Bam Adebayo Completely Ignores Hassan Whiteside - Heat vs Kings | February 18, 2020-21 NBA Season

  • Published on: 19 February 2021
  • Miami Heat vs Sacramento Kings - Full Game Highlights | February 18, 2021 | 2020-21 NBA Season

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  • Runtime : 1:9
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  • Tay Oh
    Tay Oh   1 weeks ago

    bam is recruiting. leave him alone.

  • JC Viera
    JC Viera   1 weeks ago

    since the miami got in the last play offs bam feels likes his in the level of allstas players .. such a dick head

  • Terence nedio
    Terence nedio   1 weeks ago

    He looking like he really tryna get this nigga to take his talents to South Beach

  • L McMill
    L McMill   1 weeks ago

    Yeah he straight ignored him. I mean it was like, “what’s up?” but it was fake AF. Like he really don’t F with dude. Trust me, just read the body language

  • Ruby Rose
    Ruby Rose   1 weeks ago

    Bam was recruiting Fox to the heat!

  • dj cutarekord
    dj cutarekord   1 weeks ago

    Wth do they say to each other after getting their hopes and dreams smashed by each other? "Boy. We really kicked yall a**"

  • Taine Dobson
    Taine Dobson   2 weeks ago

    Don’t get the title of the vid. Bams not ignoring him. Bam and Fox have Kentucky days together. My boy bam out here recruiting

  • I H
    I H   2 weeks ago

    Channel is posting a lot of bad and dumb videos lately, might unsubscribe if it keeps going on.

  • Charvayn & Chance
    Charvayn & Chance   2 weeks ago

    Yall tooooooooooo WEIRD !!!!! Stick wit dem actual basketball highlights bro

  • Joshsmoove
    Joshsmoove   2 weeks ago

    Maybe he should wear his mask properly. There is no respect for people that have their nose exposed wearing the mask on their mouth only.

    LUVOF DAGAME   2 weeks ago

    Biracial parents...must of been his hur son white side

  • Shayden porter
    Shayden porter   2 weeks ago

    Stop with this fake stuff they talked before the game you don't even see these things

  • austin
    austin   2 weeks ago

    Y’all instigating

  • aIpres
    aIpres   2 weeks ago

    He didn’t ignore he prob said good game man

  • markk217
    markk217   2 weeks ago

    Stupid clickbait ass clip. Stop trying to push drama when there is none

  • Mike James
    Mike James   2 weeks ago

    Odabayo showed that he REALLY IS "a WEAK ASS PUNK" who does not KNOW OR UNDERSTAND the meaning nor the necessity of having AND demonstrating SPORTSMANSHIP which many other NBA players are aware of when it comes to him. Maybe he learned this poor sportsmanship in his native country. Either way it was VERY RUDE and has no place among players currently playing in the nba!

  • Carlieto'way
    Carlieto'way   2 weeks ago

    Well you know what they say ignorance is Bliss.

  • Tom M
    Tom M   2 weeks ago

    Hassan removes bam from his top 10 Myspace friends

  • Javier Ameh
    Javier Ameh   2 weeks ago

    He didn't ignore him, he probably told him to wait for him outside.Sike.

  • Catch Up Newz
    Catch Up Newz   2 weeks ago

    We don’t fw nobody that don’t wanna work

  • Yo_Nathan_B
    Yo_Nathan_B   2 weeks ago

    Don't recommend this channel, YouTube. It's only lowlites from a lowlife. 👎🏾👎🏾

  • sizzlinfr
    sizzlinfr   2 weeks ago

    thumbs down for dumb video title

  • I i
    I i   2 weeks ago

    Adebayo garbage Not even an all star

  • 47Hundo
    47Hundo   2 weeks ago

    Body language man😂 Hassan wasnt looking or a conversation he seen his boy having one already wit another one of his boys n he came over this click bait

  • Brett
    Brett   2 weeks ago

    Which one is a Bam Adebayo ?