doing every skywars challenge at the same time

  • Published on: 19 December 2018
  • an afk bot would probably get a 10% win rate in this game
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  • Runtime : 10:49
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  • Vaughn
    Vaughn   2 days ago

    Beep beep I’m a sheep

  • ZappyToast
    ZappyToast   5 days ago

    i also did this but the guy just pearled in the void

  • SunkenPotato
    SunkenPotato   1 weeks ago

    Techno has gone to sniper school for 20 years, the way he uses a bow.

  • Aqueous_Fireball
    Aqueous_Fireball   1 weeks ago

    this meta challenge is even harder now, things say only bow, and no bow, things say no blocks and only blocks, practically impossible and I dare you to do it again

  • Itz_Sp4rkzYT
    Itz_Sp4rkzYT   2 weeks ago

    At the end some person put that Kittyman was hacking and at the end of the round Kittyman put to Techno "Stop hacking" you can tell it's a hacker when someone accuses them then dies and says stop hacking 😂

  • SillyLeader’s Twin…


  • Aseem Aajayy
    Aseem Aajayy   3 weeks ago

    have literally spent 5 hours watching techno's old videos and streams. It is so relaxing and funny my god. I hope techno beats cancer and he can cuz. TECHNOBLADE NEVER DIESSSSSS

  • CptnBot
    CptnBot   1 months ago

    i've seen this video about 30 times and i still watch it when it's on my reccomended and i still laugh every time

  • The ZachMan
    The ZachMan   1 months ago

    why does techno not get slowed down by pearling

  • pipagaming
    pipagaming   1 months ago

    Hmmm, I think Techno vs Sun Tsu would be interensting

  • FOXY
    FOXY   1 months ago

    ur bald.

  • Fun_Nuggets 2
    Fun_Nuggets 2   1 months ago

    “Oh my god I’m BALD”that didn’t age well

  • SpiralX3
    SpiralX3   1 months ago

    TECHNOBALD ;-;;-;-;-;-;-;-;

  • Flooset
    Flooset   1 months ago

    Technoblade is the one person who could hack and no one would even notice

  • thefoxgod148
    thefoxgod148   1 months ago

    I swear it was In the past:oh hey a cool pig skinToday:wait is that TECHNOBLADE OH GOD IMMA DIE.

  • Phoenix Hellfire
    Phoenix Hellfire   1 months ago

    did......did he just change the thumbnail.......and still get me to click.....ahh welp i guess im watching it now

  • Sandydog
    Sandydog   1 months ago

    I’m so dead, I’m so dead, I’m so alive, I’m so good -technoblade 2021

  • Sandydog
    Sandydog   1 months ago

    You’re the best, TECHNO NEVER DIES

  • Molly Spain
    Molly Spain   1 months ago

    10:15 last guy really threw a snowball thinking it was a pearl

  • Jacob F
    Jacob F   1 months ago

    Techno’s old skin bro it’s so different!!!

  • Davy Rockett
    Davy Rockett   1 months ago

    Techno without his crown is just scarily wrong looking