Trying CRAZY Amazon Corsets?!

  • Published on: 20 October 2021
  • Are these VIRAL Amazon Corsets worth the hype?! We'll put them to the test! Then, watch as two BFFs pick out each other's SEXY Halloween costumes! ►►
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    What We Wore!
    C’ESTYLE Womens Bustier -
    Punk Rock Faux Leather Corset -
    Princess Renaissance Corset -
    Vintage Lace Corset -
    3D Floral Bustier Crop Top -

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  • Runtime : 16:19
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  • Katt Taylor
    Katt Taylor   4 hours ago

    The amount of incorrect tying is driving me nuts

  • MyTube
    MyTube   4 days ago

    I thought that was Rebecca Black

  • Cassandra S-P
    Cassandra S-P   1 weeks ago

    This is where Renee should be. From now on she is a style girl not a news girl

  • lumia57
    lumia57   1 weeks ago

    I've actually got about 30 different style steel bone corsets 😂💜😈💜 not of Amazon

  • Dina Abu Soufeh
    Dina Abu Soufeh   1 weeks ago

    Of all the episodes I have watched, I don't think I have seen Drew as happy as she is in this episode. 😂 All the girls look AMAZING!!!

  • Haveagoodday!
    Haveagoodday!   1 weeks ago

    Drew showing up in a corset for a corset trying on video? chefs kiss

  • Rosalie Loehr
    Rosalie Loehr   2 weeks ago

    I almost thought that was Alexandra Daddario lol

  • meredyth wood
    meredyth wood   2 weeks ago

    YOU CAN BREATH IN REAL CORSETS!!! For one thing, its not a real corset if they come in standard S,M,L sizing. From someone who loves corsets and owns many, its frustrating this misconception about corsets in general. I just wish y'all would of done some research about corsets before this video, if you didn't even know how to put one on. Love you guys, but corsets can be dangerous if done improperly.

  • Akinia
    Akinia   3 weeks ago

    Yup need to secure that princess renaissance corset thank you!

  • Raven Austin
    Raven Austin   3 weeks ago

    The more you wear corsets, the easier it gets.

  • AnneCan'tGame
    AnneCan'tGame   3 weeks ago

    Drew with her natural hair out looks so much like Whitney Houston and I love it

  • Katelynn Barnes
    Katelynn Barnes   4 weeks ago

    Someone needs to learn how to lace a corset properly

  • Jas mine
    Jas mine   1 months ago

    Damn Drew feeling herself this entire video is a mood

  • Hannah Colemer
    Hannah Colemer   1 months ago

    Okay but someone wanna help a gal out and send me a link for the white “corset” top Drew is wearing @ 10:42! Much appreciated ♥️

  • beso
    beso   1 months ago

    Can rene return to clever news plz?

  • ernestina
    ernestina   1 months ago

    Everything looks good on Drew.

  • Aliyahkv1030
    Aliyahkv1030   1 months ago

    I love that’s they’re doing this because I’ve been into buying corsets but it bothers me that they aren’t tying it right and that’s the reason they cant breathe

  • Emilia Leonard
    Emilia Leonard   1 months ago

    I wish each of them would have gotten a different color so we could see the other color options

  • Atrovirens
    Atrovirens   1 months ago

    the floral corset is cute as hell🤩

  • From the Rabbits foot.
    From the Rabbits foot.   1 months ago

    I appreciate this video but some points:1: These are fashion corsets. Or "corselettes". They usually have plastic boning and are not suitable for tightlacing. The boning quickly looses shape and they more of a lingerie corset.Proper corsets can reduce 5" to 15" depending on the corset.2: Real corsets comes in different shapes. You have the classic Hourglass shape which will put pressure on your ribcage (if you have a wide lower ribcage), and not your lungs. Then you have the Cupped corset which is sitting on top of your ribcage but have the cinched in area at the waist only (which will relieve any pressure on your ribs).3: the satin lacing is usually a sign of a fashion corset. Most proper ones have a woven more rope like type of lace. They usually cost anything from 90$ and up.Entertaining and full of positive vibes. Love your videos. I do back the comments saying you should try on proper corsets. Your mind will. Be. Blown.

  • MissLeonable
    MissLeonable   1 months ago

    It really shouldn’t be normalized to not be able to breath in clothing. Great video, but I WISH we‘s finally stop with the corset myths.

  • TheJooseBox
    TheJooseBox   1 months ago


  • DoULilacIt2
    DoULilacIt2   1 months ago

    📌 So of course I ♥️ the whole Clever crew, but these 3 together get especially entertaining!💃 If you agree that Renee belongs in more style videos please like this‼️

  • Rachel Frumkin
    Rachel Frumkin   1 months ago

    More Renee!!!!! You should never wear a corset so tightly that you can't breathe. That is dangerous ladies. Practice safe corset wearing please.

  • Lacey Riley
    Lacey Riley   1 months ago

    Your suppose to breath shallow in corsets. It amazing that you guys were so high energy and in corsets!

  • Melodie Buckler
    Melodie Buckler   1 months ago

    The Brooklyn Nine-Nine gifs I am LIVING for!! As well as all of these gals😩🥺❤️

  • Dan G
    Dan G   1 months ago

    Renee is great. She really fits the Clevver vibe and fits in with the others. They need to hire her immediately.

  • future1997
    future1997   1 months ago

    I like Renee, but I feel if they put her on more videos, she will replace Sinead and Sinead is my favorite

  • PhMa
    PhMa   1 months ago

    I'm late but day-yum!!!! Ya'll slaying 😍. My girls Drew and Jackie NEVER disappoint and Renee, hello😁. *On a side note, what? Missed edit on the "I put a spell on you" & "milkshake" 😔 maybe it was a copyright thing.

  • Cassidy Davis
    Cassidy Davis   1 months ago

    Can you make a video reviewing everyday/more normal corsets?

  • lil Mermaid
    lil Mermaid   1 months ago

    Renee my middle eastern queen has done it again!!!! So cute so fun hope to see her in more

  • Ada Sahlin
    Ada Sahlin   1 months ago

    Don’t tie corsets in the bottom

  • kail fern
    kail fern   1 months ago

    Loving this trio 💚 awesome video as always!!

  • Michael Oliver
    Michael Oliver   1 months ago

    Can you tell us what sizes y’all ordered. I k ow the sizing in corsets can sometimes be diff than clothes

  • Erica Gonzalez
    Erica Gonzalez   1 months ago

    Why isn’t laced up correctly? They should be tied in the center not the bottom

  • Ashley
    Ashley   1 months ago

    This just makes me think about how people at the renfest can wear these all day long

  • Phebe Palmer
    Phebe Palmer   1 months ago

    … did you seriously use a clip from the anti-capitalism (and specifically explicitly anti-bezos) show to promote Amazon??

  • Crystal Allen
    Crystal Allen   1 months ago

    Ok but where are Renees leather pants from 😅