THE GRUDGE TRILOGY (2004-2009) Explained

  • Published on: 29 December 2019
  • #thegrudge #endingexplained

    Looking in depth at THE GRUDGE trilogy, including the vengeful spirits backstories and the developing mythology revealed over the series.

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  • Runtime : 30:59
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  • Lebron
    Lebron   1 days ago

    If only the balcony guy had them boner pills…..ifykyk😭😭

  • Travis Cummings
    Travis Cummings   4 days ago

    Why do I feel like the writers backed themselves into a corner with this franchise?

  • Reece Andrew
    Reece Andrew   6 days ago

    The only Karen i like. She was excellent in this role

  • DawnHub
    DawnHub   1 weeks ago

    This isnt an explanation. This is a play by play like a robot .. Absurd.

  • Matthew Busch
    Matthew Busch   1 weeks ago

    I am pretty sure Peter Kirk was under the influence of the curse, when he killed himself.

  • Portal
    Portal   2 weeks ago

    Kyako's sister came back because she was murdered in a gruesome and rage filled way. She isn't a continuation of the previous curse, she is a new curse all together.

  • Kyosukedono
    Kyosukedono   2 weeks ago

    Movies with ghosts are so shitty, especially godmode ones.I mean if Kayako's mom couldn't do anything and she was a priest then like why even bother watching the movie? I rather watch that scene in T2 where the nuke kills everyone and Sara Connor turns into a skeleton. I found that much more frightening than the grudge. Ah~ you got me Kayako... I guess I'll die?They had to have make it that priests should be able to counter them. I mean the mom was literally exorcising them, can't she do the same? Makes no sense.

  • A H
    A H   2 weeks ago

    Sadako vs kayako ( the grudge vs the ring ) would be nice to review

  • Ryan Mcwilliams
    Ryan Mcwilliams   3 weeks ago

    Who knew all those adventures with scooby and the gang would lead daphne to her biggest mystery yet!

  • Daaave
    Daaave   3 weeks ago

    I was traumatised by the attic scene when I was younger

  • Ghost_Anna _Reads
    Ghost_Anna _Reads   3 weeks ago

    Audience: so...what is up with the tickling?Grudge: it is terrifying.Audience: oh, so it is your kink. Okay. Not gonna kink shame here.

  • KevinRPD
    KevinRPD   1 months ago

    You missed the best part of Karen's death. Issen looks and sees Kayako holding tight to Karen while glaring at him. Aubrey saw nothing. It was a quick flash, but it was pretty damn spooky seeing through both their perspectives.

  • klientproby
    klientproby   1 months ago

    This reviewer has one of the most annoying, shouty voices. Do you really have to shout out your review? Ugh.

  • UserX-1099
    UserX-1099   1 months ago

    oh many it's the shitty version with white actors.. yeah sorry I'm not watching this one.

  • Tweezygum
    Tweezygum   1 months ago

    Wait what... Windchimes in reverse?? I didnt realize that. Interesting 🤔

  • Alexandra Luster
    Alexandra Luster   1 months ago

    I like that even though they used American actors, they still tried to keep it set as close to Japan as possible.

  • Rachellouis💞
    Rachellouis💞   1 months ago

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  • piece of wood
    piece of wood   1 months ago

    rewatching the movie, I remember this was really scary its kinda funny and mostly cringy

  • Armando Ortiz
    Armando Ortiz   1 months ago

    There’s also a animated graphic novel called the grudge 1.5 which takes place between the first and second movie which can be found online, it isn’t very long but helps answer simple questions like how Eason was the one to rescue Karen from the fire

  • Codename: Numbah 1
    Codename: Numbah 1   1 months ago

    I remember as a kid the grudge two scared me so much because of how the cursed spread to an apartment building in Chicago and at the time I was really young and was living in an apartment building in Chicago and I always thought the curse was going to reach the building and then come after me. It didn’t help having an older sister who would dress up as kayako and scare me at night.

  • 6sixtysix
    6sixtysix   1 months ago

    11:53 when you forget how to throw things… lol open your hand…

  • versatile duplicity
    versatile duplicity   1 months ago

    They need the windchesters. Oh by the way, s16 is coming supernatural s16 trailer

  • Amy Padilla
    Amy Padilla   1 months ago

    Correction, the room where Karen found Toshio was not the room that Yoko dissappear, it was in the other room that connects with the attic.

  • Amy Padilla
    Amy Padilla   1 months ago

    I will love for you to cover the JU-ON version too

  • Absentia
    Absentia   2 months ago

    Personally, my theory is that the original curse was defeated by the ritual, but by killing the sister, a new curse was born, continuing the cycle.

  • J C
    J C   2 months ago

    The yellow fever hits different when the ghost girl croaks at you and is crawling after you

  • Angry Reaper
    Angry Reaper   2 months ago

    Me: I am a smart personAlso me: lets watch this alone at 1 AM.... in the dark....

  • Carson Bothwell
    Carson Bothwell   2 months ago

    This is how you’re supposed to say the grudge you say it like the gru-u-u-u-u-udge

  • Lauren Weller
    Lauren Weller   2 months ago

    I think we all need a Grudge Ghosty Mr. Potato Head 👍

  • Amy Padilla
    Amy Padilla   2 months ago

    I think Yoko was the first to be dead before them because in the opening Jennifer left a note to yoko saying that she left for a walk and i think Yoko died while Jennifer was in the supermarket

  • SneakyBadAss
    SneakyBadAss   2 months ago

    Hmm a transmittable curse brought from Asia to US that makes you croak, physically weak and kill you ?Covid is grudge then.

  • Mahrukh Ayub
    Mahrukh Ayub   2 months ago

    Must be a new movie with reincarnation to stop the curse.

  • Garion Clark
    Garion Clark   2 months ago

    I love both, but the ring wins because I liked how there's actually a way to stop the bitch from killing you

  • Edgar
    Edgar   2 months ago

    Thank you for this

  • MeTVee
    MeTVee   2 months ago

    These movies made me scared of Staircases. Like, in very tall buildings? It's because I am TERRIFIED of being chased. And being chased up or down a staircase where you can see and hear how close or far they are and the walls make their footsteps louder with the echoes???? 🤢🤢🤮