I Became the Mayor of Skyblock

  • Published on: 26 May 2021
  • suddenly i love government
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    music from epidemic sounds
    "Lazy Days at the Farm" by Stationary Sign
    "Days of Glory" by Experia
    "The End Of All Things" by Niklas Johansson
  • Runtime : 12:27
  • Minecraft Technoblade Technothepig Hypixel


  • Technoblade
    Technoblade   1 years ago

    sorry for lack of content; my cough got a lot worse in early May so I couldn't really commentate (and im too lazy to edit) anyways subscribe nerds i want a boat

  • bones
    bones   6 minuts ago

    how our gamer godhas fall so close yet so farm

  • SirDexterDexter
    SirDexterDexter   11 minuts ago

    I’m just rewatching his vids bro techno never dies

  • Gautham Pradreepkumar
    Gautham Pradreepkumar   11 minuts ago

    This was one of the best videos u have made in this channel i am thankful of being born in the generation same as you thank you for everything techno

  • KUNG FU Kiwis
    KUNG FU Kiwis   47 minuts ago

    thus was just recommended for me. i’m heartbroken

  • your fellow muchkin
    your fellow muchkin   53 minuts ago

    missing you, technoblade. fly as high as the leaping potion takes you.

  • Eeeeeeeeee
    Eeeeeeeeee   53 minuts ago

    I wish he made it. His content and energy was something that made my day. Rest in piece.

  • Mary Anne
    Mary Anne   55 minuts ago

    We love you ❤️😭😭

  • Anna potato
    Anna potato   1 hours ago

    Why are these videos being recommended to me? 😭😭💔💔

  • Adrian
    Adrian   1 hours ago

    You will be remembered

  • Sacafren !
    Sacafren !   1 hours ago

    Technoblade has never been more alive as now.

  • Baconastic
    Baconastic   1 hours ago

    No one will be able to stop me from rewatching all of technos vid RIP legend

  • Cole Rankin
    Cole Rankin   1 hours ago

    I will watch every single techno video.

  • Altie-axe
    Altie-axe   1 hours ago

    Techno will be remembered all times

  • Spectrickx
    Spectrickx   1 hours ago

    Now Youtube is just being cruel to me.

  • Szalony Angielski Polak

    Ok, i know techno died and im sad too but this is being annoying. I watch techno vids and when i go to comments i just see "R.I.P Technoblade". I know what happened and i feel bad for his family but this is getting annoying.

  • Coleisforrobot
    Coleisforrobot   2 hours ago

    no no no don’t recommend me this after he dies NO

  • MCT Third
    MCT Third   2 hours ago

    Technoblade never dies in our hearts

  • Modded.
    Modded.   2 hours ago

    I love you so much man ill always remember you