Danny Don't You Know - NSP

  • Published on: 25 June 2018
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    Director/Editor/VFX: Sean Barrett

    Music credits:

    Written by Dan Avidan, Brian Wecht, and Jim Roach
    Produced and Engineered by Jim Roach
    Additional Engineering by Eric Palmquist.
    Recorded at Palmquist Studios and Santa Monica Recordings in Los Angeles, CA
    Mixed by Thom Flowers
    Mastered by Randy Merrill at Sterling Sound, NYC

    Dan Avidan - Vocals
    Brian Wecht - Keys & Synths
    Havve Hogan - Drums
    Lord Phobos - Guitar
    Doctor Sung - Synths & Keys
    Commander Meouch - Bass
    Jim Roach - Guitars

    Video credits:

    Producer: Shawn Wallace
    On Set Producer: Bret Rea
    Cinematographer: Gordon Yould
    Production Designer: Traci Hays
    Art Director: Nicole Case
    1st AC: Brooks Burgoon
    1st AC: Wes Waters
    2nd AC/DIT: Brooks Ludwick
    Gaffer: Randy Newman
    Gaffer: Adam Leene
    Key Grip: Chris Lowery
    Swing: Jacob Laureanti
    Swing: Kenneth Bauer
    Hair: Becca Weber
    Makeup: Laura Peyer
    Makeup: Erin Walters
    Truck PA: Mark Dewey
    Art PA: Jesse McElroy
    Set PA: Gabriel Peregrino
    Set PA: Alex Cohen
    Set PA: Eric Gilbert


    Finn Wolfhard: Young Danny
    Arin Hanson: Danny's One Friend
    Mark Fishbach: Centaur
    Nathan Smith: High School Bully
    Kevin Abernathy: Male Classmate
    Taylor Grandy: Female Classmate
    Pam Horton: Centaur Girl/Concert Fan
    Amy Nelson: Concert Fan
    Mica Burton: Concert Fan
    Dave Moss: Concert Fan

    Brent Lilley: Amazing (and handsome) Manager


    Hey little Danny don’t you cry
    I am you from much later in your life
    I know your hair is wild, I know you have no style
    You’re still a virgin and you will be for a while

    Danny don’t you know that you are hot as fuck on the inside
    Everybody knows the best bananas will be ripe with time
    Danny don’t you know that you kick so much ass on the inside
    Danny don’t you know

    Hey little Danny, don’t be blue
    You had a growth spurt and you’re suddenly 6’2”
    The girls are steering clear
    You walk like a newborn deer
    You sent birthday invites, and now all your friend is here

    Danny don’t you know that you are cool as fuck on the inside
    You’re just going through an awkward phase from 12 to 29
    Danny don’t you know that everyone feels weird on the inside
    Danny don’t you know

    Close your eyes and you will see
    A window into your destiny
    Now you’re on tour, and they want more!

    You step on stage and they come alive
    No one cares that you’re 35
    You’re a rock star on a centaur!

    You’re still a nerdy kid inside
    But now you’ve finally found your tribe
    Hear the crowd roar
    Give ‘em what they came for!



    Danny don’t you know that we’re all rad as fuck on the inside
    Now it’s time to rock the show, come on you are a star tonight
    Danny don’t you know that you’re a spandex butterfly for life
    Danny don’t you know
  • Runtime : 5:5
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  • James Morrison
    James Morrison   18 hours ago

    Compared to danny saying Brian had an std brian saying danny cries all the time is tamer

  • over18irish
    over18irish   2 days ago

    This song is so much more important than many crap pop songs like Katy Perry Firework. Says actual real shit!

  • Caleb Strieter
    Caleb Strieter   2 days ago

    I'm glad this song affected me the same as everyone else.

  • WorldWideRandomProductions

    Guys. I am getting my Master's in Computer Science. I'm really REALLY good at math. I love video games, Lord of the Rings, and anything Sci-Fi. I'm pretty much one of the biggest nerds ever. You know when you find something you didn't know you needed? Fucking this right fucking here.

