• Published on: 24 December 2020
  • Santa Claus Conquers The Martians? More like "martians conquer santa and send him back because they found a different one"
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    alien christmas by tay zonday ►
  • Runtime : 16:31
  • Elvis the Alien ElvistheAlien satire christmas movie elvis the alien weirdest christmas movie weirdest christmas movie you've never seen santa claus conquers the martians


  • Lady Malora
    Lady Malora   1 weeks ago

    I saw this movie on MST3K! That made it much better. ;)

  • Pupper Human
    Pupper Human   1 weeks ago

    The movie was so bad that MST3k roasted it hard.

  • xRIOTx
    xRIOTx   2 weeks ago

    Thats not the first time mrs. clause has appeared she first appeared in 1939 in the Rudolph movie

  • FabulousJekster
    FabulousJekster   2 weeks ago

    Please watch killer mosquitos (2018) and make a video about it

  • Asriel dreemurr facts

    oh my fucking god my dad has this movie in a weird sci fi dvd collection he has lmao

  • nick gosuico
    nick gosuico   1 months ago

    Review gone in 60 seconds feat Nick cave

  • Evan Wellborn
    Evan Wellborn   1 months ago

    I hate to say it, but I remember watching this movie.

  • Author B.L. Alley
    Author B.L. Alley   1 months ago

    On the flip side, Rare Exports if a great Christmas movie many have not seen.

  • Grell Suttcliff
    Grell Suttcliff   1 months ago

    Okay but this movie is a classic joke between me and my step mom, we use to watch it and laugh our asses off it's become a whole thing in my house

  • Magnavox Films FX
    Magnavox Films FX   2 months ago

    oh my God....kid asks: "Who are you" Martin responds: We are from Mars...bitch! that kid asked who you are not where you are from lmao SMH

  • jessie White
    jessie White   2 months ago

    That joke santa told kinda sounds like a threat if u think about it.

  • Mike Dunham
    Mike Dunham   2 months ago

    Killer Clowns from Outer Space. Guaranteed a movie you'll love! 10 out of 10 all around.

  • Kenny Nelson
    Kenny Nelson   2 months ago

    So they were gonna kill him anyway and they still messed with the toy machine? That's some outer space shit right there!

  • tonycornflakes
    tonycornflakes   2 months ago

    Nothin’ SCREAMS Christmas like “a little group of asshole Martians.”

  • honilock
    honilock   3 months ago

    The Martians speak english? That assumes the English colonized Mars...

  • SunBunz
    SunBunz   3 months ago

    8:21 “KidNAPED?” lol

  • Noah Vance
    Noah Vance   3 months ago

    Why exactly did the Martians kidnap the kids? Was it because they were worried about getting discovered by the people of Earth? Well then maybe they shouldn't have kidnapped Santa, considering he seems to be global celebrity!!!

  • Chris Lawson
    Chris Lawson   3 months ago

    Cool nic cage standup and poster of the hand with a face lol ironchic

  • Chris Lawson
    Chris Lawson   3 months ago

    I seen this on comet on Saturday. Its in a Christmas marathon lol. They're paying this one silent night bloody night one and two, black Christmas, and slumber party massacre which isn't a Christmas movie lol.

  • Allen henson
    Allen henson   3 months ago

    ???? You do actually know the role of Space Force, right??

  • Victor Farrow
    Victor Farrow   3 months ago

    ok but what if,, hear me out... Santa WAS the ALIEN DUHH DUHH DUMMMMBBBBBB

  • RedpandaPlays
    RedpandaPlays   3 months ago

    Santa has a very creepy laugh in this movie

  • Alexander Wu
    Alexander Wu   3 months ago

    "Santa Claus vs aliens is a very strange combo"May I introduce you to Lego Mars mission crystalien conflict

  • TheEnevChannel
    TheEnevChannel   4 months ago

    I paused on the Italian newspaper and I like that it is talking about a coup d'etat instead of kidnapped Santa

  • Dateusz
    Dateusz   4 months ago

    Martians are named after Joshua Tomar's Worms team

  • Gigga Vega
    Gigga Vega   5 months ago

    I rate this movie review, 4/5. Classic Crap.Happy Halloween 🎃😎

  • Pancake.
    Pancake.   5 months ago

    This was on the best show of all time, Mystery Science Theater 3000

  • Aaden Z studios
    Aaden Z studios   5 months ago

    How much did Santa get paid to be in this movie it was not worth it