Larry Bird ULTIMATE Mixtape!

  • Published on: 08 December 2016
  • Here is a mixtape recapping some of Larry Bird's career in the NBA.

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  • Runtime : 9:25
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  • Dave Hong
    Dave Hong   1 days ago

    Never forget. Bird is the word.

  • Ajeet Choudhary
    Ajeet Choudhary   6 days ago

    Guy made million but still chopped his own wood and got injured that's just Insane never forget his roots

  • IHate_RevivingPpl
    IHate_RevivingPpl   6 days ago

    Kobe been my favorite since a kid up until I learned about this guy and watched his mixes. Crazy he was too good the passes are my favorite

  • 陳先生
    陳先生   1 weeks ago

    I’m a 70’s born generation and I from Hong Kong,When I grew up enough to know what basketball is, it was all about Larry. Be my honest,He was the only white guy I knew at the time.

  • UraStr
    UraStr   1 weeks ago

    God gave him the finger injury before the start of his NBA carrier, it was only way to make the game fair...

  • Zolavi B
    Zolavi B   1 weeks ago

    Why did this take so long? I've seen bits and pieces but most of my life I just took MJ's word for it... Dude was every bit the legend that's been told. The only thing that changed is how much Jordan changed the game because really he just jumped higher and had better style AKA his rhythm had more finesse. Larry bird was a beastOh I'm only like 40 seconds into the video btw

  • Ed Yue
    Ed Yue   1 weeks ago

    Whoever it was at 7:10 that said Larry Bird and Magic Johnson “…their value system was identical…” was way off. Bird was humble, conservative and for what we know, stayed true to one woman. Why they glorified Magic in the video I’ll never know 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Justin
    Justin   1 weeks ago

    People don’t talk about Larry Bird’s passing enough. That man was a playmaker, and it’s fucking incredible to watch. I’m kind of a casual fan, is there a player today that can pass the ball like Larry did?

    ROY OFFICIEL   1 weeks ago

    Supperrrrrr le basket 🏀 dans son ADN 🧬

  • Jerry S.
    Jerry S.   1 weeks ago

    Larry does not look like a trash talker at all

  • Ryan Wood
    Ryan Wood   1 weeks ago

    Larry bird is what the kids these days would cal... THAT NI**A

  • Colin Kew
    Colin Kew   1 weeks ago

    That head fake 🤣🤣🤣 so cold

  • Mike LaBelle
    Mike LaBelle   1 weeks ago

    shoutout to whoever at NBA edited this masterpiece

  • Levon Golding
    Levon Golding   1 weeks ago

    @3:09 the moment when you find out flightreacts is actually a larry bird fan!

  • Kadarious Daniels
    Kadarious Daniels   2 weeks ago

    Some of those head fakes were so good he faked me out and I'm just watching

  • Voltron Knight
    Voltron Knight   2 weeks ago

    Damn, the passes he made is fucking unreal and I only watch football (or soccer, if you may).

  • Vriand XO
    Vriand XO   2 weeks ago

    first time i saw alleyoop on a three point shot 3:01

    DJ.D VEVO   3 weeks ago

    There would be no Steph Curry without Larry Bird. - The end

  • Nathan Maurice
    Nathan Maurice   3 weeks ago

    Todays generation will say Harden makes people fall over and think he was the first to do it, they will see Curry point to the sky before he makes his shot and think he is unique.Watch this video and you will see Larry Legend leading the way for todays stars, the way so many superstars have before them.

  • Ruston Smith
    Ruston Smith   3 weeks ago

    Racism in America ended with Bird and Johnson.

  • Magicmirror6
    Magicmirror6   3 weeks ago

    I was 6 when he retired. Didn't see much of him play just vaguely remember my dad watching since he was a Lakers fan. I had no idea he was this good. I'm blown away man.

  • Miguel Angel Navarro Bergas

    Mi jugador favorito. Hacia magia. Dominaba todas las facetas del baloncesto y era un ganador nato. Encima era buen tío y de origen muy humilde. Nadie juega en la actualidad como él. Leyenda.