  • Aloysious
    Aloysious   3 weeks ago

    That ending had me laughing out loud….really out loud

  • ski vermont
    ski vermont   4 weeks ago

    Tennessee was amazing. Such a dumpster fire of a program right now. They just keep changing coach's way too often and never improve

  • Tommy Hallum
    Tommy Hallum   1 months ago

    That Sam pittman joke actually did turned out very well.

  • Eric Harrison
    Eric Harrison   1 months ago

    This channel is easily sustained when the SEC keeps adding more teams and keeps vandy. So so sooo many trash teams. Herbstreit is the worst part of all these videos.

  • Maximilian Kolbe
    Maximilian Kolbe   1 months ago

    Funny. Watching highlights this Saturday and they mentioned “Sam Pittman has Arkansas looking like the real deal….” And I thought of this video immediately. 😂 😂 😂

  • Mike Holley
    Mike Holley   1 months ago

    Drinkwitz sounds like a German insult for a guy who gets stupid after 2 Bud Lights

  • Reed Thompson
    Reed Thompson   2 months ago

    how did vandy get D- offense when they were shut out by missouri

  • eli beasley
    eli beasley   2 months ago

    How can I send this guy a MIZZOU jersey?

  • Dana Magill
    Dana Magill   2 months ago

    This is the best one I’ve seen! Hilarious! These two are great actors, and the young lady, especially. Can’t wait for my Sooners to join. BOOMER!

  • ProBro
    ProBro   3 months ago

    3:41 as a Kentucky fan, that feels great to see Tennessee’s program melting in the flames … HA HA HA AH HA HA AH HA HA HAAAAAAAAA HA HA HA

  • Neo Bailey
    Neo Bailey   3 months ago

    I hope this ain't out of line..... but that chick is hot as fish grease.....Roll tide, bitches

  • Kyle Whitfield
    Kyle Whitfield   3 months ago

    Ole Miss grades are way more polar than that. I'd give their offense a solid A, and the defense a flat F.

  • WTP 76
    WTP 76   3 months ago

    You gave Lane Kiffin a B+?

  • Neil
    Neil   3 months ago

    Stop showing crybaby kirk

  • tannertuner
    tannertuner   3 months ago

    Eh, this one’s cute, and she is exceptional, but Covid had a huge impact on everyone’s performance in 2020. Vanderbilt cancelled games (vs UGA twice), S Carolina was playing with half their starters the last half the season, UGA’s projected starting QB sat out the entire season, practically every team faced some kind of forfeit situation and played games without their full rosters.I was just glad we got to watch football at all. But 2020 was a scrubs season for the entire NCAA.

  • UncleScottie2Hottie
    UncleScottie2Hottie   3 months ago

    Me: We earned that C average, but you wait til basketball season. UK Basketball: YEAH! We are gonna crush KENTUCKY STATE UNIVERSITY.

  • Mike Schmidt
    Mike Schmidt   3 months ago

    Gave Florida a B- on D, when that was the worst Gator defense in their history.

  • WD- 40
    WD- 40   3 months ago

    "EHMMmmmmm... you HATE TO See it" lol xD

  • BA
    BA   3 months ago

    Mississippi state doesn’t take shit from anyone 😂😂

  • Philip Brister
    Philip Brister   3 months ago

    Clemson is the only thing that makes South Carolina remotely interesting

  • James Arnold
    James Arnold   3 months ago

    Arkansas winning 4 games in a all SEC schedule. 👍🏼Sam Pittman gets an A+ in coaching

  • S Ragsdale
    S Ragsdale   3 months ago

    Texas A&M could work on their whining skills then they could use an infantile temper tantrum to get in playoffs. Oh wait, never mind. Unlike the Rigged 10, you still have to play football in the SEC. Thank God.

  • Carl Round
    Carl Round   3 months ago

    This is hilarious!!!! I loved the Tennessee one 😂 😂

  • James Fields
    James Fields   4 months ago

    Ole Miss should have been an A+ defense and a D- defense. They did step up in bowl game.

  • Nikki
    Nikki   4 months ago

    Y’all are so mean to us. I love it. 🤣🧡🍊

  • A B
    A B   4 months ago

    You left off of Vanderbilt special teams. Realistically an F too, but equity initiatives lift it to a B-.

  • eluzfy
    eluzfy   4 months ago