James Harden 30 pts 14 rebs 15 asts vs Spurs 20/21 season

  • Published on: 02 March 2021
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  • Runtime : 5:24
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  • 1RonBurgundy1
    1RonBurgundy1   2 months ago

    Harden is the most overrated player in NBA history. Worst choker for a top player in the playoffs in history. All Harden is when you break it down is a 26PPG, 6 assist, 5 rebound player. The only reason his stats are bloated is because he insists on every play going through him. He is not a point guard, is too slow to be a point guard with not good enough ball-handling, so why the hell is Irving not the point guard of this team. Harden is 20 or 30 pounds overweight now, can't guard anyone even if he tried, he is too slow and fat. Harden does not make players around him better, and doesn't play well with Irving. Irving might as well be invisible now because every possession is Harden with the ball, holding the ball, traveling, drawing phantom foul calls. This team is winning now but with Harden controlling the ball throughout every possession, this team cannot win in the playoffs or finals. With just Irving and Durant as the stars, this team has a better chance against elite teams like the Lakers in the Finals. Harden will go 1-25 with 0-12 from threes in any key playoff or Finals game like he has done every year in the playoffs. Irving is arguably the best ball handler of all time, but yet we see fat slow Harden control every possession with the clock winding down. If Harden hogs the ball, it is hard not to average huge stats. I would still much rather have an Isaiah, Chris Paul or Kyrie as my true point guard handling the ball and dishing. Harden is not a winner and never will be. He is a top 12-15 best player in the league and if he knew his ROLE, he would be a 26-6-5 per game type player, that is WHO HE IS. At the rate the Nets are going, despite them winning NOW, Durant and Irving may as well sit out every game because Harden insists on every single possession of every play going through him and revolving around him. If the Nets win in the postseason and win a title it will be because of Irving and Durant, and Harden will do nothing but hurt them, despite his stats. Stats don't tell the whole story, and Harden is playing point guard as a fat slow lumbering balhog, never mind that Irving the greatest ballhandler ever is now all but invisible with Harden on the floor. Harden's step back 3, he takes 3 or 4 steps which is a carry. He takes 3 or 4 steps every drive into the lane which is a carry. I laugh at all you Harden fans who think he is a superstar. He is one step down from a superstar, and Lebron, Davis, Paul, Durant, Irving, Westbrook, Lillard etc. are all a step above Harden. And he is the least clutch star of all time, if you ever saw him in the playoffs. And I was a Nets season ticketholder last year and went to about 100 Nets games and went to about 300 Knicks games

  • ryan
    ryan   2 months ago

    he rule the games he can do all things except defense lol

  • M2K NBA
    M2K NBA   2 months ago

    The Beard El Chapo Stepdaddy

  • MJ Lee
    MJ Lee   2 months ago

    Just another MVP performance

  • Dgnius Makileven
    Dgnius Makileven   2 months ago

    James Harden is the Face of teh nets NO CAP. THE BEARD IN BROOKLYN

  • Bronny
    Bronny   2 months ago

    i miss Houstons announcers and how they reacted to harden

  • Devonte WILLIAMSON
    Devonte WILLIAMSON   2 months ago

    he is literally an all around offensive player...why he gotta play defense if he gon do all of this on offense?

  • kris martinez
    kris martinez   2 months ago

    Deadly floater. Floater or lob, pick your poison ☠️

  • A P
    A P   2 months ago

    This man is disgusting .. don’t make no sense

  • Eddy
    Eddy   2 months ago

    Harden's made the nets fun to watch

    PG 13PACERNATION   2 months ago

    He is making a statement for MVP right now hate the man or love him. He is definitely in a happy place right now