Alaska Bucket List

  • Published on: 22 November 2021
  • Dog Sledding, Ice Climbing, White Water Rafting, Salmon Fishing, and more.. Alaska is INCREDIBLE! Thanks to our friends at Bass Pro Shops for sponsoring this video! Visit Bass Pro Shops and Cabela's for all your outdoor needs!

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    View the location/activity websites below!
    Gold Panning: Crow Creek Gold Mine -
    Dog Sledding: Alpine Air Alaska -
    White Water Rafting: NOVA -
    Kenai Princess Wilderness Lodge -
    Fishing/Bear Watching/Conservation: Alaska Sportsman’s Lodge -
    Whale Watching: Seward Ocean Excursions -
    ATV Tour: 49th State Motor Tours -
    Jet Ski: Glacier Jetski Adventures -
    Train: Alaska Railroad -
    Helicopter flight glacier landing on Denali: Talkeetna Air Taxi -
    Ice Climbing: MICA Guides -
    Hot Springs/Ice Museum: Chena Hot Springs -
    Travel Partner: Alaska Tour & Travel -

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  • Runtime : 33:7
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  • karl matthew
    karl matthew   8 minuts ago

    the best video i've ever seen this year!

  • Vishwajit K.S
    Vishwajit K.S   12 minuts ago

    Shout out to the filmatographers and the editors and the DP teamWhat an amazing job done by you guys!

  • Jisna Johnson
    Jisna Johnson   45 minuts ago

    The Cinematography and Editing is on the next level !!! Kudos to the entire team 😍

  • Alex Reyes
    Alex Reyes   1 hours ago

    Not to sound like a hater but I don’t think people should get animals to do work like that for humans that humans wouldn’t do for them

  • ItzNeak
    ItzNeak   2 hours ago

    I hope everybody reading this comment is having a great day so far or if you just woke up you will have a great day🙂I'm am too trying to make it on YouTube 🍞❤️

    FROMNOW   3 hours ago

    next bucket list: go to antarctica where the deep state does NOT want you to go and come back alive

  • Joanna
    Joanna   5 hours ago


  • PJ Matheson
    PJ Matheson   6 hours ago

    Absolutely love this video one of the best and can anyone tell me the song from 12:06 to 13:06 I love the song but can't find it can anyone help please

  • Scotti2804
    Scotti2804   6 hours ago

    Hey Guys, greetings from Germany! Your video is amazing!!!!

  • Stick Guy
    Stick Guy   7 hours ago

    i just want a life like that just no worries, just adventure and to just appreciate nature.

  • Saucy
    Saucy   8 hours ago

    Please go to aus

  • Erick Ramirez
    Erick Ramirez   9 hours ago

    Em i the only one that saw Tyler’s gold nugget in his chest pocket !!!!

  • Alexander Trent
    Alexander Trent   9 hours ago

    The landscapes are amazing. That is some where I would want to take my future kids.😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮

  • Makayla Goy
    Makayla Goy   10 hours ago

    Can we appreciate the quality of the photos Tyler took of the bear

  • Jen Palero
    Jen Palero   10 hours ago


  • spookeyspookey
    spookeyspookey   10 hours ago

    My mom knew on of the “official Santa” who got his name changed legally tho Kris Kringle but when he knew he was gonna die he changed it back so news wouldn’t read “kris Kringle died” or “Santa died”

  • Ghost Leader
    Ghost Leader   11 hours ago

    Look! It's the Kahli Sticks from warzone! 6:59

  • Morgan Zanoff
    Morgan Zanoff   11 hours ago

    Having been there and catching a King Salmon in Talkeetna myself Alaska is stunning. As beautiful as it is in the video, it does not do it justice. If you want to see the full beauty of Alaska you have to see it in person and take it all in.

  • DAYZ
    DAYZ   11 hours ago

    Dudes you should do an Australian bucket list.

  • Ben Brady
    Ben Brady   11 hours ago

    You guys just literally lived my dream

  • Bad Golfers
    Bad Golfers   11 hours ago

    love warrens energy. you can tell he loves his job

  • Ben Martin
    Ben Martin   11 hours ago

    Umm who was the one wearing a t shirt

  • Nic Moore
    Nic Moore   11 hours ago

    I have a lot more respect for the camera man after seeing him below Ty in the bottomless pit! Lol. & 30:07 that's uh 75° below 0°...😉

  • Nidaa Hs
    Nidaa Hs   11 hours ago

    Cobyyyyyy I can’t believe ur a dad. Too cuteeeee

    JAKE’S GAMING   11 hours ago

    You think that waters cold I’ve been in 30 degrees it was so cold my toes became numb

  • Francis Gail Salamat
    Francis Gail Salamat   12 hours ago

    last time i atv near the volcano (phillipines btw) i was 5 years old driving and switch helmet with my cousin its was so fun and 1 of our family falled down the atv atleast no damge and no scrath atleast to her