Vikings / VALHALLA calling me

  • Published on: 12 March 2021
  • Vikings valhalla calling me. This is a fan made video of the Viking series.

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    Vikings are the best serial for me :D

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    Song: Valhalla calling by miracleofsound

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  • Runtime : 3:48
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  • JeyJey
    JeyJey   9 months ago

    If you see this video and enjoy the content please subscribe I would be so grateful , much love ❤️❤️❤️ . . . . . . . . Best character for you?

  • weilam03
    weilam03   1 weeks ago

    Isn't this a rip off of The Hu's Wolf Totem?

  • rin feenring
    rin feenring   1 weeks ago

    I just got spoilered badly :( the downsides of watching Vikings much later then everyone else. Great song! <3 i always listen to it in the gym :D

  • M S
    M S   1 weeks ago

    just One word: percfect

  • Nikki
    Nikki   2 weeks ago

    if you're gonna wear the tag you better live it!

  • Susan Hunter
    Susan Hunter   2 weeks ago

    Last request: A Viking deathGovernment: Me: You heard me! Draw arms!

  • ბაბი
    ბაბი   2 weeks ago

    I WANT Going west with My lovely Ragnar 😁😁♥️

  • Jh Snam
    Jh Snam   2 weeks ago

    Thanks for this strong music ! The best serie of all time ! The story of vikings is the best and most beautiful story of humanity 😍💪🇨🇵

  • Aboody Yy
    Aboody Yy   3 weeks ago

    لنا الواقع والتاريخ نحن العرب ولكم المسلسلات والافلام 👑

  • Diego Benites
    Diego Benites   1 months ago

    da vontade de voltar no tempo e nascer nesses paises so ser um viking.

  • Stephen Bouw
    Stephen Bouw   1 months ago

    May the skin of my Mistress LevaCover the Arc of Ug and OgWith thread's of golden AranchaThat my horn of Valcary in ValhallaMay be filled with the fusion of ValtanSo the Magnaton of the twin Sons of my Mistress may be HeardAnd my tails of bravery's truthMay raise the right arm of my UriahWith the Hammer ⚒️ of my MuHammadTo strike my anvil of RasheedThat my deeds may be rememberedIn the halls of Ug and OgTails where I live Forever ♾️ more

  • Ragar McKinney
    Ragar McKinney   1 months ago

    Im swedish n ive had dreams where i died in battle but i couldnt be killed easy just like in life i cant die easy i never get sick never had the virus never got the shot i cant die easy ive even been hit by cars at full speed n walked away shot at stabbed but it only makes me more angry i hope my offsprings are like daddy ty father