Minecraft, But It Progressively Gets Harder

  • Published on: 10 February 2021
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    In this Minecraft video I play on a world, but every day the difficulty gets harder. I start on Peaceful, then move to Easy, Normal, Hard, Impossible, Nightmare, and finally Cursed. Can I beat Minecraft as the difficulty gets harder? Today that's what we'll find out!

    Fundy's Difficulty Videos:
    Impossible Difficulty - https://youtu.be/5C2wdLLTbTI
    Nightmare Difficulty - https://youtu.be/94A5W1ChK8U
    Cursed Difficulty - https://youtu.be/bQekAnBksz4

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  • Runtime : 12:25
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  • Neavickk Onyido
    Neavickk Onyido   4 days ago

    Guy does the craziest stuff on mc but still manages to make it funny and cool but still win on top of that??!??! Im confusion

  • WILD
    WILD   1 weeks ago

    Me trying to find diomonds for 3 hours Sb finding diomonds in 3 minute Me pain

  • Nugget
    Nugget   2 weeks ago

    When you've never beaten the game normally before ;-;

  • Ralph Pretz
    Ralph Pretz   2 weeks ago

    What is the name of song he used while he was searching for the stronghold on nightmare mode Edit: The song is Collapsing from within EXPERIA

  • Hridhaan Jagtap
    Hridhaan Jagtap   2 weeks ago

    Please make "Minecraft, but it progressively gets easier"

  • Clover
    Clover   2 weeks ago

    Dandelions…food?Edit: OH SOUP SATURATION SOUP

  • Shadow God
    Shadow God   3 weeks ago

    a fortune 3 axe would get you instantly tons of mushrooms.and yes I did know that, I also know the a sword is effective against bamboo.

  • Playergamez
    Playergamez   3 weeks ago

    how canyou trap yourself lying down doing strip mining

  • Arjun Surana
    Arjun Surana   3 weeks ago

    7:19 how did he get a stack of iron block?

  • tom & jerry
    tom & jerry   3 weeks ago

    sb737 have 3m last night he have 2.999m now 3m

  • Owen McKinniss
    Owen McKinniss   3 weeks ago

    When it is peaceful it takes forever to find diamonds but when it’s easy it is easy to get diamonds

  • Lemonade . .
    Lemonade . .   3 weeks ago

    7:17 64 iron blocks wth SB i trusted u mate

  • Frienderman
    Frienderman   3 weeks ago

    I noticed 1 mistake.At 7:18, you had a stack of iron blocks in your inventory, then the next second you had eight. How did this happen?