GONJIAM: HAUNTED ASYLUM (2018) Ending Explained

  • Published on: 26 July 2020
  • #gonjiam #endingexplained

    In Gonjiam Haunted Asylum a group of thrill-seekers pay a visit to the fabled haunted hospital where they get much more than they bargained for. Learn about the backstory of the hospital, what befalls our crew, as well as explaining the ending.

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  • Runtime : 23:54
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  • Brittany Bertolin
    Brittany Bertolin   1 hours ago

    I want a movie kinda like scary movie but it's not a parody. Like I want to watch a movie of a traditional slasher flick but it's made up of horror movie enthusiasts who use strategies from the movies they watch to survive

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    KRYSS   16 hours ago

    I literraly go to mcd just to watch this movie with people around me and it still scares the shit outta me

  • Jim Peregrine
    Jim Peregrine   18 hours ago

    This video has been up for a year, and you may have learned this at this point, but in case you haven't:Korea is on the other side of the axal tilt of the planet, which means the season would be the opposite of what we (the US) would have. October 26th would be the middle of spring for east Asia.

  • 퓨어바닐라 쿠키✴

    You can't go actual hospital after 2018 June the government has official removed it and from 1996 some people tried to go there for horror experience

  • Boba Fett
    Boba Fett   5 days ago

    Iama watch this full screen bros

  • Derek Llewellyn
    Derek Llewellyn   5 days ago

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  • David Moore
    David Moore   1 weeks ago

    This movie was fucking brilliant!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gina
    Gina   1 weeks ago


  • Brian Pak-Hung Lau
    Brian Pak-Hung Lau   1 weeks ago

    wild to see Ha Joon go from this film to now being a breakout star from Squid Game

  • Mika M
    Mika M   2 weeks ago

    Oh it's that one devilishly handsome cop from squid game

  • rupert ronnie
    rupert ronnie   2 weeks ago

    The one dude went to a haunted asylum then to a goddamn remote island with prisoners playing kids game..

  • Jacob Hebard
    Jacob Hebard   2 weeks ago

    Oh shit the captain in this movie is the cop from Squid Game

  • 원도형
    원도형   2 weeks ago

    I swear this video keeps popping up in my feed and the thumbnail freaks me out every time

  • ran wo
    ran wo   2 weeks ago

    Those internet signals were amazing, even working when time and dimension were messed up

  • C O L O N Y
    C O L O N Y   2 weeks ago

    I remember last time my cousins wanted to go to a abondon asylum, good thing i said no

  • T
    T   3 weeks ago

    A movie with a bunch of priests infiltrating a haunted mansion Quentin Tarantino style 80s action like. But with horror aspecs, I'd see that

  • CharlieCab
    CharlieCab   3 weeks ago

    I don't know maaaan. I was disappointed with this movie. I kept hearing this was THE scariest movie people have seen. Maybe I shouldnt have set my expectations that high. I admit there's a lot of cool/spooky imagery and ideas going on. Can't believe nothing came from that shower human-shaped stain. Really liked Charlotte's character since she seemed the smartest haha

  • carlsberg 6254
    carlsberg 6254   1 months ago

    This movie bored me. The ending was predictable as shit. The only interesting part was the Captain faking the initial hauntings. It would have been more of a twist if they all survived.

  • ishita🐍
    ishita🐍   1 months ago

    This movie doesn't really have those typical jumpscares but that creepy aura they delivered was amazing-Especially the last 30 minutes of the movie was amazing- the scene where those 3 people "entered" room 402 was just spine chilling for me

  • Sruti C ranjith
    Sruti C ranjith   1 months ago

    Kind of an “americanized cafe” what does that even mean🤣 Cafes look like that everywhere dude

  • Art by Srinikhaa
    Art by Srinikhaa   1 months ago

    I am thinking that ghosts have made a plan ghost head :this ghost will kill Charlotte this one will kil ji hyun this one which is very creepy look will kill the captain and turn off the lights of his room everyone do their work ok good luck friends

  • Pebble
    Pebble   1 months ago

    In the end, I think it was meant to tell us how the viewers thought it was all fake and nothing much serious, the same way Ha joon and his gang thought. I think it's meant to hint more people would never take it seriously, come there and die anyway

  • Gappy
    Gappy   1 months ago

    They're on a jaystation type beat

  • Chobits Otaku
    Chobits Otaku   1 months ago

    It's actually nice of the spirits to warn everyone else of their fate if they go in there. If the spirits were completely bad they would appeal to others to visit the place and see for themselves what is inside.

  • Todd
    Todd   1 months ago

    Note- real men don't do wack stuff like that so this was just natural selection

  • np
    np   1 months ago

    wait you didn't explain anything you just summarized the whole thing... I guess thank you for summarizing it again but I would try to go deeper than just describing what happened all over again if this is an explanation video <3

  • DrasticBread
    DrasticBread   1 months ago

    22:40 That's definitely not rain falling inside the asylum, that's the holy water starting to boil.

  • MyNameIsKaz
    MyNameIsKaz   1 months ago

    I'm sure the leader would rather be in the Squid Game! I knew he looked familiar!!

  • Christian Mejia
    Christian Mejia   1 months ago

    I couldn’t finish this movie it was so terrifying…. I’m a wimp