Portal: The Forgotten Alternate Reality Game - Inside A Mind

  • Published on: 17 May 2019
  • In 2010, the creators of the game Portal put together an Alternate Reality Game with almost no budget in hopes to help promote the second game in the franchise, Portal 2. So many easter eggs were found throughout the game such as memos from CEO of Aperture Science Cave Johnson, a GLaDOS and Doug Rattman log in account, and even hints towards what we would be seeing in the new upcoming game, Portal 2.

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  • Runtime : 14:14
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  • ProfoundProcrastinator

    Low key when GlaDOS was deploying surprise, I was expecting green smoke machines to go off.

  • Martin Margold
    Martin Margold   1 months ago

    13:50 anybody know the song, my shazam doesnt recognise it..

  • Sam Melson
    Sam Melson   1 months ago

    Blue Screen: ExistsPeople: "WOOOH!" Clap Whistle

  • 123minecraft602
    123minecraft602   1 months ago

    1:40 if you view a font in windows 10 then it will show this example sentence: the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

  • JasonAimer Eimer
    JasonAimer Eimer   1 months ago

    I like how you can translate the Lemon Rant (In a metaphoric way) so it like taking the red pill in Matrix. And this is smh fitting so well in this video: The Gamers and interested who tried to decrypt the Alternate Reality Game

  • Hajime
    Hajime   3 months ago

    How valve has truly fallen

  • Valentine
    Valentine   3 months ago

    I love the morse code decoding into a morse code

  • Irish Empire
    Irish Empire   3 months ago

    Dude, im a huge Portal fan and still play the games to this day, even the Bridge Constructor game. How have i never known this ARG exists?

  • mike hunt
    mike hunt   3 months ago

    "this is what I get for working at microsoft"

  • More Marissa
    More Marissa   4 months ago

    i've never been so quickly annoyed by the word surprise

  • Cart Ep
    Cart Ep   5 months ago

    Portal’s an ARG?I thought it was just a video game

  • bittersweetVICTORY
    bittersweetVICTORY   6 months ago

    i'm back for a second watch because i'm experiencing the portal brainrot again

  • PICO Ultimate
    PICO Ultimate   6 months ago

    1:38Notably, this very sentence is used in Windows to test out fonts being installed.

  • Odin Angie
    Odin Angie   6 months ago

    Portal might be my favorite game series. I really hope they someday make it a trilogy.

  • SuperTired64
    SuperTired64   8 months ago

    Waiting for the Portal and Half-Life crossover game

  • littleprince mica27
    littleprince mica27   8 months ago

    Yeah there connected Because black mesa was teamed with aperture science laboratories

  • Gabe
    Gabe   8 months ago

    Eanyone call that number?

  • Kevin Loughin
    Kevin Loughin   8 months ago

    I totally remember this! Being a ham radio guy, I immediately recognized the slow scan tv or SSTV sounds. I was decoding the images myself at home. That whole augmented reality game sucked me in and I couldn't wait for portal two after we all figured it out.

  • Ollie Vaughn
    Ollie Vaughn   8 months ago

    After beating both games...this is disturbing

  • nutzeeer
    nutzeeer   8 months ago

    Did anyone try calling the bbs using the user cjohnson with password tier3? Its in portal 1 images.

  • little bigdragon
    little bigdragon   9 months ago

    Wait they did all that just as a gateway for portal 2? That's fucking awesome

  • Altein
    Altein   9 months ago

    "Blackula" fucking hell valve save some creativity for the rest of us

  • Cyrus Boyd
    Cyrus Boyd   9 months ago

    Actually It was bring your KID to work day, that's how Chell ended up in the facility in the first place

  • Fregtz
    Fregtz   9 months ago

    26 letters.Sweden: Theres 29 acctually.