I Became the Mayor of Skyblock

  • Published on: 26 May 2021
  • suddenly i love government
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    music from epidemic sounds
    "Lazy Days at the Farm" by Stationary Sign
    "Days of Glory" by Experia
    "The End Of All Things" by Niklas Johansson
  • Runtime : 12:27
  • Minecraft Technoblade Technothepig Hypixel


  • Technoblade
    Technoblade   6 months ago

    sorry for lack of content; my cough got a lot worse in early May so I couldn't really commentate (and im too lazy to edit) anyways subscribe nerds i want a boat

  • woipion
    woipion   2 hours ago

    my man really became a greek demigod

  • The Wok Xina
    The Wok Xina   4 hours ago

    +15 social credit score if you sub to technoblade

  • Ivan Ivanovich
    Ivan Ivanovich   14 hours ago

    dante should have been named Joseph Stalin for he has reformed the USSR! Ура Товарищи!

  • Wolf
    Wolf   17 hours ago

    7:18 did you never hear of the expression "When pigs fly"?Side note: I can only dream of the day I'd be able to pull the same prank, ending on "Go ahead and warn the others, they'll never believe you!"

  • JackAttack
    JackAttack   18 hours ago

    techno: OHH NO!!! DANTE! HE CANCELED THE SUN!!!Me: How bad could he be? he is a slime?Techno: kills himDanta: does not split into 1000 peices and just diesme: oh, its alot easer then i thought then...

  • Schmop
    Schmop   18 hours ago

    Give outro song. Now. 🔫

  • dopeman2080
    dopeman2080   1 days ago

    this is actually what happend to iran

  • - Katsuki - Bakugou -

    Wait- for the Dreamsmp lore, if someone were to go back onto skyblock and yell " /killdante " wouldn't he come back to life? Don't judge, I'm being very logical.

  • eeth
    eeth   1 days ago

    3:34 "get cozy at number 2 bud" comedy gold

  • ULTA
    ULTA   1 days ago

    I just realized, Squid kid kinda sounds like Mr. Beast

  • TJ
    TJ   1 days ago

    there are no recommended videos under this. i can’t go anywhere. i am trapped in a technoblade video.

  • TheAmazingCow
    TheAmazingCow   1 days ago

    That was the best bed time story I’ve ever heard

  • Retro System
    Retro System   2 days ago

    captainsparkles's 3rd place curse in mcc vs im_a_squid_kid's 2nd place curse in life

  • alexis abella
    alexis abella   2 days ago

    This guy is kings of all kings and heros and villans no one can stop him with his deadly aura

  • Grouse Hound
    Grouse Hound   2 days ago

    ThirtyVirus was second place in the most hits... GeT CoZy NuMbEr 2 BuD

  • bill cipher
    bill cipher   2 days ago

    I have a theory techno isn’t crosseyed his eyes are white and the rest is black

  • bean burrito gang
    bean burrito gang   2 days ago

    Bad news I grinded dungeons for 11 hoursGood news I HAVE BECOME DEATH, DESTROYER OF WORLDS

  • Helukenkoo
    Helukenkoo   2 days ago

    So that's why the colosseum is under renovations