Box Office Tramples Godzilla | Charting with Dan!

  • Published on: 04 June 2019
  • Dan Murrell & Lon Harris review the crowded box office weekend and react to how Godzilla: King of Monsters disappointed - it's Charting with Dan!
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    Box Office Tramples Godzilla | Charting with Dan!
    Written and Produced by Dan Murrell
    Tech Director: Josh "JTE" Tapia
    Assistant Editor: Emin Bassavand
  • Runtime : 40:24
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  • kasaibou F29
    kasaibou F29   5 months ago

    KOTM trampled home release sales, and GvK trampled the Box Office and Streaming.

  • Stewie
    Stewie   1 years ago

    A movie needs plot, characters, suspense, meaning. A movie with dark rainey CGI monster fights but virtually nothing else might appeal to fan boys but not for the rest of us.

  • Manny Lee
    Manny Lee   2 years ago

    It’s interesting to watch this video now with the Godzilla vs Kong delay announcement. I just hope it’s good.

  • Robert Bruce
    Robert Bruce   2 years ago

    Godzilla as a franchise is rather old and has a smaller niche of fans as time goes on. 1954 is a long time ago, a full 16 years before I was born. A lot of us Xer kids were huge Godzilla fans when we were young. Not too many really care today. The nostalgia thing that has been going on in Hollywood is getting to be played out.

  • So Jin Choi
    So Jin Choi   2 years ago

    Checked out "Parasite" at Cannes Film Festival a few hours before its Palme d'Or win, and hope you check it out when it comes out in the US. Currently the best one I've seen this year.

  • So Jin Choi
    So Jin Choi   2 years ago

    "Chicken Run" was quite successful actually. It made $225 million against a $45 million budget, making it the highest-grossing stop motion animated film in history.

  • stephen sheridan
    stephen sheridan   2 years ago

    Best movie buy miles in 2019..really enjoyed this movie :)

  • Joshua Lynch
    Joshua Lynch   2 years ago

    So you’re saying that movie going increased when movie pass came out?

  • Nick P
    Nick P   2 years ago

    Charting with dan is the only reason I’m still subscribed, dan puts so much effort into this

  • Seth Zenz
    Seth Zenz   2 years ago

    Next step: statistical uncertainty bars and linear fits. You know you want to, Dan.

  • jukie OO
    jukie OO   2 years ago

    Godzilla much better than Dark Pheonix!!!!

  • Agent SuperArgo
    Agent SuperArgo   2 years ago

    I gotta tell you...if you continue to put a family element into a Godzilla always will be a recipe for disaster. I hated that they did that with this movie, it wasn't even about was about a family trying to get back together...WTF?

  • Ian Harding
    Ian Harding   2 years ago

    Love the charts keep making them for the show

  • Zachary
    Zachary   2 years ago

    I think it would have also been interesting if he had brought up the top 5 grossings for any godzilla film including the toho ones. It was my understanding that Shin Godzilla made a lot and I would be interested to see how it compares to the american variants.

  • 東野
    東野   2 years ago

    So if u want this franchise to continue, its simple. Watch it 4 times!!!!!!

  • Shane Grizzard
    Shane Grizzard   2 years ago

    I like actual charts on “Charting with Dan”. Please continue this.

  • Erik Martinez
    Erik Martinez   2 years ago

    the internet isnt real, thats why when people think their favorite artist is bigger then justin beiber, theyre wrong

  • kassi420
    kassi420   2 years ago

    The fact that you mispronounced King Ghidorah is proof that most Americans don’t know the Godzilla Rogues Gallery

  • Nathan Brown
    Nathan Brown   2 years ago

    I do like the nerdy data, but adjusting for inflation is a awful metric as it does not take into account so many other factors.

  • caelkins
    caelkins   2 years ago

    King of the Monsters was great. My boi didn’t deserve this 😭😭

  • Curt James
    Curt James   2 years ago

    “Kong versus Shazam and Detective Pikachu!” coming soon to a theater near you! 🍿

  • Fede Krauch
    Fede Krauch   2 years ago

    Dan's experience with Godzilla '98 is me with Spider-man 3. I was 15, Spider-man 2 blew me away, 3 was going to have Venom and Harry found out about Peter's secret!! And then it all crashed

  • Christopher Feldmann
    Christopher Feldmann   2 years ago

    Can I see a chart for "Average budget of the films that made it to 1000+ screens from 1982 to 2018" as to gauge the industry as a whole? Hell, I'd even love to know what the range between the highest and lowest is.

  • Megalodon
    Megalodon   2 years ago

    I have to correct you guys on one thing: Godzilla vs. Kong is coming out in the Spring, not the Summer, of 2020.

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy   2 years ago

    Kotm has huge competition both in kids movies and in action and chick flicks. But Kotm was a great flick and fun to watch at the theater the end of it is satisfying and it really does get you pumped for more. I mean if you got a boy you wont be bored and the kids will love it. Dunno about aladin haven't seen it. John wick was a lot of fun to watch also but not for kids at all.

  • Samsul Hoque
    Samsul Hoque   2 years ago

    I haven't seen Godzilla yet. I'm gonna watch it either this weekend, or next weekend.

  • Bronathan Giant
    Bronathan Giant   2 years ago

    How many $100+ million movies are coming out this summer?

  • Edgar Rodriguez
    Edgar Rodriguez   2 years ago

    The real reason that Godzilla KOTM is failing unlike Venom, despite the harsh treatment from the critics to both, is simple: competition. Venom did so well because there was almost no other movies released at the time that could catch the interest of the audiences. KOTM is suffering only because some dipshits decided it was a great idea to release it among other blockbusters or other heavy competition.

  • Mitchell
    Mitchell   2 years ago

    stopped watching when his pronounced Ghidorah's name as geedrah

  • Guillaume Dauphinais
    Guillaume Dauphinais   2 years ago

    Avengers Endgame, I havent got around to it! lol Was away for work and move to a new house and didnt see Captain Marvel until last night so I havent seen End Game! lol

  • AyQueChiquita
    AyQueChiquita   2 years ago

    I could listen to Lon list movies and Dan quickly state how they did financially for much longer than was presented lol

  • William Erazo
    William Erazo   2 years ago

    Well when critics kills a a monster movie this what happens

  • Chinaski Miura R.I.P.

    i just came back from watching godzilla and loved every minute. "sadly" this movie was made for us fans, and not the main public who at the end are key to the succes or fail of a movie.

  • Alexander Loucks
    Alexander Loucks   2 years ago

    Sometimes I hate the general audience with a passion. Might as well shut down any studio not named Disney.

  • jfdan
    jfdan   2 years ago

    You're a gem, Dan. Super appreciate your nerding out and these deep dives on specific topics/myth checking

  • Arcader Kid
    Arcader Kid   2 years ago

    sorry dude, but i chose godzilla over aladdin any given day.

  • Sahil Makhijani
    Sahil Makhijani   2 years ago

    I saw Godzilla: King of Monsters in theaters and it was fucking boring