Chris Broussard & Rob Parker - Is College Basketball Still the Best Path For NBA Prospects?

  • Published on: 06 April 2021
  • THE ODD COUPLE - Chris Broussard & Rob Parker debate Aaron Torres defending the exposure of college basketball versus the opportunities provided by the NBA's G-League or playing overseas.

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  • Runtime : 18:19
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  • Christian James
    Christian James   1 months ago

    Suggs was already a top 10 pick going into the league. Did he improve his stock a little bit playing in college? Absolutely. He likely makes the move into the top 5 picks into the draft, but it's not like he went from non lottery pick to top 5 due to college. He was always going to be a high pick.

  • Kevin Butler
    Kevin Butler   1 months ago

    Jalen Suggs isn’t getting the biggest shoe contract he has to stop this

  • bosshova23
    bosshova23   1 months ago

    Tar Heels is my squad.......and I’m not happy about Hubert being chosen

  • DetroitMadeMe
    DetroitMadeMe   1 months ago

    How did college basketball help Cade Cunningham? Losing early can make a top prospect look bad. The G League is taking over sooner rather than later while also NOT standing in the way of the young mans earning potential

  • American Joe
    American Joe   1 months ago

    Good job Rob, keep up the great work my guy.

  • IsmokeHiphop Live
    IsmokeHiphop Live   1 months ago

    Jalen Suggs has been rated top 5 pick since highschool also top ten pick in football. this is a bad take. you do not need college anymore.

  • chiefs816kc
    chiefs816kc   1 months ago

    Men's college basketball is dead. The women's tournament was much more exciting.

  • Daniel Sohn
    Daniel Sohn   1 months ago

    The extra exposure and potential gains still don't justify how the NCAA can profit off of a player's image and likeness while the player him or herself can not. It drives me crazy how people try to minimize a wrong because of an unrelated benefit instead of arguing to fix the wrong.

  • Haringey Hawks Basketball Club

    Kiminga easily moved up. Jalen Green will have a way bigger deal than Suggs. Suggs is 1 guy tbf, I bet them Kentucky guys wished they took that gleague cash

  • Hardworking Criminal
    Hardworking Criminal   1 months ago

    It's funny to see rob completely not engaged in the conversation & then just pop up say sometimes ridiculous then right back to his phone lol

  • M Davis
    M Davis   1 months ago

    It absolutely is not

  • Don Deal
    Don Deal   1 months ago

    Two words Derrick Williams

  • T. Emanuelson
    T. Emanuelson   1 months ago

    it's popularity contest! especially lameelo. ballz look like the kardashians of basketball.

  • Wes Green
    Wes Green   1 months ago

    College basketball is JB Kevin Garnett didn't mean it LeBron James didn't mean Kobe Bryant getting music a lot of ball players who didn't need it and if they did it was for one year college basketball score ESPN that's all it ain't for nobody jacket American was trying to help your family gets get to the next level this is a good old boy talking who's privilege

  • Wes Green
    Wes Green   1 months ago

    Chris Raab please understand this good old boy you talking to never play the game of basketball he's a wannabe that's why he goes to all these tournaments he's a wannabe God and he has no right to talk against but young African-American ballplayers want to do it because he's behind his privileged

  • Ryan Irving
    Ryan Irving   1 months ago

    Lamelo is a terrible comparison. He got all that hype because he is lamelo ball. His brother is lonzo and his dad is the ultimate hype man

  • se7en Zee
    se7en Zee   1 months ago

    If you are physically freakish (Shaq, Lebron, Zion) or extremely skilled (Kyrie), you can skip college. The rest should go to college to prove you can play not only at this level but also have the skills for the next level.It's just like in life. Some people don't need to go to college and sill do very well.

  • sexto sentido
    sexto sentido   1 months ago

    I agree with Chris Broussard, Paul Pierce did not wrong at all

  • Jerrad Dennis
    Jerrad Dennis   1 months ago

    Lamelo also has a brother that was the #2 pick. A dad that was always on ESPN AND FS1 and a show on facebook. Little different..

  • Major Russell
    Major Russell   1 months ago

    If Suggs is the number 1 pick that GM is gonna get fired! I don’t see any difference in his game and the way Josh Hart played at Villanova! Davion Mitchell is way more talented!

