Monster vs Dad. Dednahype show #shorts

  • Published on: 08 June 2021
  • Runtime : 28


  • Машкара
    Машкара   2 weeks ago

    0:23 алкоголь фу сигареты фу

  • Anil Desai
    Anil Desai   2 minuts ago

    Plain boiled noodles eating granpa got a monster training him now like wow I don't have words to describe it.

  • BarracudaBoi790
    BarracudaBoi790   18 minuts ago

    What is evil about the "monster"? He is making the man work out, taking care of him, making him strong.

  • ase
    ase   2 hours ago


  • Amrit Pal
    Amrit Pal   2 hours ago

    Lol video banana band kar dy

  • Johy Barcelo
    Johy Barcelo   4 hours ago

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  • Zinah Reja
    Zinah Reja   4 hours ago

    When you exercise it doesnt make your butt big.

  • Кирил Овдий

    Так старался что аж сраку накачал😆😆😆😂😂

  • tamr hosny
    tamr hosny   6 hours ago

    ،،،نلتف قم بالتمرير إلى اليمين أو اليسار لحذف البطاقة