Cordae - Parables Remix FT. Eminem [Official Audio]

  • Published on: 14 January 2022
  • Cordae - “From a Birds Eye View”

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  • Runtime : 4:47
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  • marvin ginyard
    marvin ginyard   22 minuts ago

    Damn Em. Let someone else shine for once bro. It's OK. You've more than proved yourself. Props Cordae.

  • chrisafults
    chrisafults   31 minuts ago

    This song goes so hard bro. And thats before eminem

  • Freedom Fighter
    Freedom Fighter   35 minuts ago

    Hey Eminem! Go blow Biden bro! And to think I spent money on your shhht

  • William VB
    William VB   37 minuts ago

    Higher than Cheech and Chong? Lol that’s the most cliche basic ass line I’ve heard in a while. Corny sorry

  • William VB
    William VB   37 minuts ago

    Higher than Cheech and Chong? Lol that’s the most cliche basic ass line I’ve heard in a while. Corny sorry

  • Anele Malgas
    Anele Malgas   40 minuts ago

    They catching bullets like two odell's

  • Big CEO
    Big CEO   46 minuts ago

    Haha the Obama Michelle line

  • Onyi
    Onyi   1 hours ago

    This is 🔥🔥🔥Can't wait for Em to work with Dax and Onyi.

  • Guapo GTM Cruz
    Guapo GTM Cruz   1 hours ago

    “Like the daughters of Obama I came out of Mi-chelle (my shell) “ SHEESH🔥🔥🔥

  • CrestIsMuzik
    CrestIsMuzik   2 hours ago

    Bro got a Feat. From lil Wayne now Em sheesh 🔥🔥 keep climbing lil bro

  • SMoK3y TiME
    SMoK3y TiME   2 hours ago

    Straight dog water 🥴 em carried this

  • Carter
    Carter   3 hours ago

    UNO when you get 20 seconds In whether it’s a banger or not!

  • Jaze
    Jaze   3 hours ago

    Non cordae fans seeing the thumbnail in their recommended from watching eminem hits: OMG OMG OMG OMG ITS JUICE WORRLDDDD

  • niccomakk
    niccomakk   4 hours ago

    I fux with Cordae the real way but he didn't need Em on this song was perfect already!

  • Biu
    Biu   4 hours ago

    Damn the goat really got some random whiteboy on to rap with him, cordae putting this fool on the map

  • RAGS x KB
    RAGS x KB   4 hours ago

    I sometimes like to write to write for fun but when I listen to Eminem I literally scratch my head and say why did I not think of something like that. This song is dope

  • Tim Walsh
    Tim Walsh   4 hours ago

    The greatest rapper alive 🐐

    TRURP   5 hours ago

    Can we be honest and admit Em was killed in this song.?The kid stuck to his truth and Em just went and made noise in a fast octive.

  • nijuo joing
    nijuo joing   5 hours ago

    Cordae is so dope, from going to rapping over Eminem beats when nobody knew him, to a couple years later doing records with Em. Congrats

  • Eternal Konflict
    Eternal Konflict   5 hours ago

    Eminem building up new talent to make his exit. He wants to make sure it don't go to shit

  • Kymani Mundle
    Kymani Mundle   6 hours ago

    "like obama's kids I came from out-mi-shell"😂😂🔥🔥

  • lionjklwlf
    lionjklwlf   7 hours ago

    Hmm song is ok. Cordae needs a timeless banger by himself. As for Em his whole look at me I can rap fast is kinda old. If that’s the case do a collab with Buster Rhymes.

  • Nike thunder
    Nike thunder   7 hours ago

    Cordae x Eminem, This Duo is heat, unstoppable, and snaps👏

  • Ahmad
    Ahmad   7 hours ago

    Dammit Em.. stop this boring robotic flow please 😔

  • Mark Burn
    Mark Burn   8 hours ago

    I wish people would let go of EMs dick yes he's one of the greats but every verse ain't fire like that and he needs to drop this old school flow he wasn't talking bout nothing worth listening to but just cuz he said 69 and meek u get all this hype