Chris Broussard & Rob Parker - Stephen A Smith Says Russell Westbrook's Stats Mean Nothing

  • Published on: 03 April 2021
  • THE ODD COUPLE - Chris Broussard & Rob Parker react to Russell Westbrook responding to comments from Stephen A. Smith that were very critical of what Westbrook has achieved up to this point.

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  • Runtime : 10:22
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  • dedan19
    dedan19   3 weeks ago

    He is setting records with triple doubles and his stats mean nothing? Really? Ridiculous!

  • Mark Walker
    Mark Walker   1 months ago

    Yes Russell, you are special, even if you don’t win championship, totally agree! 🙏🏽💪🏾💯

  • imblacque1
    imblacque1   1 months ago

    Stephen A. Smith gets paid to talk. You don't win championships by yourself. It takes coaching. What about the GM and the ownership. You can't convince me that Russell with all those rings was better than Chamberlain. Elgin Baylor was a fine basketball player - no championships. You have 6'3" Westbrook having more rebounds than Embid. How many championships did Mays and Aaron have? Didn't Stephen A. Smith tell a group of HS students that racism didn't apply to them? Smith is reminiscent of a statement that Meredith once said to Cosell. It isn't how much you know, but how well you disguise what you don't know with trivia.

  • Jordan Ellison
    Jordan Ellison   1 months ago

    He said a championship wouldn’t change his life. Where in there did he say he didn’t want to win?

  • BMZ MakeBeats
    BMZ MakeBeats   1 months ago

    What does a ring brings Russel now? the respect of the media? his peers?...that doesn't matter.Russ is right...His legacy means more than this piece of Metal with the things he is doing using his platform as a basketball player. Being belittle because of some honor that was used to fill the pockets of the team owners is ridiculous!!A great player is a great player, you can discount that all you want Stephen A., he will still be a great player...and drop 50 on you! no rings needed. Where are your rings in your field? great reporter? Oscar? Emmy? what have you done besides, talking loud on air?to win a ring is not totally in his control so he should not worry ..all he can do is to do Russ things and murder you with another triple double to "lead" his team to victory, with the "supporting" cast!Please stop making money off these players with that unnecessary negativity and win "your rings"...damned Media!!

  • Jonathan Collins
    Jonathan Collins   1 months ago

    Precisely why I think the majority of media are scum. All they do is sit around and criticize what others do. What has media people done? Steven Smith and the lady on The Jump are the worst. What have they ever done.

  • Stuart Perry
    Stuart Perry   1 months ago

    Another triple double just shows that he still brings it every day.

  • Online Identity
    Online Identity   1 months ago

    AI tried to win one in Philly. Got traded and never won anything. KG tried in Minnesota. Got traded. Nash. Nothing. Tim Duncan won. One team. Dirk won one. One team. Shaq left. Won a bunch of rings. Kobe demanded trade multiple times. One team and won a bunch. Loyalty is the stupidest idea in the NBA.

  • Wes Green
    Wes Green   1 months ago

    Chris Broussard are you a champion have you won championships you went to a story behind division 3 School GoFundMe that's all it is it's a fun League you always talk about me young African-American men Shuffle play in high school at Leuzinger High School stop it man Stephen A Smith would be upset if somebody calls from a homosexual today by thinking a homosexual tendencies Skip Bayless also

  • Don Misick
    Don Misick   1 months ago

    I don't think these announcer get it click bait for more viewers , You named all Westbrooks work, and praise, then you say I don't care, So with out a ring your nothing, all these years you have amount to nothing, Steven A you did attack his character. One Man is not a team, no matter the numbers

  • John Bordeaux
    John Bordeaux   1 months ago

    I still don’t get why ppl got pissed at SAS said. He literally didn’t say a negative thing about Russ. All he said is that we know Russ can drop these numbers, at this point we KNOW what he can do in the reg season. Until he actually wins something, it doesn’t do anything for him and that’s just facts (legacy wise I mean)

  • jaywro3
    jaywro3   1 months ago

    There are very few occupations that are constantly scrutinized under the microscope as professional athletes. It's sad that these talking heads have achieved fame and notoriety for criticizing and critiquing what they are unable to do.

  • james white jr.
    james white jr.   2 months ago

    Russell Westbrook we need him at Golden State Worries

  • G Williams
    G Williams   2 months ago

    Proof numbers alone don't mean much without wins,how u avg a triple double and have the leagues scoring leader as a teammate in a weaker conference and you a lottery team,sheesh,smh

  • Tony A
    Tony A   2 months ago

    He might be a small guard but he doesn't play small. Westbrook have a big heart on the court.

  • person 1
    person 1   2 months ago

    Smith talks a lot of crap. His hot takes do not always impress. The championships or nothing mentality is fine to a point, but in reality it minimizes great players and great careers. Winning is a function of organizations as well player greatness.

  • mellifluous T bone
    mellifluous T bone   2 months ago

    Basketball isn't a individual sport..... These guys are paying serious money to build a championship team.

