WONDER WOMAN 1984 - A Nonsensical Dumpster Fire

  • Published on: 23 January 2021
  • Wonder Woman bad

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  • Runtime : 44:43
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  • Jack Collins
    Jack Collins   2 days ago

    This movie is awfulllll. We bought a theater out during covid to see with family and friends. We were all so excited to get out of the house, then once the movie was over we all couldn’t wait to get back home😂😂😂

  • Thorsal
    Thorsal   5 days ago

    I think diana just wish everyone to renounce their wish. That's why the ending work somehow lol

  • Gameplay channel
    Gameplay channel   6 days ago

    This movie is a fucking mess 😏 the only thing she needs now is laser eyes and shes the entire justice league at once

  • Omar Mohamed Youssef

    God the stereotypes in this movie! 1. Egypt has been a republic since 1952 so there’s no such thing as an Egyptian prince in the 80s. 2. His security are supposed to be military? Maybe? That’s not what the Egyptian military wear. Or the police. No organization wears that uniform in Egypt. Not even back in the 80s.

  • Wray Day
    Wray Day   1 weeks ago

    This movie is an instructional video on Train Wrecks.However... they could of fixed a few issues with one simple thing.At the start have Diana win over Minerva at the games..... then use Minerva as the catalyst for driving Max to turn around his misfortune by using the stone.

  • Lordakka
    Lordakka   1 weeks ago

    why the fuck would the arabs renounce nuclear weapons in the middle of the 1980s , *YES I KNOW I'M OVERTHINKING THIS FUCK YOU* you get how many countless times Arab Nations have attempted to build Weapons Grade Uranium from Nuclear Powerplants have only to have said powerplants destroyed or damaged beyond repair in airstrikes by the IDF. which btw , the IDF do have Nuclear weapons , they'd just like to have it in a "we can neither confirm nor deny type situation" and have a firestrike policy on there neighbors just really fucking weird this one arab dude would renounce his country having nuclear weapons , wouldn't think in advance of asking for bigger stockpile , wouldn't list other anti Israel nations on the list or just wouldn't outright say "I wish Israel didn't exist" , better question it's 80s why didn't any people from Northern Ireland wish for Irish unification ? why didn't Tibetans asked to be separated from China , why didn't some white nationalist in Germany ask for a Fourth Reich with 1941 borders , why didn't some hardliner in the soviet union ask for Joseph Stalin to come back and save them from there tarnished Revisionist leadership or like wise with China or why Taiwan ask for all of Mainland China or someone in the CCP asking for Taiwan.. maybe the wishes clashed , what than I mean how many of the wishes got in ultra violent political or racial topics we never saw...terrible writing

  • Sam Smith
    Sam Smith   1 weeks ago

    Great video! I love the way you just chuckle to yourself when something is so incredibly stupid 😆

  • SRP Yee
    SRP Yee   1 weeks ago

    I remember watching this movie with my dad and us both laughing our asses off at how the gravity of everything looked when she swung with her whip or whenever she jumped

  • Ddddavyy
    Ddddavyy   1 weeks ago

    Diana has always had the ability to turn things invisible, it's a sort of Amazonian magic, the same kind that hides Themyscira. I'm guessing she's never used it before because like the Amazonians are supposed to remain hidden and not reveal their abilities? But that doesn't make any damn sense at all because why would she be out there Wonder Womaning and then he worried about hiding her powers? It just feels lazy

  • Nick Samuel
    Nick Samuel   1 weeks ago

    I got to say I thought the same thing about Barbara...They'd seen almost seems like a cliche or something I feel like I'm so used to somebody on the ground being kicked around and then the main person coming in and helping them pick stuff up and blah blah blah

  • Nick Samuel
    Nick Samuel   1 weeks ago

    I like the longer videos. Your really intense at finding the cracks in movies. It's hilarious 😂

  • mijmijrm
    mijmijrm   1 weeks ago

    i preferred the second to the first Wonder Woman movie. I found the first too stodgy and pompous.

