Inside the NBA Reacts To LeBron James-Isaiah Stewart Scuffle in Lakers vs. Pistons Game | NBA on TNT

  • Published on: 24 November 2021
  • Shaq, Kenny, EJ, Jamal Crawford & Reggie Miller discuss the LeBron-Isaiah Stewart altercation during Sunday's Lakers-Pistons game.

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  • Runtime : 7:8
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  • tucko11
    tucko11   2 days ago

    Isiah looked like a chump . He didn’t even fight Anyone ! He just ran over security guards and coaching staff

  • tucko11
    tucko11   2 days ago

    Kenny has never . Never . Been in a fight in his life

  • Mallory
    Mallory   2 days ago

    Reggie is spot on I believe! 💪🏼

  • Michael Luker
    Michael Luker   1 weeks ago

    Shaq's been watching hockey! He's not wrong! Only two options!

  • Josh Mac
    Josh Mac   1 weeks ago

    Stewart acted like a lion who just escaped the zoo and Shaq says he's supposed to act like that😂

  • William Mieses
    William Mieses   1 weeks ago

    Lebum wanted to hit this guy its common sense it's clearly seen in the video clip. But again the other player ain't no scrub. You disrespected this man thinking that well I am James and I can get away with whatever. He didn't see what was coming next. Stand up for yourself big man. Lebron is a punk!

  • chabco
    chabco   1 weeks ago

    kenny always with the weakest take and the loudest

  • w Blagg
    w Blagg   1 weeks ago

    I feel Reggie and Shaq connection to “no Matter how long u wait” lol And them boys went in the back!

  • Rheper
    Rheper   1 weeks ago

    Isaiah wanted absolutely no smoke he was in brons face and didn’t want to issue

  • dennis grammer
    dennis grammer   1 weeks ago

    He didn’t wait just to wait. They were gonna hold him back. He just acted like it was cool until they let him go. Then he went after Lebron. I wish he would have smashed Lebrons Trachea.

  • NidgeOCE
    NidgeOCE   1 weeks ago

    I like their take here, what they said makes sense. LeBron either way is a coward.

  • Pawel g
    Pawel g   1 weeks ago

    Shaq why you always interrupting

    BNOVA   1 weeks ago

    "No one makes me Bleed my own Blood“

  • Preston Dolman
    Preston Dolman   1 weeks ago

    Wow this show loses so much air when chucks not around, no clue who the Yes Man at the end was but he's the absolute worst kinda guy they can bring in, someone who just agrees with Shaq and Kenny.Chuck leaving puts Inside on life support and Ernie leaving flat lines it.

  • Andrew Voyer
    Andrew Voyer   1 weeks ago

    Why is the NBA so apologetic for LeBron? It was totally on purpose and intentional. LeBron has been dirty his whole career.

  • Ludovic Breixo
    Ludovic Breixo   1 weeks ago

    Look how dead the atmosphere is without Charles Barkley. Kenny should be kissing Chucks feet for making him relevant.

  • Jaxson Brim
    Jaxson Brim   1 weeks ago

    Tasted the blood? Maaaaan stop. If he wanted to do something, he was face to face with LeBron before the extra. The way he acted, when he see LeBron, it need to be on sight and that ain't happening

    BEN DIESEL   1 weeks ago

    Shaq is a real one. I wish Charles was there for this debate because he would 1000 percent have agreed with shaq

  • Roy Brooks
    Roy Brooks   1 weeks ago

    Also concussion it was a head shot I seen fighters go black after getting hit dropped knock out etc ..

  • OG Kilogramspam
    OG Kilogramspam   1 weeks ago

    Please STRONG consideration having MVP Kevin Hart back on show permanently

  • Metallica Fan
    Metallica Fan   1 weeks ago

    Fact is dude was face to face with LeBron and done nothing. Got crazy when people were between them. Didn't want none or he'd have got some. He had the chance