Skeppy vs Technoblade (The Final Reckoning)

  • Published on: 12 December 2018

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    MUSIC (in order of appearance):
    "Rising Game" Kevin MacLeod (
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    "Outfoxing the Fox" Kevin MacLeod (
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
  • Runtime : 18:11
  • Minecraft Technoblade Technothepig Hypixel Skeppy Skeppy Skywars Technoblade Skywars Hypixel Skywars Skywars


  • elias nacaytuna
    elias nacaytuna   1 hours ago

    the bats are the orphans and THE PIGS are his people

  • Itz_Zephyr
    Itz_Zephyr   3 hours ago

    ahhh 18 minutes of cyber bullying.

  • JB 393
    JB 393   7 hours ago

    now your'e 10m hes 6m

  • Name
    Name   9 hours ago

    The minecraft version of Pewdiepie vs T Series

  • Olivia Zhou
    Olivia Zhou   12 hours ago

    I love how techno isn’t even trying

  • Skip It
    Skip It   13 hours ago

    Game 10 - skeppys first win

  • EstEnder
    EstEnder   18 hours ago

    technoblade literally killed skeppy with his own pants

  • Ninja Gaming
    Ninja Gaming   18 hours ago

    Anyway techno is better than skippy has more sub anyway

  • SkullyDBoi
    SkullyDBoi   19 hours ago

    You are now 5 million subs away from Skeppy as of now

  • Meet Jhawar
    Meet Jhawar   22 hours ago

    All the one who commented that skeppy have more subscribers than Technoblade .Then see the change in 2021,These words are legendary "Not Even Close" .The minecraft legend

  • TheWeirdChild
    TheWeirdChild   22 hours ago

    You have passed skeppy in subs by 3 million. Lol

  • Louis
    Louis   1 days ago

    watching this vid now Techno has like 3 more mil than skeppy

  • JackAttack
    JackAttack   1 days ago


  • Guga DFT 110ANI
    Guga DFT 110ANI   1 days ago

    techno i hope you doing well .. ! your biggest dream coming true 10 mil !!! you are grinding so hard to get there !!!

  • Rodrigo Palencia
    Rodrigo Palencia   1 days ago

    Techno ask Simon hypixel if they can bring back Grinch simulator for this Christmas

  • Itz_LOL
    Itz_LOL   1 days ago

    Technobladeeee nevers dies

    TN SOM FF   1 days ago

    me home alone and hears this while sleeping: 0:24

  • Stan Meijer
    Stan Meijer   2 days ago

    those orphans are for my netherite bed mine anyway so who cares

  • ythefly
    ythefly   2 days ago

    Skeppy: come at meTechnoblade: bet

  • Bubble from BFB
    Bubble from BFB   2 days ago

    Alternate title: Technoblade beating Skeppy because of subscribers for 18 minutes

  • Jacob Zimmerman
    Jacob Zimmerman   2 days ago