Nick Eh 30 reacts to Season 8 GAMEPLAY CHANGES!

  • Published on: 13 September 2021
  • Reacting to Fortnite Season 8 gameplay in Chapter 2! New Sideways loot, weapons, and items; purple, gold and blue Cubes; portals to the dark, and more!
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  • Runtime : 18:58
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  • Thunder Wiz
    Thunder Wiz   2 hours ago

    nick: I dont want to fight with anyone Also nick:Spamming an opponent who Is gliding

  • Mav 24
    Mav 24   1 weeks ago

    I feel so rusty 10:55 continues to clap person

  • Mave gaming
    Mave gaming   1 weeks ago

    Nick is best like I watch his streams on twitch alllllll the time he just the best

  • Memo Sao
    Memo Sao   2 weeks ago

    This was already two months ago

  • Landon
    Landon   3 weeks ago

    Well he still drives worse than me and I’m younger than him 🤔

  • polo G
    polo G   1 months ago

    Wait did he just kill fresh😂

  • Jordan Pennywell
    Jordan Pennywell   1 months ago

    Nick: let’s talk about this glider tooalso Nick: does not talk about the glider for the rest of the video 😂😂😂

  • Atomic cat
    Atomic cat   1 months ago

    Nick I just always love watching u videos reactions it’s so interesting

  • DrSolid
    DrSolid   1 months ago

    It triggered me when he popped that mini for 3 shield 🤣

  • Pierce Wicker
    Pierce Wicker   1 months ago

    I need help Mickey 30 Nick eh 30 not Nikki. Mickey 30 I need help getting a good at the game fortnite fortnite want to play fortnite with me my username is with your boys 1434 username is wicker boys 1434 wicker boys 1434 there boy voice

  • Ashley
    Ashley   1 months ago

    This season is ehmazing

  • Livin With hood Kardashians

    aww nick seems like genuinely nice lazarbeam, nick eh 30, muselk, and sypherpk are my fav youtubers bc they seems so nice and i love their content 💕

  • Edward Compasey
    Edward Compasey   1 months ago

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  • SynkZ
    SynkZ   2 months ago

    I rewatch these reactions so much

  • Smith
    Smith   2 months ago

    I love how wholesome nick is

  • vanstonkin
    vanstonkin   2 months ago

    He doesn’t know that he can upgrade his mini gun

  • Seby
    Seby   2 months ago

    me : hasn't played fortnite since mid summer

  • Milty Giebfried
    Milty Giebfried   2 months ago

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  • Mrpot2
    Mrpot2   2 months ago

    Nick: oh this is like the beam beam arrow thingme: What.

  • Armaan the gamer
    Armaan the gamer   2 months ago

    Nick: oh level 101 first level upMe: ? … oh yeah he his rich

  • cxltures
    cxltures   2 months ago

    Your a content creator and you are as good as a pro man keep it up maybe we could collaborate