TASK MONSTER imposter in Among Us

  • Published on: 14 September 2021
  • We add a TASK MONSTER Impostor in Among us

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    Mod Maker: @Lookumz

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  • Runtime : 15:12


  • don glenn
    don glenn   2 days ago

    remember the vent Moster well: task monster vs vent Moster mod

  • Haid3rs
    Haid3rs   1 weeks ago

    Ssundee: Like if you’ve done a task in Among Us”Those who haven’t played Among Us: Am I a joke to you?

  • Joe Paulocsak
    Joe Paulocsak   1 weeks ago

    Can you do a SSundee.EXE mod? I'm still thinking of more ideas. Hope you make it! Btw your the best YouTuber I've ever seen!

  • Jayse Watson
    Jayse Watson   2 weeks ago

    Wildest place looks good wow this is the best mod ever

  • 10gFTR
    10gFTR   2 weeks ago

    I’ve tried to do a task but the pastor just kept on killing me

  • RakiBoi
    RakiBoi   2 weeks ago

    Imposter that's not a good idea

  • JOCgaming
    JOCgaming   3 weeks ago

    I clicked on the angry mod and it gave me this

  • Raiden Hunt
    Raiden Hunt   3 weeks ago

    Mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm mmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Raiden Hunt
    Raiden Hunt   3 weeks ago

    Funk in but I high buy hung bunny I hbjbb

  • Lex
    Lex   4 weeks ago

    Camera I never seen this Martin like this is it I don’t have school on time ago when I was playing among us but the game keeps getting creeper in creepier so I’ll play when I was imposter nine people don’t believe me well are used to play the game and I was the imposter maybe some kind of glitch me where is hacked I was getting some weird don’t think I don’t know there’s some kind of glitch that was trying to make me weird and weird trying to vote me for forgetting imposter maybe it’s getting a glitch I guess

  • Randy Donald
    Randy Donald   4 weeks ago


  • Iyeko A
    Iyeko A   1 months ago


  • Holden Lau
    Holden Lau   1 months ago

    Yo this among us new map is freaking me out dudeJust kidding

  • mikey Espindols
    mikey Espindols   1 months ago

    Mod idea: The Roblox mod The Roblox can ban people they can mind control they can be invisible He can Voodoo doll people he can go through walls do good work on it

  • Andrew Clark
    Andrew Clark   1 months ago

    12:54 you did that earlier lol. You did know you could do that

  • Ediz Sezginer
    Ediz Sezginer   1 months ago

    Ben sana haber vereceğim D ne 😦 sen de benim gibi.

  • Paulo Grech
    Paulo Grech   1 months ago

    Did u know lookumz left in the first round

  • Iana
    Iana   1 months ago


  • Iana
    Iana   1 months ago

    Sigls is so cute

  • Choki Wangmo
    Choki Wangmo   1 months ago

    ho my god😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