  • Larry Harmon
    Larry Harmon   1 months ago

    Chris Broussard is just a holy roller who wants sex and drugs taken out of all of society. He thinks he’s slick by bringing up the hypocracy angle, but he knows damn well the standard is whatever your employer thinks is going to cost them money, can get you fired. He’s been in the game too long to be this naive. For once Rob is correct lol.

  • DeShawn Madison
    DeShawn Madison   1 months ago

    Dude I didn’t watch one game! Who cares about the NCAA.

  • Gabe G
    Gabe G   1 months ago

    Rob saying “...they love this old model and it’s in their blood and can’t forget it” is ironic.

  • Ardonis Williams
    Ardonis Williams   1 months ago

    Some kids aren't ready to be grown and still wants the structure of school, Tim Duncan could have gone pro after his sophomore and junior yrs but he said he liked school.

  • Trainer Rob
    Trainer Rob   1 months ago

    Jennins went to Italy and couldn´t get off the bench. Was drafted #10. Mudiay was ok in China which was not a very good league at that time and went #... Green and Kuminga are going to go top 5 and drive to MSG in their own 911´s... The Suggs shot was amazing but come on... Tyus Edney had the same moment, won a national championship and ended up going #47 in the draft then ended up battling most of his career in Europe with me and a ton of other guys who didn´t have that moment.

  • knowledgeseeker360
    knowledgeseeker360   1 months ago

    Michael Jordan played 3 years in college. Ask him if he felt exploited.

  • Justin Figgins
    Justin Figgins   1 months ago

    Rob needs to enroll back in some elementary classes due to Rob’s limited vocabulary over & over & over again....“I’m just saying, You know what I mean, That’s all, I’m just saying, You know what I mean, I’m just saying, I got it, Know what I’m saying”

  • Realsinceday1
    Realsinceday1   1 months ago

    Don’t get me wrong I definitely think the kids should get paid but as of right now they’re not I’ve never understood the logic of going to the g league or overseas FOR MONEY because if you come from a family that’s broke you’ve been broke your whole life what’s another year gonna hurt? Now if you decide to go to the g league or overseas for other reasons then that’s different but I just never understood the money argument

  • Aaron Hutchinson
    Aaron Hutchinson   1 months ago

    Can't compare Lamelo and what he did.. Lavar has had him in the public eye foe several years with the Shoe, 92 point game, pointing from half and hitting the 3 etc..Suggs is Jrue Holiday type guard. Very solid guard, more a winner than anything else. Him going to be a lead guy on a bad team will hurt him. Hope he doesn't end up playing for his hometown Timberwolves

  • Zan Dale
    Zan Dale   1 months ago

    College football and basketball is nothing but sharecropping. Pay the players, stop being so greedy and get on with it

  • Greg Dismukes
    Greg Dismukes   1 months ago

    Cunningham isn't that good yall being nice.

  • Chris B.
    Chris B.   1 months ago

    It's only the best path if you're not good enough to go right out of high school or be a one-and-done. The fastest path to NBA money is the best path. There's garbage players all over that league that hang around way longer than they should. If you're truly good and have the mindset and dedication to develop, it doesn't matter where you do it but get yourself paid ASAP.

  • OmgJustKeepIt2Virgils _

    Ain't gotta play in NCAA to get paid big. Did Luka do that, no?🤣🤣 it ain't just Lamelo bruh🤔🤔🤌🏾💯

  • Greg Dismukes
    Greg Dismukes   1 months ago

    College basketball is about picking the right school for your skill set. Take B.J Boston who went to Kentucky, basically killing his one and done chances.

  • Gelato
    Gelato   1 months ago

    College basketball doesn’t do enough for the 1 percent can’t make everybody happy

  • David Chandler
    David Chandler   1 months ago

    Donte DiVincenzo of the bucks turned himself into no draftee, to a 1st rounder. he wasnt no where close of be being drafted but he made big plays in the tournament and now hes actually a descent role player in the nba and has proven he belongs.

  • R S
    R S   1 months ago

    I knew Gonzaga was going to get popped LMAO