Daydream Mod in Among Us

  • Published on: 26 May 2022
  • We play a Day Dream Mod in Among Us
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    Mod by @Lookumz

    • Video Editor ► Russell

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    • Animator ► David

    ​​• Music by Ninety9 ► LivesTobu - Such Fun
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    #amongus #ssundee #amongusmod

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  • Runtime : 23:16


  • zeppy
    zeppy   8 hours ago

    Love the among us videos! You're my favorite YouTube! Keep up the content. :D

  • Joey Cooper
    Joey Cooper   13 hours ago

    Hey SSundee Can I Ask You A Question?

  • bella casa
    bella casa   23 hours ago


  • mr.cweepa 87
    mr.cweepa 87   1 days ago

    The thing is that zud is own grave I don't think they would have sussed him out if he didn't say i dodge that perfectly

  • Jevon Fulton
    Jevon Fulton   1 days ago

    Who remembers when derp sundee was in the intro

  • Citlalli Salcedo
    Citlalli Salcedo   1 days ago

    Mod idea cookie mod the crewmates are cookies and the imposter tries to eat them some sabotages cpan be like dipping in milk then they get stunned but the cookies have a base but they can only go on 5 times per player and a mini game where there are mouths truing to eat the cookies and 7 lives per person last man standing wins

  • Zodiac C. Sin
    Zodiac C. Sin   2 days ago

    "As the impostor, we're trying to navigate the dream world, make it to the end we all take a vote to try to figure out who the imposter is"... That doesn't sound right to me... 0:05

  • Zebulon720
    Zebulon720   2 days ago

    when they had weapons, when ssundee put trap, he pointed to where trap was, so if they paid attention, they could have found out that he was impostor

  • Wolfy
    Wolfy   2 days ago

    Him:like if you've stepped on a track and died. 199k+:yesh

  • Noah Elzas
    Noah Elzas   2 days ago

    SSundee getting better and better out here

  • Julia Margarethe
    Julia Margarethe   2 days ago

    This is byfar my new fav mod video- i love the concept of it and it s really tricky

  • bbigdog_yt
    bbigdog_yt   3 days ago

    He be like dream on that like button 🤩🤪

  • Snowflake Nic
    Snowflake Nic   3 days ago

    Make the poppy playtime 2 mod mommy long legs will be someone and then someone will be kissy missyy and then you just make mommy angry then the final chase will begun but kissy missy pulls the lever then mommy dies at the end

  • GalaxyWorlds
    GalaxyWorlds   3 days ago

    Glitch Mod: There is one Glitch imposter the map is covered in glitched if you step in the glitch you will become glitched the imposter can pull you into the glitch there is a mini game called Glitch Guess you have to guess which platform is not corrupted if you go on the platform that's Glitched you will die it does not show the glitched on the glitch platform if all of the crew mates get corrupted the round ends