  • Willow
    Willow   3 days ago

    I like to imagine that if Danny ever has a bad day, he just listens to this song and his worries melt away

  • Asmora
    Asmora   3 days ago

    I laughed so hard at the line "now all your friend is here"

  • Fungal Zombie
    Fungal Zombie   4 days ago

    This is one of the few songs that gives me goosebumps.

  • Awedda
    Awedda   4 days ago

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  • Adrian G
    Adrian G   5 days ago

    This is one of the best songs i've heard. Damn. So accurate.I'm not cryin'.

  • NowDeadly
    NowDeadly   5 days ago

    3 years later and I just noticed how much effort was put into the editing from 2018 to now :O

  • Meelzdiva
    Meelzdiva   6 days ago

    This makes me wanna cry every time I hear it!! Best inspirational song ever!!

  • Mentally Ill Queer
    Mentally Ill Queer   6 days ago

    When they played Houston before he started the song he said "if you ever walk into a bar, store, work, anywhere and you think "all these people have it together" no they don't. Everyone is just trying to figure it out and get through like you"

  • Ethan Hasson
    Ethan Hasson   1 weeks ago

    Finn wearing a miniature version of Danny's liatard is one of the funniest things i've ever seen, wonderful video & especially inspiring since the last 2 years have been a shit show

  • Joseph
    Joseph   1 weeks ago

    centaur markiplier offended at the crowd member. Me: I'll punch you for saying that.

  • joezibblefritz
    joezibblefritz   1 weeks ago

    Maaaaan, having just discovered this song (at 33), I know what I'd do if I had a time machine now. Teenage me needs this song.

  • Margo
    Margo   1 weeks ago

    still listening to this after 3 years

  • Loading Thegay
    Loading Thegay   1 weeks ago

    ive always loved this song. but twas today i noticed mark as the centaur XD

  • Marcfundio
    Marcfundio   1 weeks ago

    His name is Nathan Sharp, but here, he's marked at Nathan Smith. Did I miss something? 😂

  • Nano Fox
    Nano Fox   1 weeks ago

    "your just going through an awkward phase from 12 to 29".

  • RetryGuy
    RetryGuy   1 weeks ago

    How did I not notice that Markiplier was the centaur this entire time

  • Kriscerosaurus
    Kriscerosaurus   1 weeks ago

    I turned 38 two weeks ago, and this has me crying in the kitchen at 2am. <3

    KEVIN CERQUEIRA   1 weeks ago

    "Danny don't you know that everyone feels weird on the inside" might be the very best line of this song.

  • StrykerMagnum
    StrykerMagnum   1 weeks ago

    This song still makes me cry sometimes, you can just feel the emotion put into it, the desire to reach out to us and fill us with hope. The roaring guitar riffs are Danny's soul screaming out.

  • Twig Man
    Twig Man   1 weeks ago

    Why isn't there a NSP part musical movie similar to Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny?

  • tech6hutch
    tech6hutch   1 weeks ago

    I expected a weird cover of Mary Did You KnowI was mistaken, but it did not disappoint

  • EternoMetal
    EternoMetal   1 weeks ago

    3:56 this part always hit deep in my soul. y love so much this song

  • pumpSHO
    pumpSHO   1 weeks ago

    Is 5 hours of constant playing too much?

  • pumpSHO
    pumpSHO   1 weeks ago

    Been manually looping this for the past hour, damn I needed this song 30 years ago

  • pumpSHO
    pumpSHO   1 weeks ago

    Lol Brian just gassing him

  • lonk
    lonk   1 weeks ago

    3:37 look at the a in danny

  • q
    q   2 weeks ago

    3:55 i always cry at this part. so good TvT

  • MadMan
    MadMan   2 weeks ago

    Great now just watch this with subtitles

  • hackeroftoday
    hackeroftoday   2 weeks ago

    I cant believe I just stumbled on this recently but I needed this, spoke to the 12 year old inside on a deeper level than anything else. Thanks Danny and Brian for making a 37 year old cry.