a world of technoblade

  • Published on: 05 February 2019
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  • Runtime : 14:1
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  • Call Me Urs
    Call Me Urs   2 hours ago

    This is exactly how I imagined my world made out of strawberries to be like

  • Ninju
    Ninju   3 hours ago

    I feel in this video the same feeling when i watched the clip "The Real Slim Shady" of Eminem.

  • Chelsey Miller
    Chelsey Miller   19 hours ago

    Should I change my mincraft skin to technoblade?????

  • Kuroko Mandero
    Kuroko Mandero   5 days ago

    A world of technoblade means a world with no orphanage and orphans.

  • Wyv3rn
    Wyv3rn   1 weeks ago

    You know when people ask what you're gonna do for fun and you say "Take over the world" as a joke... well Techno actually did it. Nice!

  • Noah Lazar
    Noah Lazar   1 weeks ago

    Techno is the only person that can influence millions and commence a world war. You heard me. I am here to serve you lord techno

  • Mistsume
    Mistsume   1 weeks ago

    This needs to be the default minecraft texture

  • 32bitmeterpreter
    32bitmeterpreter   1 weeks ago

    4:36 Technofoodless was spoooked off the map by Technoblade.

  • Rhea
    Rhea   1 weeks ago

    Man, same.

  • Eike K
    Eike K   1 weeks ago


  • Frostyflame
    Frostyflame   1 weeks ago

    Well class as we take a drift by Technoblade world You see that it’s your entire freaking pig with a crowd at

  • Sensei AF
    Sensei AF   2 weeks ago

    IT'S RAINING TECHNOBLADE!!!- Technoblade 2019

    RIDENT   2 weeks ago

    I like how ever word fits with techno in front of it

  • shadow_ blade
    shadow_ blade   2 weeks ago

    A world of technoblade a world with yummy porkchops

  • Axolotl
    Axolotl   2 weeks ago

    I see trees of green, orphan stabbing too. And i see Techno too. And i think to myself, this is Techno’s world.

  • Shado7
    Shado7   2 weeks ago

    The world shall know TECHNO

  • Luke Brett
    Luke Brett   2 weeks ago

    This is the texture pack my life needs

  • Sosig
    Sosig   2 weeks ago

    I still don't understand after more than 2 years... how is admins disbanding a random clan that just plays UHC with itself and has matching names is an excetable behavior from admins?

  • Jeselle Gupita
    Jeselle Gupita   2 weeks ago

    We know the secret of how he never die he uses clones

  • frostinator06
    frostinator06   2 weeks ago

    I chose the wrong techno video to try to watch with a migraine lol

  • Kata Maca
    Kata Maca   2 weeks ago

    "Technoblade never dies!"- Technoblade

  • PixelProud
    PixelProud   2 weeks ago

    Haters: Techno is a narcissist!Techno: BUT IM A PIG WITH A DREEEEEEAM