  • Hbg_ Slappy717
    Hbg_ Slappy717   2 months ago

    Y’all saying he played wit great teammates , but all of them don’t have a ring neither exept kd😭

  • Dennis McConnell
    Dennis McConnell   2 months ago

    Don't forget the NBA let's certain teams win. If the refs had to be accountable for their ignorance and low basketball IQ. Sad and pathetic league.

  • Quinton lovett
    Quinton lovett   2 months ago

    Here’s one issue.. people hear “sound bites”. Russ was asked a question and he responded; generally he doesn’t respond to those type questions, or he keeps it short. This time he decide to elaborate. He didn’t just bring up the topic. He just answered a question and said how he felt..

    IMDESTINED   2 months ago

    Russel had lika 30 pts and 20 assists it’s corny for stephen a to say he’s not impressed and he needs a championship like what do u want him to do like that type of criticism jus makes no sense media should be called out on these things

  • 2Bhonest 2Bhonest
    2Bhonest 2Bhonest   2 months ago

    I don’t think it’s so much about rings it’s about the fact that Westbrook’s team in 12th in the east ? Come one he’s gotta do better than that. All he cares about getting his stats he doesn’t care at all about coming together as a team

  • elmore 292
    elmore 292   2 months ago

    Russ trash cause he works harder not smarter

  • Cyrus Pejante
    Cyrus Pejante   2 months ago

    Westbrook is still better than all ring chaser

  • JECZ23
    JECZ23   2 months ago

    How you averaging a triple double and your teammate is the scoring leader of the league and your team is not even in the conversation of the play in game IN THE EAST, no less?? Damn!!

  • David Stevens
    David Stevens   2 months ago

    It’s about effort, it’s about entertainment. Not about winning anymore since teams can manufacture rings. Westbrook is the greatest.

  • The Ultimate Mix
    The Ultimate Mix   2 months ago

    Iverson gets a pass for not playing defense, and not practicing- stop the hate. However, for a player to say a championship dosent matter- is bullsht.

  • Vickash Narine
    Vickash Narine   2 months ago

    I don't even think MJ can win in today's NBA games with rules n super teams

  • Tyeksa!
    Tyeksa!   2 months ago

    Tell him to shut the fak up, RW is not running tantrum asking for a trade to a contender, he is doing what he gets paid for and he is doing it in the best league in the world. Don't forget to tell your friend to put a cork in it!

  • WALT H
    WALT H   2 months ago

    When they talk about players like that. People hear 1 min of good talk and 10 min of bad talk. The bad talk overshadows the good talk. Most of the talk is how bad he is. Sport talk today is more about negativity. I miss sport from the past. Todays players get know respect. Name some players who won a ring when they was by far the best player on the team. Reporters give too much respect to players who go out and get a super team to win a Championship.

  • old Detroit89
    old Detroit89   2 months ago

    It's funny Rob said he didn't have to respond/then CB says he was asked/then rob says well he didn't have to answer/🤦🏿‍♂️😂 when they don't answer it's a problem when they do it's still a problem

  • disciple37mt
    disciple37mt   2 months ago

    You both are wrong on this one period. When you question Stephen's creditability he responds with all his accomplishments and reminds the world of what he does. Also you all have the ability to shape a narrative that will be adopted by many which in turn can hurt someone's career. Russell's wife responded to his words just like KD mom did. Stephen needs to know the damage he can do as well or clarify his statements better and not defend them with arrogance.

  • Darrell Mitchell
    Darrell Mitchell   2 months ago

    HOF is about consistently putting up numbers your stats not big games.... your a RB who rushed for 10,000 yards or more in your NFL career the HOF is gonna you a gold jacket...

  • Wes Green
    Wes Green   2 months ago

    Westbrook's from Hawthorne California went to Leuzinger High School and yes it's tough over there you guys need to know instead of assuming don't let that good old boy who Engineers for you do all the work

  • Wes Green
    Wes Green   2 months ago

    Stephen A Smith always talking but saying nothing He didn't play college basketball long He broke his kneecap These kid is a player he's tough he's strong mentally he keeps it together for Community family Indian people he's a heck of a player and you got guys have been Champion ships that don't even come off the bench okay stop it

  • Charles T.
    Charles T.   2 months ago

    Steven A(zz hole) made it personal and he did question Westbrook’s character. Stop trying to clean it up. Steven is trash and so are all these so called sport casters who come on tv and make a career off pro players with real talent. Russ gives 1000% every night, nobody plays harder than him. F all y’all

  • Jerome Meadows
    Jerome Meadows   2 months ago

    I don't want to hear anything when he goes LAL LAC or BKN

  • Wong Kar-Chazelle
    Wong Kar-Chazelle   2 months ago

    Broussard: Nobody is trying to criticize personalty.Also Broussard: Did he really grow up in the streets like that tho?Defending Stephen A, the same dude the refers to athletes as “Pornstar Jimmy” and other personal attacks on a daily basis that is being given to a national audience. This is why athletes defend themselves