Chris Webber | Ep 78 | ALL THE SMOKE Full Episode | SHOWTIME Basketball

  • Published on: 01 April 2021
  • 15-year NBA vet and Former Michigan "Fab 5' member Chris Webber joins the boys on a must-see episode of ALL THE SMOKE from Atlanta. Webber opens up on his NBA career, including his run with the Kings and discusses how his game translates more to today's NBA. Plus, he opens up about the 'Fab 5' and his relationship with Jalen Rose.

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    (00:00:00​) - Intro
    (00:03:40​) - Dad Life, Pandemic
    (00:06:18​) - Today's NBA, Kyrie, Blake
    (00:12:52​) - Detroit Upbringing, AAU
    (00:21:56​) - College Recruitment
    (00:28:35) - Michigan, Fab-5
    (00:38:50) - Jalen Rose Relationship
    (00:52:15) - Philly Run, Traded to Kings, 1993 draft
    (01:03:20) - Rookie Season in Golden St, Dunking On Barkley
    (01:10:49​) - Sports & Music
    (01:15:15​) - Sacramento Run
    (01:29:15​) - Allen Iverson, Media Career
    (01:42:22​) - 2021 Hall Of Fame Finalist
    (02:00:57​) - End

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  • Runtime : 2:57
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  • SHOWTIME Basketball
    SHOWTIME Basketball   1 months ago

    (00:00:00​) - Intro(00:03:40​) - Dad Life, Pandemic(00:06:18​) - Today's NBA, Kyrie, Blake(00:12:52​) - Detroit Upbringing, AAU(00:21:56​) - College Recruitment(00:28:35) - Michigan, Fab-5(00:38:50) - Jalen Rose Relationship(00:52:15) - Philly Run, Traded to Kings, 1993 draft(01:03:20) - Rookie Season in Golden St, Dunking On Barkley(01:10:49​) - Sports & Music(01:15:15​) - Sacramento Run(01:29:15​) - Allen Iverson, Media Career(01:42:22​) - 2021 Hall Of Fame Finalist(02:00:57​) - End

  • Flyhighphilly
    Flyhighphilly   7 hours ago

    Congrats C Webb HOF Class of 2022 🙏🙏🙏

  • Mobillion Black
    Mobillion Black   8 hours ago

    Web, officially in the Hall Of Fame.... Congrats, we got mad love you here .........Originals ain't suppose to be understood by everybody.....

  • D W
    D W   13 hours ago

    C Web, congrats on the HOF from your Detroit fam, it's well deserved my man!!

  • Marcus Warner
    Marcus Warner   1 days ago

    The black college she was talkin about is nccu that's my school

  • WB 3RD
    WB 3RD   1 days ago

    They fired him prolly cause of this interview sadly

  • Chris George
    Chris George   1 days ago

    The lame knight renomegaly weigh because laura additionally occur athwart a boring stranger. electric, alert nic

  • JaySim
    JaySim   1 days ago

    Shout out to Jack for the B.J. Tyler reference, another Port Arthur legend. Dude was quick af

  • DB
    DB   1 days ago

    This man was around 6'3 to 6'5 in 7th grade,,,, wtfffff

  • car9melo
    car9melo   2 days ago

    Cwebbs problem is he cares so much what ppl think about him

  • kev
    kev   2 days ago

    c Webb my dawg. Lotta yall youngsters don't know shit

  • Deric Harris
    Deric Harris   2 days ago

    CWebb should be hall of fame always had a likable personality hard not to like him wasn’t for Lakers and reds in 02 might be saying NBA champion Chris Webber

  • orravalb
    orravalb   2 days ago

    Mr. Matt Barnes & Stephen Jackson. I hope you guys get this comment. Your show is one of the BEST sport talk shows, hands down. For me, it's the humility, HUMANITY, and the AUTHENTICITY, you and Stack bring, and the guests knowing that you understand them, and there is no underhanded subterfuge. They therefore can relax and not have to worry if some 'other' host are going to come with some BS, to sensationalize the interview. What you guys do for our culture is phenomenal. Just the stories of how people come to be what they are and what road they traveled. Chris Webber talking about the socks, MAN, I was a Michigan fan because of the Fab Five !! You two are knocking it out the park. If I had played in the league, y'all woulda been the homies ! Continued success My Brothas. And thanks.

  • Neteroshi Sama
    Neteroshi Sama   4 days ago

    Profound. What an impactful interview. Thank you. Clearest content to the soul in the media there is. Period. Love 💯

  • Brandon Norris
    Brandon Norris   4 days ago

    When Webb and them had a drink and Webb said "it's been over a year since I had a drink with friends."I felt that.

  • A T
    A T   4 days ago

    We love C-Webb in Sac

  • Reuel Daniel
    Reuel Daniel   5 days ago

    Dam the realness of these men, black men facing their past to inspire their present for a better future, I'm in tears. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • musicluv80
    musicluv80   5 days ago

    Can’t believe they didn’t talk about him playing against the dream team while in college.

  • ty Manson
    ty Manson   6 days ago

    One of my favorite shows as of this year. 🔥🔥🔥💪🏿💯

  • MIZZY 412
    MIZZY 412   6 days ago

    CWeeb is in my Top 5 PERSONAL FAVORITE PLAYERS ALL TIME LeBron MJ CWebb Grant Hill Barkley

  • Mo Coco
    Mo Coco   6 days ago

    Sports media by former athletes>>>>

  • americandesi2k5
    americandesi2k5   6 days ago

    I feel for Web, Sac got robbed in 02' - it's not even debatable.

  • K.P. Bolden
    K.P. Bolden   1 weeks ago

    Omar is my Dude! @ChrisWebber we met at Mumford!!!

    SYBR DARC   1 weeks ago

    Loved hearing quintessential his father was.

    SYBR DARC   1 weeks ago

    Matt the type of dude to punch you in your mouth and have no problem apologizing to you later. Mans is self aware as fk

  • Jblaze600
    Jblaze600   1 weeks ago

    One on favorite PF Of all time. I remember when he dunked it on Barkley, that commercial lol. His pump fakes underneath the basket then he would slam it hard.

  • copper30
    copper30   1 weeks ago

    Chris Webbers mom was the computer room teacher when I went to Mumford her and Ms Burton, she was firm and fair one of the good ones.

  • GeekinVibe
    GeekinVibe   1 weeks ago

    the Mo Cheeks slander 😂😂😂👍🏽💯