WONDER WOMAN 1984 - A Nonsensical Dumpster Fire

  • Published on: 23 January 2021
  • Wonder Woman bad

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  • Runtime : 44:43
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  • J BarG
    J BarG   22 hours ago

    I'm not a Marvel fanboy but I feel like DC has no actual good movies

  • AlmightyFDR94
    AlmightyFDR94   1 days ago

    This dude reminds me of Justin roiland just cooler 😂😂😂

  • Skynyrd Jesus
    Skynyrd Jesus   1 days ago

    I know it was just a throwaway line, but to be honest bombing Japan was pretty justified.

  • Mohammad
    Mohammad   2 days ago

    I remember a one thing in this movie Diana talking arabic

  • Enzlo Towery
    Enzlo Towery   2 days ago

    I'm 95% sure that all of the "don't kill them" comments in this movie were because of the batman thing

  • Lhagva Suren
    Lhagva Suren   2 days ago

    Wut?Holly shit is this real?Or is just april joke from DC?

  • Heaven on High
    Heaven on High   2 days ago

    13:48i can assure you, somewhere, some person will tell you, and everyone he/she knows in existence, that a woman cant rape a man.if someone is determined to do something, he will find a way to accomplish it regardless of obstacles.- some old man a couple of years ago

  • Arsen Here
    Arsen Here   2 days ago

    She is such a terrible character. Not because of mysogony or any of that BS but because of how its just made to perpetrate woman power. She just kills or critically injures guys the whole movie. Plus she [email protected] a guy. Like wth? How is wonder woman not cancelled??

  • Arsen Here
    Arsen Here   2 days ago

    But its super wrong how steve took over a guys body and wonder woman had no issue having shrex with him. I mean he might have a wife or girlfriend. But just cause shes a woman and hes a man its not [email protected]? Imagine if there was a movie, a big part of which was where a guy had a relationship with his dead gf in a different womans body. That movie wouldn't live for a second. Nor would the actors or producers. they would all be cancelled instantly.

  • Gamer1288
    Gamer1288   3 days ago

    30:30 It is a good thing that this Movie was set in 1984 because if it was today, People would likely wish for Communism to die and all it's practitioners to have their Crimes exposed Internationally. Also, Why did he wish for more Nukes? Why not weapons with the Firepower of Nukes but with zero Radical Fallout?

  • Gamer1288
    Gamer1288   3 days ago

    When you stop and think. It makes you wonder just HOW powerful the Wishes on the Dream Stone can be? There HAS to be a Limit, Right? Someone can't use the Dreamstone to become one of the Endless, can they? Or Absorb the Speed Force? It's creator in this timeline was a unknown God after all.

  • Gamer1288
    Gamer1288   3 days ago

    1:30 I wrote it off as Diana being a DemiGoddess Amazon instead of a Mortal Amazon like the rest are.

  • Hemendra Ravi
    Hemendra Ravi   3 days ago

    i wonder what would happen if someone wished to see god lol , so lets say god does not exist in that world , does he get his own version of god is the strongest (stronger than pedro ? ) lol or nothing will happen ? . but im pretty sure if something spawns than it must be whoever he had in his mind , n that person would be just as strong as he thought they would be.

  • Tho Bi
    Tho Bi   4 days ago

    WOW even the GREEN LANTERN movie is more enjoyable than this piece of garbage 😑😑😑

  • Matthew Gabriele
    Matthew Gabriele   4 days ago

    I’ve agreed with everything in the video except you saying that the nukes on Japan weren’t warranted. They 100% were due to the fact that a lot more people were going to die if we didn’t drop those nukes due to the Japanese having a fucked up philosophy of surrender being dishonorable so both Americans and Japanese would have kept dying for nothing so we forced them into a surrender to cease fighting

  • Toss R
    Toss R   5 days ago


  • farlon muentes
    farlon muentes   5 days ago

    so this movie reinforces that pretty people are always liked by default? she wished to be like diana and she was instantly liked by her coworkers. it means that it's innate with diana that she is likeable without any effort at all. nice to know that this movie is sending the right message. pretty people always wins! yay!

  • ObliviousTouch
    ObliviousTouch   6 days ago

    This movie is simply bad. However, yes…Wonder Woman can fly in comics, cartoons, and other interpretations.

  • lillian swann
    lillian swann   1 weeks ago

    I've stopped the film after the mall scene. Glad I found this video criticing this, way better than the film!

  • Sharkey Jackson
    Sharkey Jackson   1 weeks ago

    Bro kids at my school were like yo this movie is one of the best to be made this year

  • soap
    soap   1 weeks ago

    The kids playing soccer on the street was an easter egg to Palestinian kids. this movie also trying to rewrite the history. So much politics here.

  • soap
    soap   1 weeks ago

    So random and chaotic

  • DreamsOfHardWork
    DreamsOfHardWork   1 weeks ago

    32:05, he doesn’t choose to stay on the ground, her powerful legs destroy the bones in his legs, making him a paraplegic.

  • motombocolombo
    motombocolombo   1 weeks ago

    So Wonder Woman and her ex take control over the body of another man so that she can fuck this dude without him even knowing it!? DAMN! That would even be too rapey for a porn movie to not be banned from the usual sites.

  • Ohio Resident
    Ohio Resident   1 weeks ago

    Went to see this in theaters, it so was boring two of the people I went to see it with fell asleep and completely forgot I went to see it

  • Jimmy
    Jimmy   1 weeks ago

    So I hope every director realizes that SNL actors don't translate to film.

  • Ninja
    Ninja   1 weeks ago

    I'm american but if someone dropped a gun in a public place I would definitely get out of there as quick as possible.

  • Run Scrubs
    Run Scrubs   1 weeks ago

    I actually thought WW84 was a fun movie

  • MaTT MuRDA
    MaTT MuRDA   1 weeks ago

    I freaking love this dude he’s hilarious

  • Black out
    Black out   1 weeks ago

    3:37 they are prohibited from using a a gun if the felon is in a crowd

  • Iris Soya
    Iris Soya   1 weeks ago

    I'm so happy I found your channel. Greatest background noise because you make me laugh about 10 times a minute ;)

  • Colin
    Colin   1 weeks ago

    They had a blank slate and Wonder Woman to work with, they could have taken the story anywhere, and this is what they wrote…

  • Gentez Stewart
    Gentez Stewart   1 weeks ago

    What a random ability she can just make things invisible