J Cole Full DEBUT Highlights In The African League! (Ft. ALL PLAYS)

  • Published on: 16 May 2021
  • #JCole #Basketball
  • Runtime : 4:20
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  • LegendZ Productions
    LegendZ Productions   1 months ago

    JCole 2nd Game FULL HIGHLIGHTS:https://youtu.be/DocIFmNaKGYJ. Cole in his pro basketball debut:— 3 PTS— 3 REB— 2 AST— 1-3 FG— 17 MIN— W

  • Celeste Nicole
    Celeste Nicole   2 weeks ago

    Wow talk about goals he clearly is leading by example of dream ills. If you can dream it you can achieve it. An excellent rapper and now he’s persuing his dream in professional ball . Skies the limit . He makes me wanna get some shit done .

  • EMJ Bostwick
    EMJ Bostwick   2 weeks ago

    Never heard of this league... here cause of J Cole though

  • Deriontae Moffett
    Deriontae Moffett   3 weeks ago

    He had a couple airballs but i know he got the skills to clap everyone, i wonder if he’s nervous

  • cookiesboi5
    cookiesboi5   4 weeks ago

    “Cole is just such a great shooter” Has 3 points

  • Westinian
    Westinian   1 months ago

    “knocking down that free throw with ease” i mean i’d hope so, might not be nba but it is professional

  • al stier
    al stier   1 months ago

    So hard to watch...is like every continent exept USA and Europe not really bball. I think the women's level in the USA is higher than this

  • JK Lyons
    JK Lyons   1 months ago

    The African league bout to blow up.

  • Floppysocks44
    Floppysocks44   1 months ago

    I wonder if he gets rookie duties lol he older than the majority of them

  • StillmaticTV
    StillmaticTV   1 months ago

    J Cole made the perfect sound track to his basketball skills "The Off Season."

  • Darren Cicala
    Darren Cicala   1 months ago

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  • Neymer Morkal
    Neymer Morkal   1 months ago

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  • Andre Jamal
    Andre Jamal   1 months ago

    He can only get better.But fr though, looking at this; I know I could have played in that league!

  • Tyrone Jenkins
    Tyrone Jenkins   1 months ago

    I mean it’s his first game I guarantee him to play better next game u can tell he was nervous and played nervous

  • ItsMeeKamii
    ItsMeeKamii   1 months ago

    I'm proud J. Cole for really being about what he says... working on your dreams and not being comfortable

  • Chris C
    Chris C   1 months ago

    he played pretty good team defense for someone that never really played like that

  • CoolFactory
    CoolFactory   1 months ago

    J Cole walked away after that made free throw like he was Steph Curry 😆

  • vjiopsas gfdsaesa
    vjiopsas gfdsaesa   1 months ago

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  • John 15:7
    John 15:7   1 months ago

    Can tell bruh loves the game

  • U 8
    U 8   1 months ago

    @4:11 only highlight Jcole made was a magic passthat he gave to the other team and they dunked on fastbreak!but the sad thing is that it happened while the commentators were praising him"what an incredible young man!"#smh

  • U 8
    U 8   1 months ago


  • U 8
    U 8   1 months ago

    @1:16 jcole almost got a career ending injury with that flop#rip

  • Parker Axe
    Parker Axe   1 months ago

    This is a highlight showing how bad this league is. I could play in this shit.

  • Mario Scourten
    Mario Scourten   1 months ago

    Bruh is trash lmaoaoaooao he may be decent in wnba though lol.

  • The Oppai Master
    The Oppai Master   1 months ago

    1:50 Mans said his name like he a fan “cole” then tried to say it professionally

  • Jackson Thai
    Jackson Thai   1 months ago

    What’s with the refs all on the court

  • Luis Barreiro
    Luis Barreiro   1 months ago

    Still need to work on some things maybe a weekend at Julian Newman school of dribble & shots would help Jermaine coles game a bit