TASK MONSTER imposter in Among Us

  • Published on: 14 September 2021
  • We add a TASK MONSTER Impostor in Among us

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  • Runtime : 15:12


  • Aadi Shah
    Aadi Shah   2 minuts ago

    Ssundee you are toxic a lot could you stop a little?

  • eternal flame
    eternal flame   7 minuts ago

    So ssundee what are you preparing for us on the insane craft if u whlodent prepare u wloud post more

  • -(eren Yeager2)-
    -(eren Yeager2)-   24 minuts ago

    telling a depressed person be happy it's like tenting a cancers patent cure themselves Hi :) (Hi) (....):( Bye

  • BaconGeneral
    BaconGeneral   26 minuts ago

    Petition for ssundee to bring his old intro back because when I wore hradphones the music gave me nostalgia

  • Ibrahim Mahsob
    Ibrahim Mahsob   31 minuts ago

    Make a zombie mob and there is one people among us

  • Memphis Hicks
    Memphis Hicks   35 minuts ago

    Hey Ian I love your videos there awesome don’t stop making videos telll sigils he a bot and hit that little like!!! Button !!!

  • Think on These Things

    do u have a differnt username for when your not playing with the people u always play with? like when your not playing with biffle or henwy?

  • Floof Iscool
    Floof Iscool   1 hours ago

    the like button didnt turn blue its black

  • Penguin
    Penguin   1 hours ago

    Anyone else back 7 years later to check on how the dude is doing?

  • bro ttt rr yt
    bro ttt rr yt   1 hours ago

    Don't be afraid of nothing Should I be afraid to every thing lol

  • mystery gamer
    mystery gamer   2 hours ago

    Captain America can throw his shield and kill cremates. Thor can throw his hammer and kill, he can also use his hammer to travel across the map

  • Fawwaz is Gaming
    Fawwaz is Gaming   2 hours ago

    Also what about people in dark mode if they like it will turn white

  • Eunicorn
    Eunicorn   2 hours ago

    I nevered played Among us😶

  • Thirdy Saynes
    Thirdy Saynes   2 hours ago

    abilities: alien invasion ufo drop smash alien abduct alien claw smash

  • KatelynTV
    KatelynTV   2 hours ago

    Why are you always the imposter at the second round ssundee

  • yiy
    yiy   2 hours ago

    bruh all ur vids are awesome!!

  • Ivy Wang Hui Lin
    Ivy Wang Hui Lin   2 hours ago

    Fort nite chapter2 season 8 is here CUBED many Kevin the cubes a blue rebooted cube and crashed ufo and if you can see at the side of the island there is a crashed mothership wait! Hurry up new marvel skin is carnage a new venom skin but he likes to make the town RED

  • Lungi Mdunge
    Lungi Mdunge   2 hours ago

    SSUNDEE pleas play fotnight season 8 Pleas go back to fotnight pleas