• Published on: 08 November 2021
  • #paranormalactivity #endingexplained

    In Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin, we follow Margot as she ventures to her Amish roots in order to find out where she came from and what happened to her mother. The answer will terrify and shock her to the core, especially with all the dang ghosts around spooking everyone. We're breaking down the story, if it connects to the previous entries, what the community is really all about including their demonic overlord, and explaining the ending that shows us the evil is only beginning.

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  • Runtime : 22:52
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    CEEEEEEEEENA   18 hours ago

    when the fk did they release the 7 th film bruh ??? i didnt even know that , sheet

  • kyley peters
    kyley peters   1 days ago

    That's so weird, right as I saw the first Amish girl I instantly thought in my head about how the Amish aren't aware of any memes or trends on social media at all and I thought of Tiktok, right before you mentioned it lol

  • Manny Evans
    Manny Evans   1 days ago

    I seen all the paranormal activity movie to 1 to 7 but how is Tobi involved with the new paranormal activity

  • Joseph Mills
    Joseph Mills   1 days ago

    I was hoping it (video)was gonna explain if margot survived or not,or tell me somthing i didnt know.

  • Joseph Mills
    Joseph Mills   1 days ago

    I liked this film ,built up to the horror slowly, film may be a bit slow paced for some,,only criticism was doesnt really show if margot survived or not.

  • Kevin Klein
    Kevin Klein   2 days ago

    It’s so annoying how the “demons” have unlimited power and can basically do anything. Seems to easy

  • Centauri The Typical Juicer

    My name is Zak Bagans. I've never believed in ghosts until I came face to face with one. So I set out on a quest to capture what I once saw onto video....With no big camera crews following us around, I am joined only by my fellow investigator Nick Groff and our equipment tech Aaron Goodwin. The three of us will travel to the some of most highly active paranormal locations, where we will spend an entire night, being locked down from dusk until dawn....Raw...Extreme...These are our Ghost Adventures.

  • the real denki
    the real denki   4 days ago

    I could listen to you talkin adout scary shit all day your funny as hell

  • Trina K
    Trina K   5 days ago

    Thank you because I got confused at the end. I fell asleep on it twice.

  • Little Green
    Little Green   6 days ago

    Some dude got covid 5 times? Is he out there looking for it?

  • Evanz111
    Evanz111   1 weeks ago

    “Everyone is so ‘present’” - nice foreshadowing~

  • Atmostfeareric
    Atmostfeareric   1 weeks ago

    What's your thoughts on the franchise as a whole?

  • Emilyy Paaige
    Emilyy Paaige   1 weeks ago

    so you know how toby had his whole ritual to become real & he was a prince of hell. what if next of kin is basically saying "Tobys brother, asmodeous, his next of kin, another prince of hell." & the princes of hell are just trying to take over the world

    ANTI- ROXAS   1 weeks ago

    Ummm.... if she's next in line to hold the demon at bay, why save her?....

  • Lemire Gamer
    Lemire Gamer   1 weeks ago

    Just saw it. My review:This movie was shit

  • AdamAddictL
    AdamAddictL   1 weeks ago

    This PA was worse than all the previous movies. There was literally NOTHING “paranormal’ about the whole movie until ONE SCENE the start of last leg of the movie where the girl was attacked by a ghost or whatever

  • Unfortold Sucks at Games

    This channel deserves every ounce of success and more that is has earned. Your channel has helped me watch and find many films, mainly horror, that have been a thrill to watch. Thank you.

  • Em San
    Em San   1 weeks ago

    typical white male movie reviewer not knowing that women can use their periods extra propulsion

  • Nicolas Casson
    Nicolas Casson   1 weeks ago

    Love your videos and always value your take on horror film!

  • MKT
    MKT   1 weeks ago


  • Elijah

    I believe Asmodeus (oz-mo-day-us) destroyed her uterus so she couldn't reproduce as it's by bloodline that he's trapped. My question is, even if that incident hadn't occurred, what was the town's plan once the spirit was transferred? Surely they wouldn't reproduce w Margot and she's already a vessel....? Right? So eventually they'd be screwed anyway because she doesn't have a daughter to transfer the spirit.

  • Jerome Daog
    Jerome Daog   2 weeks ago

    Where’s the winchesters when you need them!!

  • Rabid Union
    Rabid Union   2 weeks ago

    "I say we walk hand in hand, brother and sister into extinction. Opting out of a raw deal." 😁👍

  • Bryce Brown
    Bryce Brown   2 weeks ago

    I came here for an "ending explained" video not a "summarize the entire movie that you probably just watched" video.

  • kebas239
    kebas239   2 weeks ago

    It wasn't too complicated; The community traps a demon in women from a specific bloodline to keep it from wreaking havok on them and the rest of the world. But interesting to see what people might have missed or have it expanded on.

  • PotatoG13 !
    PotatoG13 !   2 weeks ago

    I actually think that this isn’t going on a new story from the previous one. The first 6 films was on one of the sons of satin and this one is also one of the sons. So if they continue they might have all the brothers releases and then one film of them coming together to reek havoc on mankind. But from the first films it actually seems that the demon from this film is helping the demon from the last 6 come to light. Who knows

  • KYSR
    KYSR   2 weeks ago

    I get why the cult do that but like why do they need to be weird as shit, just be normal and do the thing you need to do.

    SATAN   2 weeks ago

    I want Tobey back

  • Hugo Tate
    Hugo Tate   2 weeks ago

    20:08 “you want some of this!?” Lol

  • Hugo Tate
    Hugo Tate   2 weeks ago

    4:14 lmao “a buuuug horse and buggy”

    SEEMS LEGIT TO ME   3 weeks ago

    I have a question, The demon presented here is Asmodeus, what about the past movies? What is the name of the demons possessing ppl?