Recovering Vehicles From A Cliff That Nobody Else Will Touch (Dead Man's Curve!)

  • Published on: 12 September 2021
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  • Runtime : 42:55
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  • HeavyDSparks
    HeavyDSparks   1 months ago

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  • ItzMrFizz
    ItzMrFizz   5 hours ago

    I'm surprised, did you play with the idea of renting a capable helicopter to try and left them out? glad it worked out and you had fun doing it. love your content for this reason, you guys actually make a difference.Also did you know the little dot on the top of and i is called a Tittle? Now you do!

  • Thad Finnell
    Thad Finnell   6 hours ago

    Seems a little exaggerated. Missing transmissions and stuff the one cars is almost just a floor pan they definitely weren't driven off and you only counted/showed 7 and then get to the top.and suddenly there's 15.

  • Joseph Cook
    Joseph Cook   7 hours ago

    The only song, that was playing in my mind, throughout the whole video, was Ironman.

  • Urban Veteran
    Urban Veteran   11 hours ago

    I work with Boy Scouts and we teach leave no trace. Amazing job cleaning up other's messes. We need more people like this!

  • Vanntha Thou
    Vanntha Thou   11 hours ago

    Wow, you team are awesome, doing good deed to the earth.....Love you guys!

  • Rick Waldron
    Rick Waldron   17 hours ago

    It's sad to say but I think the bodies are there

  • CSXRockford
    CSXRockford   1 days ago

    christ at the amount of drama...Its like a fucking soap opera

  • Michael Kight
    Michael Kight   1 days ago

    First truck is a 79-86 Plymouth arrow sport or ram 50

  • Matthew Cox
    Matthew Cox   1 days ago

    You know you guys are doing God's work doing what needs to be done but I'm telling you you're gonna hear from people saying those cars were down there not producing any carbon or emissions and you went up there with all your smog spouting equipment equipment to bring them out you're gonna hear that I promise you

  • Matthew Cox
    Matthew Cox   1 days ago

    Let me ask about my elephant in the room what the fuck happened to the rest of these cars why didn't have tops on them or doors or anything else

  • Matthew Cox
    Matthew Cox   1 days ago

    Wow I did this at Guadalupe reservoir In the mountains right outside of San Jose with a hand cranked winch reservoir was completely dry Truck was full of dead crawfish

  • Brandon Artis
    Brandon Artis   1 days ago

    The good invention minimally dare because tenor coronally receive pro a brown rice. dull, testy ankle

  • racer0316
    racer0316   1 days ago

    Am I the only one who remembers what the lawsuit was about? Suddenly they are environmental heros for dragging a couple cars up a cliff. Hmmmmmmmm.

  • Keeping It Real
    Keeping It Real   1 days ago

    You Need One Of Them Big Giant Electro Magnets Like They Use In The Scrap Metal Scrap Yards You Could Get That Stuff Out Quick & Easy

  • Marcos Pedroza
    Marcos Pedroza   1 days ago

    The biggest dudes whining about dragging some chains and cables.. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ

  • Tony Foley
    Tony Foley   1 days ago

    Great video! To all the people who gave this video a thumbs down, y'all are just haters. These guys are cleaning up nature, they didn't have to. I gave this video a thumbs up before even watching the whole thing just on the strength of cleaning up nature. We as humans need to do better at keeping Earth clean. We don't have another 1. Great job Diesel Brothers ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿค™๐Ÿ‘.

    TRLWNC1   1 days ago

    The truck definitely looks like a Ford from the side.

  • roger crone
    roger crone   1 days ago

    Do you guys are awesome God bless you all

  • Mr.JimmyCat
    Mr.JimmyCat   1 days ago

    Nothing looks funner than doing this with the boys ๐Ÿคฃ

  • Marvin Nichols
    Marvin Nichols   2 days ago

    Cool, definitely one of the better video series on here. Thanks for sharing with us.

  • Edward Morley
    Edward Morley   2 days ago

    40:14 If you bulldozed a rough road in off the side of that curve down the slope and hooked back, and leveled off a section, you could get a much better point to winch cars in from. It would move you off to the side of the rough slopes, and closer to the vehicles. You could also get a skidder in there and use that; those things are designed to pull several trees out of the bush; no reason they couldn't pull cars out.

