Britney Spears Cold Open - SNL

  • Published on: 21 February 2021
  • A talk show hosted by Britney Spears (Chloe Fineman) features guests Ted Cruz (Aidy Bryant), Governor Andrew Cuomo (Pete Davidson) and Gina Carano (Cecily Strong).

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  • Runtime : 7:57
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  • Jesse Sleight
    Jesse Sleight   3 hours ago

    Snl really shoved its liberal slant in our faces by making the 2 guests say not to compare themselves with Cruz and that she's first class and he's a can of soup or something like that

  • Cassie Blythe
    Cassie Blythe   7 hours ago

    Horrible impression of Gina . Was this the best u could do? She's a badass so don't even try 🤣🤣👎👎👎

  • Marta Roquette
    Marta Roquette   10 hours ago

    I've never seen Pete Davidson with such a good acting - he didn't laughed

  • Nick Latino
    Nick Latino   14 hours ago

    I love when he's like when you die, I will not count your body

  • Genece Davis
    Genece Davis   15 hours ago

    I can’t with Ted Cruz’s hair and pina coloda... “hola!” 🤣

  • Josh S
    Josh S   15 hours ago

    “On Instagram, you said Conservatives have it as bad as people living in Nazi Germany.”Fact Check: FALSE. Gina Carano’s post never mentioned Republicans or Conservatives. Those who say she said that are putting words in her mouth.

  • fournierman
    fournierman   16 hours ago

    I love the remark about Disney World. So, so true.

  • rukia1216
    rukia1216   17 hours ago

    As a Texan I mean this with my whole soul.......fuck Ted Cruz!

  • Ken Fox
    Ken Fox   19 hours ago

    Brittany is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • AAE
    AAE   20 hours ago

    Truly funny skit, I laughed out loud!

  • Mcheetah
    Mcheetah   21 hours ago

    Except Gina never actually said that? And why is she so butch in this?

  • Bud Ganjaman
    Bud Ganjaman   21 hours ago

    Wow SNL has really jumped the shark... How is this $hit show still on???

  • KaeD Scrivens
    KaeD Scrivens   1 days ago

    "Well if you die on it.... they're going to move the body...."

    SANTOSOSANTOS   1 days ago

    YOU ARE A PILE OF SOUP... truer words were never spoken..LOL

  • sean mchugh
    sean mchugh   1 days ago

    Am I getting old or is snl not funny.

  • Video Game Sanctuary

    Gina is a LEGEND! She won't apologize no matter how much leftist morons want her too. 21 light saber salute!

  • Video Game Sanctuary

    Funny how people are talking shit about Gina without knowing that she can kick all their asses 😂😂😂

  • David
    David   1 days ago

    This show continues to be as unfunny and low level as usual.I feel bad for some of the actually talented actors that have to endure such shit writing.

  • Fran kky
    Fran kky   1 days ago

    “And Im not trying to send people subliminal messages though my videos”

  • Drem m
    Drem m   1 days ago

    SNL is part of the problem. Don’t think they won’t turn on you either.

  • sephalon1
    sephalon1   1 days ago

    I like how the Cuomo stuff is about mis-counting the nursing home deaths instead of, you know, the fact that he's responsible for all those nursing home deaths. But SNL is basically the humor wing of the Democrat party so whatever.

  • KS Mongeau
    KS Mongeau   1 days ago

    why goes gina sound like she`s from new york ? she was born in tx moved nev and now lives in cal...

  • Brian Koller
    Brian Koller   1 days ago

    I feel cold as a fish. I'm OK no more clubs. If I was a Clark Bar I'd make you me Energy Star. Brian friend Koller

  • Smitty Cash
    Smitty Cash   1 days ago

    Happy Fridanksgiving enjoy the turkey pie

  • Ghost Unlimited Gaming

    This show used to launch the careers of the funniest people who went on to be legendary comedians. Didn't matter who it was on the show, they were funny. Now, I imagine watching this show is kind of what hell would be like. Every moment is torture.

  • DayvinDazone
    DayvinDazone   1 days ago

    The comment section is full of comments saying how Chloe nailed the impression but I was just shaking my head the whole time thinking how wrong it was. The thing is, Britney is not an airhead and I don't blame Chloe for going that route because the public probably never watched a Britney interview in their life -- if they had, they would know that Britney only speaks in the baby voice in her Instagram videos which are highly rehearsed and she's obviously uncomfortable. That's not the real Britney. Britney usually speaks in a lower tone and she's not dumb. This stereotypical bimbo impersonation all actresses go for is a really lazy way imo since it satisfies everyone's expectations and gets the job done fast, but not well.

  • Daisy A
    Daisy A   1 days ago

    In reality, nursing homes admins are always pushing patients not to be nursing home deaths.

  • Tomun 73
    Tomun 73   1 days ago

    SNL is not funny anymore. #Istandwithgina #Firekathleenkennedy

  • bocoy noiu
    bocoy noiu   1 days ago

    The braids are hysterically funny.