*NEW* GRANNY Role in Among Us

  • Published on: 03 June 2021
  • We add a SCARY Granny Imposter in Among Us

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  • Runtime : 15:10


  • seth volker
    seth volker   6 hours ago

    Imposter kills crewmates becomes imposter

  • Emma Araiza
    Emma Araiza   6 hours ago

    I love the part when you found a elmo under the bed lol

  • Truxrux
    Truxrux   13 hours ago

    It would be amaizing if there was the granny 3 map

  • Daniel Trigueros
    Daniel Trigueros   20 hours ago

    Make a mod that’s like this one of the crew mates is luigi and the imposter is a goob it’s a blue ghost the ghost can punch and go through walls and can set a boo you know from Mario it’s king boo and he traps them in picture frames and they die

  • Sissybrite
    Sissybrite   1 days ago

    I just started watching your videos and I allredy love it

  • Corie Tesch
    Corie Tesch   1 days ago

    How do you mod among us?please tell me.

  • William Burns
    William Burns   1 days ago

    14:08 lookumz screams ‘NOOOOOO’ in a funny way as he gets eaten and in between shouting ‘noooo’ as he runs away he sounds like he spoke Italian or something (what he may have sounded like: la-gvista, lah-gvista, la-vista, Lah-vista, gah-fista, ga-fista) ssundee which ever one he said if one is correct just reply that exact one, I’ll take your work for it (likely odds: 50/50 la-vista/lah-vista, 25/100 la-gvista/lay-gvista)

  • maria shore
    maria shore   3 days ago

    can u create mods for like the game or something? like, not just watching u play but the whole world playing a mod of urs??? anyways love ur work, maybe make a new fox mod, like to transform into a fox and a dessert map with like fox impostor and normal crewmates. and the fox has to kill and can jump, climb and become invisible throughout the whole map/ game... im inlove with foxes... PLZ MAKE A FOX MOD!!!!! IM INSPIRED BY UR WORK!!!! plz plz plz plz plz!

  • liza Sewalt
    liza Sewalt   3 days ago

    That was so funny when PatP was like "I wanna sleep" then you were like "Okay just let me know if anyone comes here" then you just ate him while he was saying "Such a lair liar"

  • A'keem Dyson
    A'keem Dyson   3 days ago

    Do granny chapter 2 with granny and grandpa

  • Jo orr
    Jo orr   4 days ago

    ssundee: if you dont get scared hit the likeus: umm guess no like button ill do it any way

  • Cailj Abazi
    Cailj Abazi   4 days ago

    How do you make this ? I enjoy it too

  • Rose
    Rose   4 days ago

    Tell lookumz to make a Tetris imposter you can have a Tetris minigame you can smash crewmates with Tetris blocks and squish them with Tetris blocks

  • Rose
    Rose   4 days ago

    Tell looking to make a Tetris imposter you have a Tetris mini game you can smash crew mates with Tetris blocks and squish them with Tetris blocks

  • Milka halz
    Milka halz   4 days ago

    I'm dying🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • TheMightyRat
    TheMightyRat   4 days ago