2+ Hours of Authentic Dark & Powerful Viking Music

  • Published on: 15 February 2020
  • Viking music Spotify playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1OsrazmlIfFJkZvm3sFOio?si=Zkq9llfhT1yIAY3r3tSrLQ


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    Folket Bortafor Nordavinden
    Pawl.D Beats
    Or Kribos
    Eduardo Tarilonte

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  • Runtime : 2:1:56


  • Surtr
    Surtr   1 years ago

    You are so lost from yourselves that you think this is dark and powerful? This sounds like an American soundtrack for some teen series.

  • qwertz qwerty
    qwertz qwerty   1 days ago

    Erinnerung:das erste Lied und das Lied bei ca. 12 Min sind fett

  • devinraymond
    devinraymond   4 days ago

    I only nipped out for a Pot Noodle and ended up pillaging the local Tesco Express!

  • Lebeumzu.....
    Lebeumzu.....   5 days ago

    I feel like I used to! bersaker is back thanks to Corona and the government

  • Jason Fuller
    Jason Fuller   3 weeks ago

    I played this to my longboat and it set sail for england is there a customer support line I can call orrrrr???

  • Оля Жерикова

    на скале я молчала когда другие говорили...семья

  • Оля Жерикова

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDYN2D4MvOM о дьяволе. броня дьявол

  • Оля Жерикова

    про роботов..великобританцы так оскорблены сами..ведь фродо не пришит к дереву а птичка робот уронила-а приманка скипдываемая..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNWlHg1O0ps

  • Оля Жерикова

    при соблюдении тактики не забывайте о здоровье 5 литров крови у вас и вы должны пить и кушать чтобы с голода не умереть еда хлеб 1 в 3 сутки хотя бы и пить так же вода.. остальное опасно армагеддон

  • Voidwalker
    Voidwalker   1 months ago

    After listening to these I now have an insatiable urge to raid a village

  • wtfcludi
    wtfcludi   1 months ago

    I would like hear music like this in next GOW

  • Leola Pennington
    Leola Pennington   1 months ago

    Sounds like that time my family plotted a murder. ... I mean garden weeding.

  • Absentia Nova
    Absentia Nova   1 months ago

    I desperately need to know what the song is which begins at approx 1 hour 27 minutes. My synesthesia loves it. What is it?? Nothing which is linked. pls halp

  • Adam Perry
    Adam Perry   2 months ago

    What's the song at 1:29:50? Thank you!

  • itsaguinness
    itsaguinness   2 months ago

    "You wear the garb of a true Nord. I salute you."

  • Damien Aden Blythe
    Damien Aden Blythe   2 months ago

    I'm never gonna let this stop playing if I have anything to say about it... which I do.

  • Ben
    Ben   2 months ago

    "Authentic" viking musicMouth harp, Mongolian throat singing, obvious Arabic motifs 🤔

  • Pinder Bu Pinder
    Pinder Bu Pinder   2 months ago

    Listened to this while running, got back home with 30 Britoni slaves and a chest of gold

    B3ASTDROIDXCX   3 months ago

    Me and my girlfriend had sex and played this in our back she's now 2 months pregnant with our daughter lagertha