  • PhillipZX3
    PhillipZX3   2 days ago

    You guys could do yourself a favor at watch how loggers would have handled those cars. I'd have run a cable across that canyon (for some lift) and yarded those cars out as if they were just small logs. The car could be lifted up of the ground a few feet, then pulled in so it wasn't dragging all the way to the top. Back in the 60s and 70s we pulled cedar and spruce cuts (up on the Olympic Peninsula and down the Washington/Oregon coast) that were several times the weight of any one of those cars.

  • Edward Morley
    Edward Morley   2 days ago

    It's because the people who are watching you who are subscribed most likely either have gmail, which means they automatically have a youtube account login, or they made the effort to create an account. Pretty much everyone else uses another mail service and has no interest in creating a youtube account to watch content. I know, because my family does that, as well as quite a few people I know; some have gmail and still don't login. My Mom for instance; couldn't be bothered

  • Edward Morley
    Edward Morley   2 days ago

    If you had a crane that would be useful; pretty sure that's what it's made for. Either that or a Helicopter. Too big for pretty much anything other than direct lifting

  • Ronald Cossin
    Ronald Cossin   2 days ago

    A What Not to Get to only be a little recovery specialist and not a giant of recovery of them all, sorry head got too big for it all did it, well just in case there is an army tank down there, let us see if the lift is big and heavy enough to lift its own weight must have good four-leg footing and the power of the backs of houses to do a good lift PULL You Houses of Old in all 4 to 8 sometimes even 12 cylinders of house power to burn

  • Andreas Gieswinkel
    Andreas Gieswinkel   2 days ago

    Hi, I am Andreas from Netherland. You do very good work over there. But I always ask myself: "Why your not buy a UH-1(Huye) or a M-26 helicopter." Ideal for this kind of work. Blessings from Netherlands

  • garry jeffries
    garry jeffries   2 days ago

    Back in the 1970s i use to haul in junk cars from the calif desert to sell for scrap and caught hell from the local sheriffs department.Then the BLM opened a local office and i went to them and told them about the problem i was having with the sheriffs.i got a letter from the BLM giving me permission to recover any junk car i found in the desert. within a week the sheriffs caught me hauling in a junk car and they were mad that the BLM had given me permission.years later it paid off when i opened up a old gold mine and i had no problems getting permits to mine because of my work at cleaning up the junk from the desert.

  • Dustin Velasquez
    Dustin Velasquez   2 days ago

    Thank you for this video. I didn't think that I would ever be able to see the canyon again. Back story went off deadmans back in June of 2007 was ejected out the back window of a jeep grand Cherokee and then had to crawl back up the side where I laid on the road hoping that someone would find me. I'm thankful that they finally put in a guardrail up there.

  • Shawn Fox
    Shawn Fox   2 days ago

    Need to invest in a heavy lift chopper

  • Tin Lets Talk
    Tin Lets Talk   3 days ago

    Am so impressed with all of youโ€ฆ Iโ€™ve been watching for a whileโ€ฆ even had people on Instagram pretending to be you and asking for money ๐Ÿง๐Ÿ™‹โ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„ I am from Liverpool in the Uk a wife and mother of 2..unfortunately I am disabled and cannot do the things I used to do, however I watch you and some other YT channels so I feel less โ€œtrappedโ€ by my own body.Thank you for keeping me going when things get bad. You touch peopleโ€™s hearts everyday all over the world. And I just want to say a massive Thank you ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ‘ God Bless you all โค๏ธ

  • HybridHunter
    HybridHunter   3 days ago

    Talking about breaking a 13mm Grade 80 Piece of chain like it doesn't have a MBL of over 20 tonnes, if you manage to break that chain hauling a 2t car out of the canyon you got bigger problems XD

  • Joker Gwild
    Joker Gwild   4 days ago

    Id of backed a flat bed up to the hill and winched the vehicles on it.

  • Diego CDeBaca
    Diego CDeBaca   4 days ago

    Those cables and slings are twice the thickness of the 5 ton tow truck cables!??!!!!

  • Savage Clips
    Savage Clips   4 days ago

    Iโ€™m from South Carolina. Would love to do things like this.

  • KingCat LXIX
    KingCat LXIX   4 days ago

    Iโ€™m guessing people over the years have come and dismantled almost everything off these cars?The second one was literally a bulkhead and a floor pan with nothing on it ๐Ÿคฃ