Fortnite Champion Series C2S7 - Qualifier 3 - NAE + NAW

  • Published on: 23 August 2021
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    Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.


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  • Runtime : 7:32:34


  • Jeff Guzzy
    Jeff Guzzy   1 months ago

    Can we respect zeke for staying on all servers and being here for the whole time

  • GS MmD
    GS MmD   1 months ago

    Epic games, please lower the Fortnite graphics on the Xbox One S because the game is very lag and has FPS drop.

  • J S
    J S   1 months ago


  • Hongvien Ngo
    Hongvien Ngo   1 months ago

    Fortnite: see you on the battle bus!me: see you in the afterlife

  • KTheMess
    KTheMess   2 months ago

    Fortnite fortnite fortnite fortnite gods there's a YouTube that wish you could help his name is John Klein so please help him. Thanks epic mess out!

  • Connor Nichols
    Connor Nichols   2 months ago

    for the next update you should make it so when you shak the your aponit down u should see them on the map

  • Viro
    Viro   2 months ago


  • Gamer girl
    Gamer girl   2 months ago

    I really want Vicks back I really do I didn't have enough beer box to get her and now he's gone

  • XxdarkBunnyxX
    XxdarkBunnyxX   2 months ago

    Plz epic games if you can add Naruto can you add goku you plz

  • vayke
    vayke   2 months ago

    plz unban Takened

  • Micah
    Micah   2 months ago

    Has anyone else noticed that the hud is the chapter 1 hud in this live stream and in replay mode?

  • Sparkilz
    Sparkilz   2 months ago

    just fix your stupid game fortnite

  • Black Lives Matter
    Black Lives Matter   2 months ago

    Just want to say that you guys have once again ruined this game. Saucers, rail guns paired with recon scanners. Do you always have to have some cheap crap in every season? Figure it out.

  • Durrpy - Gaming
    Durrpy - Gaming   2 months ago

    Fortnite if you don,t mind can you bring back “the knights of the food court” bundle back

  • P-Craft
    P-Craft   2 months ago

    Can we have mythic poi’s back next season and frenzy maybe and choppas

  • Itachi und obito fan
    Itachi und obito fan   2 months ago

    Sorry for telling you now fortnite has gone bad, but the old fortnite was the best game in the world

  • Baby Hecker
    Baby Hecker   2 months ago

    Can you introduce me into the game please or I will explode

  • RM creations
    RM creations   2 months ago

    Fortnite please put load out warfare back in the game it’s one of the best game modes in my opinion it’s fine if you can’t but I just really enjoyed playing it and I’m sure others did to

  • Storm the pomsky
    Storm the pomsky   2 months ago

    Ty Fortnite for putting a Martin Luther jr thing in ✌️

  • Yeet
    Yeet   2 months ago

    Can you bring back quadcrashers

  • Francisco Saiz
    Francisco Saiz   2 months ago

    I started playing in Season 7 and I want a Zombie event.

  • Mohammed Sajjad
    Mohammed Sajjad   2 months ago

    I know it's really hard to do this and the FORTNITE fans will quite this game

  • Mohammed Sajjad
    Mohammed Sajjad   2 months ago

    And the next season is cameing really fast pleasee!

  • Mohammed Sajjad
    Mohammed Sajjad   2 months ago

    FORTNITE add epic quests for superman I'm stuck at 78 quest I need shadow superman

  • Big Boi
    Big Boi   2 months ago

    Day 4 of asking fortnite to do a golden girls crossover