THE TAKING OF DEBORAH LOGAN (2014) Ending Explained

  • Published on: 25 January 2021
  • #deborahlogan #endingexplained

    The Taking of Deborah Logan follows a documentary crew taping the daily life of a woman suffering from Alzheimers. As the days progress, strange and terrifying things start happening around her, and it becomes apparent something has taken control of her. We're breaking down the story, including what we learn is really going on with Deb, and explaining the ending that makes it appear things aren't quite over after all.

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  • Runtime : 25:17
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    TOEQIEM   11 hours ago

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  • Md. Masum Omar Jashim

    So how is the ritual complete again? Horror movies don't make sense anymore. If he can possess anyone he apparently wants to, what is the point of the ritual.

  • PullView Studios
    PullView Studios   3 days ago

    Fuck all that.. what happened to the smartest person in the movie.. the cameraman. did he get a good job? is he now a super cameraman?.. I have so many questions..

  • Cats And alcohol
    Cats And alcohol   3 days ago

    The fact that the doctor keeps just giving new medication is head on. That's all doctors are worth these days. No solutions, just more poisons that make things worse. I fucking hate doctors.

  • Santiago Fantoni
    Santiago Fantoni   4 days ago

    Any movie that uses jumpscares and bad cgi can rot in the trash.

  • -HappyBoy-
    -HappyBoy-   5 days ago

    16:46 nah she just seems pissed about you taking a child away from here I mean she looks soooo annoyed

  • Exodust
    Exodust   5 days ago

    I swear all these demon possession movies do the exact same fucking thing basically saying:“But wait there’s more!”

  • 10thStPoet KV
    10thStPoet KV   6 days ago

    The photo in the photo is scary and almost made me wet the ummm bed

  • sarasthoughts
    sarasthoughts   1 weeks ago

    Nah. If I get diagnosed with dementia/alzheimer I'm offing myself. I don't want to become a vegetable and I don't want to be such a burden to my loved ones. I'm going out with a bang, thank you and goodnight

  • A.kitCat.B
    A.kitCat.B   1 weeks ago

    I never saw this movie and Im glad I didn't I would've noped out too.

  • Greg Pooganis
    Greg Pooganis   1 weeks ago

    90% of comments talking about Gavin bouncing early .... Yah we get it....

  • Sherry Shaw
    Sherry Shaw   2 weeks ago

    spiritual parasite is likely the real root of the problem. But then, what do I know???

  • Sandy Prater
    Sandy Prater   2 weeks ago

    That ending and what happened in the cave is probably one of the most horrifying scenes I've witnessed in this genre. I'd put it up there with the dog kennel scene in The Thing. Really surprised at how good this film was as I'd pretty much turned my back on the countless shaky-cam-found-footage genre due to poor plots/scripts. This was a treat as was Mercy, another underrated horror flick.

  • Lloyd Frazier
    Lloyd Frazier   2 weeks ago

    Also... you caught that first creepy zombie lookin face that flashed on the screen... you didn't catch the second one when the bones exploded??

  • Lloyd Frazier
    Lloyd Frazier   2 weeks ago

    It's so crazy... the dude that actually did the snake rituals with the girls, looks like the guy that plays Austin power's dad in the Austin power's movies.... and it's not a coincidence

  • Tz'arkhan Besomar
    Tz'arkhan Besomar   2 weeks ago

    btw, the symbol of the snake consuming itself is called an ouroboros and is the oldest allegorical symbol in alchemy, the ouroboros represented the concept of eternity and endless return.

  • João Serafim
    João Serafim   2 weeks ago

    I think it would be far better if the ending was all about Deborah regressing into a childish state, and saying things a teenager about the age of having her first period would have said, before suddenly dying.Seeing as the kid with cancer suddenly healing aligns with the sacrifice done, but it seems like there was no sacrifice.

  • Ferny
    Ferny   4 weeks ago

    I PERSONALLY would've left once the old lady threw up the worms!

  • Jagan Gamer
    Jagan Gamer   1 months ago

    ngl the camera shaking kinda ruined some scenes

  • Arutero
    Arutero   1 months ago

    Honestly this could've just been a normal documentary about Alzheimer's and still would've horrified me.

    NBMTX   1 months ago

    seems pretty spooky

  • Bryan DeAnda
    Bryan DeAnda   1 months ago

    Plot twist, everyone agreed with the camera guy that left and the movie ended there

  • Natalie Alphonse
    Natalie Alphonse   1 months ago

    God fucking damn it more boring ass "twas the crazy natives" horror shit. I am so sick of this trooooooope omfg this movie could have been something good but no they had to be basic ass bitches

  • Benson Bowling
    Benson Bowling   1 months ago

    Hey Mr. Foindflix. I've been watching your content for a few years. I really enjoy your videos. I was wondering if you could do an ending explained for Splice (2009). That movie creeps me out and I had trouble sleeping for a few days. That is one creepy movie

  • antitroller101
    antitroller101   1 months ago

    To be fair I would have done the same thing Gavin did.Hauntings, demonic shit, insanity and possible brutal harm and thank you, I am out of here.

  • Jesse Hemphill
    Jesse Hemphill   1 months ago

    Ann Jillian was such a doll back in the day. of course, I'm like a PT Cruiser, hot back in the 90's......

  • Courtney Klaft
    Courtney Klaft   1 months ago

    the doctors in this movie are the equivalent of school nurses. throw some ice on it, it'll be fine.