• Published on: 31 January 2022
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  • Runtime : 24:27
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  • Elvis The Alien
    Elvis The Alien   5 months ago

    Thanks to Genshin Impact and PlayStation for sponsoring this video, get the game on PlayStation for free through my link: Visit Genshin Impact website: Follow Genshin Impact on YouTube:

  • RedSpadeTre7
    RedSpadeTre7   15 hours ago

    This is the goofiest thing I've said about something like this, but the strange reinterpretation of the characters, especially Leon is... heretical.I'm not sure what they were thinking.

  • Subieguy
    Subieguy   2 days ago

    Watched the movie myself and the action is decent but the characters don’t look at all like their game counterparts the story doesn’t make sense the only thing that makes me say oh it isn’t the worst is cool game reference lmao

  • JackXpaceEggTV
    JackXpaceEggTV   2 days ago

    Yeaaah, that Chris scene is awesome, but that's it. The rest is just "hm"

  • Qg1989
    Qg1989   3 days ago

    No Mr X was a huge L

  • SpookyMr_ Pl0w
    SpookyMr_ Pl0w   4 days ago

    I hated the looks of wesker, leon and jill. The other characters were ok at best but those three made me hate the movie right from the start.

  • steven mike
    steven mike   4 days ago

    re game leon: naive but smartre show leon: clueless and incompetent

  • YieldToMe
    YieldToMe   5 days ago

    Genshin impact fans trying to convince you they aren't predators:

  • Jacob Christopher
    Jacob Christopher   6 days ago

    My problem with this movie is that they are putting 2 or 3 games into 1 movie which in my opinion is too much. If they separated the games into 3 movies, then it would work. Maybe.

  • Inaros Ramses
    Inaros Ramses   6 days ago

    You deleted my comment about Genshin. It’s not going to go away. Don’t you ever say for a damn minute you play Genshin you faker. Liar. Yourejust abusing your views for more views.

  • Hikaeme4022
    Hikaeme4022   6 days ago

    I feel like Tom Hopper should've played Chris, he just looks like him and Kaya Scodelario should've played Jill. The casting was terrible, and I don't even think the actors are bad, it's just that they don't look or feel like the part.

  • avangelinechatters
    avangelinechatters   6 days ago


  • Jules Bunn
    Jules Bunn   1 weeks ago

    When I watched this movie in the theater my mom and I were the only ones there, it was so loud we both genuinely had to cover our ears and we both left with headaches.

  • Fyre Lokatin
    Fyre Lokatin   1 weeks ago

    Is it too much to ask to see Chris punch a boulder just once in a movie

  • Otaku_NOT RLY
    Otaku_NOT RLY   1 weeks ago

    0:00 - 1:22 thought I was clicking the wrong video.

  • Abraham Washington
    Abraham Washington   1 weeks ago

    This is so stupid. they should redeem themselves and forget the first games and just make it about re7 than a sequel with village.

  • Ronald_raegun
    Ronald_raegun   1 weeks ago

    Genshin Impact and PlayStation: so we have this sponsorship and it’s gonna pay you a ton of money, like a ton of money. Elvis the Alien: “yea I played that game before, of course I’ve played Genshin. PSSSSHHHH daily player right here hehe.” 😂

  • N0RTH 96
    N0RTH 96   1 weeks ago

    Most missing part of this movie was the big daddy mr.X lmao 😂

  • zachowon
    zachowon   1 weeks ago

    He could have just done the first game in movie form, and then make a sequel that is 2 and 3 combined...

  • Scientist Salarian
    Scientist Salarian   1 weeks ago

    I actually liked this movie a lot more than I thought I would. There's was tons of cheese and I guess all the fan service worked on me cuz I'm a huge fan of the games. Maybe I liked it because I was expecting so little. But it was entertaining and full of member berries.

  • Pheonix_7789
    Pheonix_7789   1 weeks ago

    im going to los vegas for summer so ima invade your home elvis watch out

  • Moxxy
    Moxxy   1 weeks ago

    if wesker and chris actors switch roles it wouldve been better imo

  • Hannah Bak
    Hannah Bak   1 weeks ago

    Honestly, I couldn't even finish the movie, it was just so slow and boring in the start.Watching this so I don't have to so thanks Elvis.

  • DriftWood
    DriftWood   1 weeks ago

    Honestly I'm a a fan of RE who has yet to see anything wrong in the franchise continuing the games are amazing whith exception of Biohazard and Village steering away from the zombie theme and more to the evolution of the T-virus but in my opinion the movies are a semi good copy of the game don't get me wrong I love the movies book and games but still, also there is going to be a new RE movie coming out on the 14 of July that looks entertaining but I also similar to Village and Biohazard with the evolution of the T-virus. Ngl if Capcom made the movies then they'd probably be so much better. One more thing when Wesker woke up in the morgue it was yet another reference to the first Resident Evil game where a body bag gets up and we see its a zombie but then it gets shot in the head killing it, also i would've loved for when Chris and his team where going to the mansion it had the same- ish start as the game but that might've been overkill

  • Atreyu
    Atreyu   1 weeks ago

    Elvis the Alien moved closer to Area 51

  • Red Angry Cloud
    Red Angry Cloud   1 weeks ago

    Ignoring all the other ways Leon sucked in this movie, he didn't even have his iconic hair. That's the one part that you had to do right, his hair is like 50% of his personality.

  • Dawsyn Larson
    Dawsyn Larson   1 weeks ago

    No hate to the dude who played Leon I actually really liked him but he does not fit Leon at all, he’d be a very good Carlos tho

  • Luke Fox
    Luke Fox   2 weeks ago

    Was always confused why they would combine RE 1 and RE 2 into one. When the 2nd and 3rd happen nearly at the same time and setting. Probably would have made the movie more simplistic if they just focused on the first game only

  • Kathryn Gay
    Kathryn Gay   2 weeks ago

    Leon was not good in this movie IT WASNT EVEN LEON

  • Zom
    Zom   2 weeks ago

    Found your channel thanks to your Harry Potter review so I'm now going back and watching your old reviews... having said that.The dumbest fuckin part of this already dumb movie was after Jill saves NotWesker from the copter crash, he runs down the hall he just exposed by playing on the piano and DietJill runs back to the team to tell them "Wesker betrayed us" Like what? He didn't cause this shit (in the film) in the games , he's 100% the plot of the first game but in this film he's simply guided by a stupid ass pompilot in his pocket on what to do. I'd guess movie Ada gave it to him as she's the first to find him post credits. This movie tried to be better than the Paul W films and it ended up being worse, how does that even happen ?

  • Justin Thomas
    Justin Thomas   2 weeks ago

    So basically it's nothing but fan service to hide the fact that it's a bad movie?