Who Is Echo Rose? - Inside A Mind

  • Published on: 14 September 2019
  • Where Is Zoey Bent?

    Echo Rose, a woman who just recently moved into the small town of Nettlebrook and finding herself a job at Bogwick academy. As time goes on Echo Rose soon realises this town is not all that it's cracked up to be. After feeling energy in the Nettlebrook bog it later is revealed a young girl named Zoey Bent is missing...

    Where is Zoey Bent? Let's investigate into the story of Echo Rose.

    Thank you guys for watching! If you'd like to see more strange mysteries on the web feel free to check out my other mini series coverage like The Strange Case Of Daisy Brown, or The Mystery man at Seventybroad. All fascinating shows that are worth your time!

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  • Runtime : 18:9
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  • Dreadmoc
    Dreadmoc   2 weeks ago

    I'm not just drawn to any old bog.

  • strikerwoman
    strikerwoman   1 months ago

    I love everything about this. I love that she’s always alone too for some reason, whatever this was it’s interesting lol

  • hito1988
    hito1988   2 months ago

    that attitude.: "HEY WORLD can you stfu im recording a video here, HELLOhoo!." i think im going to drop myself from the roof... i cant take more.

  • C-PTSDeeznuts
    C-PTSDeeznuts   2 months ago

    oh, cool, we need more content by Lumpy Space Princess.

  • Loinkly Rules
    Loinkly Rules   2 months ago

    Aexhivit AeAexhivit BaeAexhivit Cae..... Mmmmmmmmmmm this going to be stuck on Loinker's head

  • Cookie21 ツ
    Cookie21 ツ   2 months ago

    Wait that’s the same person who did daisy brow n

  • DuelTubeChannel
    DuelTubeChannel   3 months ago

    Well ending the video talking about the Arg by showing a video where they say it's all fake dont really feed my interest in the project to be honest

  • liv am
    liv am   3 months ago

    the acting in most ARGs always keeps me from actually wanting to invest in watching them. it's too cringe.

  • Jozycat Jozycat
    Jozycat Jozycat   3 months ago

    Echo said she hates mushrooms, which alhave interconnected root systems that become absolutely huge

  • IQ_Bal
    IQ_Bal   3 months ago

    A psychics with sassy attitude, a fussion i don't know i wanted and now I'm in to it

  • Pazz
    Pazz   3 months ago

    How many followers did this account have? The live stream viewers were in the single digits. How do you even find these things?

  • do do
    do do   4 months ago

    When is this gonna continue 😞😞

  • SapphireTheIII
    SapphireTheIII   4 months ago

    At 11:58 there is some binary code that translates to "imurhomecomingqueen"

  • Kitten Cosplay
    Kitten Cosplay   4 months ago

    "I'm an empath" "Because I'm an empath" "Ya know because I'm an empath" Take a shot, this could be fun

  • baldr
    baldr   4 months ago

    man fuck dem mushrooms

  • Gergo Antal
    Gergo Antal   6 months ago

    I love this plaza bitch accent used to read the posts

  • Logan S.
    Logan S.   6 months ago

    That first YT video has big Angelica vibes. Not in terms of being a purposefully creepy ARG… well, I don’t think she’s an ARG. She makes good and often comedic ASMR, go be nice to her.Edit: Imagine this was real and these 3 17-year olds invited a 30+ year old wine mom over to hang out and their parents were just cool with it.

  • Sarah Sutherland
    Sarah Sutherland   6 months ago

    I like to pretend that after Daisy Brown escaped, she changed her name (she's an Echo of her mom, Rose) and this is her after a few years exposure to the real world.(I don't think that's true, I just think it'd be hilarious.)

  • Namek Hoes
    Namek Hoes   6 months ago

    The voices in this are nice, very realistic

  • BlueSheepJoe
    BlueSheepJoe   6 months ago

    By 9:05 I have put together that the girl (Not the physic one the one that went missing) was stabbed in the neck by (INSERT KILLER HERE) and the body was hidden in the bog. The hunter had cameras set up to observe the area if there was wildlife to hunt and someone had been tampering with them. Let's find out if I am right!

  • doggybee
    doggybee   6 months ago

    “oh my god, stop driving”

  • DDW8991
    DDW8991   6 months ago

    the fact that you made the choise of not choosing a female voice actrice for the women is very funny

  • Wally & Tony
    Wally & Tony   6 months ago

    Within three minutes I could see how fake this lady was with her horrendous acting.

  • Ali H
    Ali H   7 months ago

    “zip bitch”

  • Nasinas TV
    Nasinas TV   7 months ago

    The old man sounds exactly like a voice actor in an audiobook