  • ImSushi
    ImSushi   1 weeks ago

    Totally worth re-watching this. I mean your video about WW not WW84.

    VIIFANTASY   1 weeks ago

    For a moment I thought Pedro was Nathan Fillion until I realized it’s Pedro without a mustache.

  • Sleepy Kitty
    Sleepy Kitty   1 weeks ago

    Couldn't resist, could you? No one could -_-

  • LimonLeme
    LimonLeme   1 weeks ago

    Gal Gadot always plays the same character. No matter what movie she’s in.

  • NovelTea
    NovelTea   1 weeks ago

    Why did they have to have him steal someone's body? Why couldn't he just... come back to life in his own body! Like... it's a magic, all powerful, wish granting stone, right?

  • Alexis G
    Alexis G   1 weeks ago

    I guess they wanted her to have her invisible plane, like in the comics, but they're had to be a better way to make it happen. I love the idea of Kristen Wiig being a villain, mostly because she's such a fun actress and doesn't typically do roles like that. I just don't understand why they made her character so two dimensional. The whole movie is this conveyer belt of of bad writing. Just shit choices, one right after the other, for 2½hrs.

  • Boyle Martin
    Boyle Martin   2 weeks ago

    Weird. The United States has ALWAYS had more nuclear weapons than any other country. Somehow, I think this movie would have been better if the screenwriters would have seen The Wishmaster first.

  • Bedähr
    Bedähr   2 weeks ago

    bro your beard is mad ugly good video tho

  • Dwight Stone
    Dwight Stone   2 weeks ago

    Two hours and thirty minutes long 😂 enough said!

  • Anthony
    Anthony   2 weeks ago

    Ironically, the broadcast to pronounce your wish could've done a lot of good for the world.Undoubtedly there would've been many people who wished for something like world peace or the disappearance of greed and evil.Though, there definitely would've been that ONE person who wished for the world to blow up so 🤷‍♂️

  • Matthew Smith
    Matthew Smith   2 weeks ago

    Also also also also, why are the nukes stored at the kremlin? That’s so stupid. They’re in silos in the middle of nowhere so if there’s a malfunction or an enemy tries to sabotage them they’re far away from the civilian population. (Mauler inspired also diatribe)

  • DaRealPolitikZ1JR
    DaRealPolitikZ1JR   2 weeks ago

    Characters come back to life in comics all the time and people just accept it. So why can't they do that in this movie. And they get revived with little explanation

  • TinyWhale 523
    TinyWhale 523   2 weeks ago

    Never thought I would see a Wonder Woman movie where she rocket rides

  • Monkey man
    Monkey man   2 weeks ago

    I’m just gonna pretend this entire monstrosity isn’t canon.

  • Leaddevo
    Leaddevo   3 weeks ago

    Someone has great taste in music.

  • Baker McBrad
    Baker McBrad   3 weeks ago

    Invisible jet is just her thing lol also her lasso whip thing makes you tell the truth, her bangles are bullet proof & do her taxes every year assuring she gets the most deductions. It all ties together

  • dieyng
    dieyng   3 weeks ago

    I must say Cheetah is indeed a well-known Wonder Woman villain, I mean you say yourself, you're not really a Wonder Woman fan, that might explain why you don't know her. Could you name even one of her regular enemies? And yes, she can fly.

  • CHUNKY boi
    CHUNKY boi   3 weeks ago

    2h 35m is that long to you people?Than you have never seen a Turkish show episode that’s just average here

  • LilBrownieD
    LilBrownieD   3 weeks ago

    Protecting by attacking does happen tho 😔 also this movie is insane

  • TheRiiiederner
    TheRiiiederner   3 weeks ago

    Yeah but even Zapdos is still weak against electric attack's because it's a flying type anyway

  • Richard Smith
    Richard Smith   3 weeks ago

    I agree, this was a bad movie and so was both Justice League movies.