Guessing Wish’s MOST POPULAR Items?!

  • Published on: 11 August 2021
  • We're putting our WISH skills to the test in a NEW GAME where we guess the most popular items from Wish! Then, watch as we try Hollister again 15 years later! ►►
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    What We Tried!
    Champions Tracksuit -
    Hoodie Crop Set -
    Two Piece Bra Tracksuit -
    Dog With Glasses -
    Mona Lisa -
    Spicy Disaster -
    No longer available
    Crochet One Piece -
    Corset One Piece -
    Off the Shoulder Midi -
    Off the Shoulder Floral Maxi -
    Colorful Maxi Dress -
    Bohemian Maxi Dress -
    Bodycon Maxi Dress -
    Chiffon Maxi Dress -

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  • Runtime : 16:28
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  • Clevver Style
    Clevver Style   5 months ago

    Are you a WISH expert?! How many did you get right?

  • savannah vaughn
    savannah vaughn   1 days ago

    I feel like they should get to see what it’s supposed to look like

  • Sarah Hardison
    Sarah Hardison   1 months ago

    Seeing the pictures for the ad would have made this game so much easier. That is half the fun of Wish....what I ordered....what I got. The crocheted swimsuit was probably the best!

  • Lauren Rebecca
    Lauren Rebecca   1 months ago

    I actually have the “I’m not a hot mess I’m a spicy disaster “ shirt.

  • Severinsen
    Severinsen   2 months ago

    Even if that "crocheted" bathing suit was actually crocheted, WHO would buy it? 💀Also who would buy the black and blue dress Drew was wearing!?I'm dumbfounded, LMAO.Should've shown them the photos.

  • Andeng
    Andeng   2 months ago


  • Lisa99 Prince
    Lisa99 Prince   2 months ago

    WISH is know for their horrid labor conditions, workers should have the right to a living wage, collective bargaining, an abuse-free work environment which this company does not provide. On top of that, brands like WISH that mass-produce such cheap, poorly-made clothing perpetuating a throwaway fashion culture simply by existing. And even more!!! WISH is knows for stealing designs from small independent labels and printing out low-quality copies for a fraction of the price!!!

  • Lisa99 Prince
    Lisa99 Prince   2 months ago

    I love these women!! I just wished this chanel stopped promoting (even if not intentional or direct) horrible fast fashion brands… 😔

  • TheJooseBox
    TheJooseBox   3 months ago


  • Mari Sandoval
    Mari Sandoval   3 months ago

    I liked Drew's dress. I think if you put on that dress with some kind of belt or if it is tighter it would be kind of cute.

  • radtwelve
    radtwelve   3 months ago

    At the point madeline doing into the thick of it dance that speaks surrender or what hahahaha

  • radtwelve
    radtwelve   3 months ago

    I cannot stop laughing hahahaha crazy

  • Tara Jansen
    Tara Jansen   3 months ago

    I almost bought the Crocheted one! I was so excited for the the exact one in the pic. Thank goodness for reviews!

  • Tyffanee Lavely
    Tyffanee Lavely   3 months ago

    In people's defense, they are buying based off the photos, not what they actually look like lol. The crochet bathing suit was cute in the pic. 😁

  • Gertie Marie
    Gertie Marie   3 months ago

    The conversation about the Mona Lisa T-shirt made my head hurt

  • Monica Barragan
    Monica Barragan   4 months ago

    I don’t know why all the anger has made this my favorite clevver video

  • Loa Lane
    Loa Lane   4 months ago

    Me two with it's fun to watch them my name is heather ha hi nathan

  • ShaeBae
    ShaeBae   4 months ago

    I literally Googled, "THIS IS THE TYPE A SHIRT!" to try to find this video

  • summerloveleigh
    summerloveleigh   4 months ago

    Seeing the picture that was on the post definitely helps make me decide what is what

  • Brandyce Wonderland
    Brandyce Wonderland   4 months ago

    The crochet idea was taken from Andy Bangus. Don't trust anything that you would find on Etsy. Ten to one is a stolen look and fak. They're known to steal images from real designers.

  • HeyItsAlli
    HeyItsAlli   4 months ago

    They really should’ve shown them the pictures because they were judging off how the clothes looked and felt in person. In the last round, I totally understood that many people buying Sinead’s dress because in the picture it looks beautiful but it looks nothing like what she’s wearing.

  • AmieAmie
    AmieAmie   4 months ago

    It might have been a more fair game if you'd had the pictures from the website as a reference. Cause I promis you NONE of these things looked like that in the picture online!

  • Magnola Or Nola
    Magnola Or Nola   4 months ago

    Honestly if U saw the product photos it would probably make sense. Cause wish photo verse product don’t match

  • ZoeWhite99
    ZoeWhite99   4 months ago

    I feel like my style matches Erin or Sinead most right now but mainly because I don't have the confidence to wear the outfits I want to wear which matches Drew most xD So I love seeing these videos and what each of them like most and finding out,"Oh, our style really matches, I should probably try that outfit" and I especially love the Retail ratings and their ability to call people out, particularly on the sizing. Like the ones where the sizes are small, medium and large. Nothing larger or smaller, and giving the variety of the world they really should.

  • Anu’s place ✨
    Anu’s place ✨   4 months ago

    These girls are drop dead gorgeous like I am angry at them, for being soo pretty 😤😤🥰

  • Noelle Elizabeth
    Noelle Elizabeth   4 months ago

    Y'all did Sinead dirty with the damn dog shirt 😂😂

  • Cheyenne Namichey
    Cheyenne Namichey   4 months ago

    I don't know their names and even if I did I wouldn't have understood what was mumbled as the correct order.... Please just make it clear before switching categories and also. Show the pictures from wish to the audience at least...

  • Hope
    Hope   4 months ago

    I remember for my high-school prom I had never heard of wish so I got the dress Madeline was wearing for the formal round. The picture looked completely different. Thankfully I got sick so no one had to see me in that monstrosity. I've learned a lot in the past few years about online shopping.

  • Bec
    Bec   4 months ago

    I knew that dog shirt was highly bought

  • Emily Lund
    Emily Lund   4 months ago

    I bought the purple dress in the last round for a bridesmaid dress like two years ago…. It’s even more of a hot mess in person….

  • Soshi1990
    Soshi1990   4 months ago

    I just want to say- out of all the Tshirt options, the ONLY ONE I would buy is Sinead's. I hate cringey phrases on shirts. I knew hers was 5k 😂😂😂😂

  • alexis torres
    alexis torres   4 months ago

    Did you know Champion was in Walmart before you guys started Lovin champion that was over Walmart exclusive

  • nordicolee
    nordicolee   5 months ago

    I would loooooooove to see more sustainable hauls ++ from small businesses! xoxo

  • Milly Mathurin
    Milly Mathurin   5 months ago

    Unfortunately I got that dress drew had at the end for a wedding. Didnt buy it on wish tho. Would have saved a fortune!!